Ranking The Essentials Of What Makes A Praiseworthy Guest Post Engagement

By | 29.08.2016

Guest posts are all over the place like college peeps asking the “who can typemy essays?” query. Tech reviews, daily top 10s, and in-depth analyses are some of the innumerable genres of contributing content in someone else’s site.Besides the benefit of having your writing skill and expertise showcased on the diverse online readers, guest posting also aids in paying the rent or having a sumptuous banquet at King Buffet. Some website owners pay at a starting rate of $20 per quality guest post, it lets you bag up to $50 based on the frequency of your contributions and your insightful remarks.


The more prominent websites (i.e., having DA of 80 or above) are the ones who pay handsomely. On top of that, your craft gets to be featured in brands having global recognition (Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, etc.)

That is the Holy Grail of all bloggers and guest post makers –to have a shot at inserting a glaring jewel on otherwise dull and plain writing portfolios. However, owing to the voluminous number of submissions these renowned sites receive per day, you will be forced to ensure every prerequisite of a quality guest post is met.

Here’s how I ranked each guest post essential that bolsters your chances of getting in.

The Runner-Up

Let’s start off by naming the unsung hero of every successful guest post –outreach. This element makes sure you at least get a crack at sparking interest on webmasters.

3rdRunner up –Effective Outreach

Your initial e-mail highlighting your desire to guest post may spell the difference for your campaign. It is through your initial message webmasters get a glimpse of your genuineness on contributing something valuable to their targeted audience (i.e., you’re not just a spam bot designed for click baiting).

I’m taking a wild guess –you already have a specific format in making pitches. I have nothing against this since standardization really saves a load of our time; enabling us to conserve our energy in writing the main thing. However, a variety of online sources are in the favor of using emails rather than web forms. There’s hard truth to e-mails being more personal and professional on the perspective of its readers than the rudimentary ‘Contact Us’ form.


Be mindful of the words you use. Eschew putting “links” and “link building” word phrases since most web owners today have a keen understanding on how link building works. Incorporate some of your best written text-living in acclaimed sites to achieve that expert image you’re trying to portray.

Don’t fall victim to sounding too pompous; highlight the benefits your proposed guest post would bring to their audience in a friendly and engaging manner.

Needless to say, make sure you fill out all necessary text boxes (e.g., subject lines, signature boxes, etc.), and never copy paste wholly from recent sent pitches (you need to tailor fit proposals as frequent as possible).

Lastly for this section, scout the ideals and core values each site wants its contributors to imbibe. Convince them in writing how your post will epitomize those attributes. It is through the deemed routinary task of outreaching you get lucrative deals –try to make it right the first time!

Podium Finishers

Bronze: Backing Insights with Verifiable Data

Some online readers are not easily pleased with your mind-boggling intuition or take on the topic; you need to present them the basis or foundations that led your conclusion.

People love numbers (this is highly debatable). For instance, people would love to know the statistics of people satisfied with the Samsung Gear VR, so they’d know if they will purchase one. Online readers need to be equipped with the trends, related reviews, and satisfactoriness before clicking that ‘Order Now’ button;putting numerical data or quotations from testimonials aids that cause.

Moreover, numbers and research help position your authority as an expert. Readers find satisfaction in perusing articles and blogs whosebasis came from a widely recognized institution or influencer.


Your chances of being featured surely skyrockets when the webmaster feels you’re someone whose inference can be trusted.

Silver: Creative Presentment

NeoMam Studios, a reputable Internet marketing service business in England, produced an infographic entitled “13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics”.

Listed below are some of their take on why infographics – a graphic visual representation – is desired by most online readers and needed to be inserted in one’s guest post:

  • This is because we are ‘visually wired’ (50% of your brain is involved in visual processing)
  • Because we suffer from information overload (almost everybody is tired of reading a whole chunk of text).
  • They’re more engaging (the willingness to read is increased by 80% when utilizing colour visuals according to research).

Personal videos also make guest posts more compelling; however, this creative trend may not work when the submission guideline explicitly demands your post to be text-filled.

Devise other means to put vivid imagery into your otherwise ordinary guest post. What you want to avoid is readers immediately scrolling down to your conclusion since they’re not bought with your wordy writing having zero visuals.

Gold:Content That Alters a Way of Thinking and Moves People to Action

Like gold medal winners in this year’s Rio Olympics standing proudly in the podium, quality content should be at the top of a guest contributor’s priority list. How do you make it valuable? It should be relevant enough to influence people’s minds.

Online posts which are backed with solid data or presented beautifully will go to waste ifit does not promote a particular way of thinking.

BluespireMarketing, in their article entitled “Call to Action: Drive Readers to Action in 5 Steps”,enumerated the five steps in making better calls to action (CTA). I also mixed it up with my personal visions and best practices.

  • Set it apart. Color, contrast, and bigger font sizes will always appear intriguing to online readers. Isolating the CTA with white spaces makes it a stand-alone argument.
  • Make it personal. Make content writing appear like you’re suggestively speaking with a friend than sturdily commanding like a lieutenant. A relevant CTA answers the question, “What’s in it for me?
  • Create urgency. Convince readers why it’s better to act now than defer it later. Whether it’s about getting some bucks off the price tag or the sheer commendable taste of a particular Asian cuisine, you need to effectively sell your topic’s benefits. Utilizing words like “register”, “call”,“now”, or “today”is the traditional way to entice readers.  
  • Offer an incentive. Though this heavily applies to copywriting, highlighting the benefits of visiting the Copacabana beach endows one’s weary soul. 
  • Be specific. Having one clear CTA per page usually does the trick if you can elaborate it well. Demanding readers too many steps can be confusing and overwhelming.
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In a way similar to someone asking “who canwrite my essays?” guest posting does not solely encompass writing the most remarkable piece possible for the audience to examine; it also demands good marketing and harmonious relation with the site’s editors and content makers. Once permitted, it’s time to walk the talk by creating valuable content with the aid of the aforementioned traits we ranked.

This was a guest post.

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