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What should you do before starting a new business. I’m talking about the importance of work and encouraging business to be considered starting a new business one of the alternatives for our future career. Also criticized governments for not promoting environments that enable the start of new businesses and to maintain obstacles to it, because these environments much impact the new business development.
20 Questions To Answer Before Launching Your New Business
Not just recreate Silicon Valley in your area, as many want to do, so that the business environment is conducive to the creation of new businesses.

How I discussed in these pages, companies that create more jobs are not large or small companies, usually new. In a situation of lack of growth and high unemployment, it is clear that most new businesses help improve these two elements, the growth of the economy and jobs. Even when 1% of new businesses create 40% of new jobs, the problem is always to know which 1% is the most powerful group.

To ensure that a new business project has every chance of success is important to analyze the project in mind to ensure that you prepare in the best way possible. Part of that is to see if our project is necessary to be one of those 1% features I mentioned above.

To maximize the chances of success of the new business project, also found interesting the twenty questions an entrepreneur should ask that brings us (in English) the Small Business Administration (SBA), American organ that helps the promotion of new and small Business. 20 questions to ask yourself before you start a business are following:

  1. Am I prepared to devote the time, money and resources needed to start my business?
  2. What kind of business do I want?
  3. What products / services supply?
  4. Why I want to start a new business?
  5. What is my target market?
  6. Who is my competition?
  7. What’s unique about my business idea and products / services supplied think?
  8. How soon for my products / services reach the market?
  9. How much money do I need to start my business?
  10. How much money will I need to fund my business before it gets to generate profits?
  11. Will I need a loan?
  12. What price I will fix compared to my competitors?
  13. How do I sell my product / service?
  14. What legal structure will have for my company?
  15. How do I treat my company?
  16. Where I will place my company?
  17. How many employees need my company?
  18. What kind of suppliers need for my company?
  19. What types of insurance need my company?
  20. What do I need to do to ensure that I am up to date with the Tax Office?

Good questions that can be answered before launching the business and if I have all these questions answered to my satisfaction, I will have fewer problems in the future. We will have problems, but less.

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