17 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Bitcoin

Why do we use bitcoin? Although more and more people and businesses around the world have decided to bet on Bitcoin and virtual currencies f...

Why do we use bitcoin? Although more and more people and businesses around the world have decided to bet on Bitcoin and virtual currencies for most of the population remain a complete unknown. Here we bring you some reasons why using bitcoin. Are only 17. Any other you can think, you can oversight in the comments. Before you know why should you use bitcoin you should know what is bitcoin and how does bitcoin works.

Why use Bitcoin?

17 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Bitcoin
1. Make international payments or send money without the hassles of exchange. The charge do with Bitcoin barely reaches 1%, and the time it takes to get a transfer is 10 Minutes!

2. Bitcoin can standardize payment systems. Say goodbye to the extra costs in international transfers, checks, money in your pocket, cards ... A mobile and a virtual portfolio with Bitcoins are sufficient for all types of payment and transaction.

3. Allows decentralized infrastructure payments, no large charge fees for performing operations (such as charge cards in stores). There are already hundreds of applications and websites that allow free transmission of Bitcoins in stores, with a commission of 1%.

4. Your transactions are completely anonymous. Although this point can lead to conceal some criminal acts (as long as it is hidden IP) also is an extra plus in safety Bitcoin. On other platforms like Paypal, your number, card account, and even direction is necessary.

5. At the same time, Bitcoin keeps the principle of transparency, can be checked every second Bitcoin transactions taking place in the world. Yes, with a transaction ID, without the name of who perform it, as we said in the previous point.

6. So many wallets as you want. Having no connection with bank accounts, and not assume any expense, you'll have as many as you like Bitcoin wallets, and assign each to a particular income or payment. A great way to organize your money.

7. It has a large international support, with more than 11 million Bitcoin created, and more than 3 million people buying and using Bitcoin worldwide. This has led countries such as Canada and Ecuador are creating their own virtual currency thinking. Microsoft or Wikipedia are two of the most important companies / institutions that accept bitcoin.

8. Avoid intermediaries thanks to Bitcoin. Any user or buyer may pay directly without using any institution as we mentioned in 2. Paypal has not even been able to resist, and it allows the use of Bitcoin on its platform (although a change process prior automatic currency necessary) .

9. Diversify risks. What if tomorrow the price of Euro fall? Or the dollar? With debt above 100% of GDP countries it should be seen as a possibility. Remote, but the possibility after all. Invest in bitcoin, but careful with their volatility.

10. Paying is easy. Only about your mobile phone to a terminal purchase and read the code ... or enter your password in your virtual wallet. Although technologically is very powerful, payment is still very easy to run.

11. Advertising for your trade. Even still news shops starting to accept bitcoins. Become the first in your neighborhood to do so, and everyone will see how modern you are.

12. Without inflation. No one denies the volatility of Bitcoin, but the exact number of coins that will exist (21 million), nothing more or less known. No one can create coins of nowhere, beyond those specified, which avoids the problem of inflation (though not speculation, of course).

13. Do business with bitcoin, mainly through mining.

14. There is no other safer in the world in terms of money transactions between accounts currency. No one can fake bitcoin, or create coins not set. Nor can access your account or make transactions without your consent.

15. In the Bitcoin no regulator. They are the very people and their use of the currency that generate volatility of Bitcoin. Its value does not depend on the issuance of debt or intervention by a central bank.

16. The transactions are irreversible, but as with Paypal, there are services that ensure compliance of service. Thus, for example, no one can issue a payment if there are not enough bitcoins in your account.

17. Delve into the future. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have set the pace for what will be the money of the century. Perhaps regulation background, without such a blatant privacy in payments, but from a standpoint of security and transactions, Bitcoin has started writing the future.

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