10 Golden Rules For Business Success from Billionaires

By | 09.09.2016

What does it take to start and succeed in business? Owners of the most successful businesses have used these 10 rules for succeeding in business. Today we are talking about John D. Rockefeller, was known not only as one of the richest people, but also as a great philanthropist. Although raised in a family of modest means, he rises from ordinary accountant to businessman with enviable financial position.
10 Golden Rules For Business Success from Billionaires
Rockefeller in his life has donated more than $ 500 million for noble causes. He is famous for twelve tips that thinks that would help anyone to solve their financial problems and become rich, successful man.

Golden rules of John D. Rockefeller for business success!

1. Work less about each other and about themselves. The less you work for yourself, the worse you will live.

2. Make saving money. Search where you can buy products cheaper or discounted. Drawing preliminary list of necessary goods and buy only list.

3. If you have some money, start a business. If you do not have money, should you start business immediately.

4. The road to wealth is only through passive income that comes to you regardless of your efforts. Create a source of passive income and live for their pleasure.

5. Think how to earn a minimum of 50,000 dollars a month. Perhaps more, but not less.

6. Money will come to you through other people. So be sociable. Unsociable people rarely become rich.

7. entourage of poor people always leads to poverty. You must communicate with winners and optimistic. That’s right, in capital letters!

8. Poverty comes if running away from responsibility. Do not invent excuses why now you can not walk to his goal.

9. Study biographies and thoughts of the richest men in the world.

10. Dreams are the most important thing in your life. It is important to dream and see that your dreams come true. One begins to die when you stop dreaming.

11. Help people, not for money, but with a pure heart. But only to people but you want to help. Give 10% of their income to charity.

12. Create business systems and enjoy your money!

Rockefeller advice of a combination of practical principles, which help not only to build a successful business and achieve financial success, but to achieve harmony around us, and help everyone in need.

These tips are especially valid in the current period when the global crisis everyone strives to achieve higher incomes. Helping the needy will contribute to a more favorable environment in which to live and will help us achieve success in business.

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