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During a job interview you are exposed to being asked questions that cost work respond. Today we tell you what have become the daily bread in these processes of recruitment and shows how you can get ahead.
Many of you were asked “How do people answers awkward job interview questions?”
How to Manage Uncomfortable Questions In a Job Interview
The recruiter from a company seeks job interview know their reactions to uncomfortable questions to know how is your neuro-linguistic programming, i.e, its communication strategy, personal and psychological development, in other words, what are evaluating is how It would behave in an uncomfortable situation.

Note that although responses have value to the evaluator, what you most want is to look at the attitudes that you have, you analyze your look, how you feel, if you have a hobby, and generally their nonverbal language so that from some theories that has already defined, determine if you are lying or not.

Jhon Cardozo, an analyst consultant administrative and financial division of Adecco Professional indicated that the most uncomfortable questions for a person are those that have to do with issues that delve into what their personal relationships in the family, social and work environment.

The most uncomfortable questions to answer:

  • Have you made any illicit activity?
  • Why should we hire you instead of another candidate?
  • Why do you want to change jobs?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • What are your biggest flaws?
  • What are your greatest achievements?
  • How was his relationship with his former boss and coworkers?
  • What is your opinion about our company?
  • How do you see yourself in five years?
  • Is married? What does your partner do? Do you think having a family?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Do you have any questions?
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For you to get “good standing” in front of the interviewer, you must handle the response with quiet, calm, trying not to notice that her nerves, talking to security and above all looking him straight in the eyes.

The analyst noted that when for example the response has a negative tint, it is best to make it clear that although he could present lack of ‘feeling’ in personal or relationships, always retained the respect and good communication.

Tips that you should consider:

  • Be honest when answering order to generate trust the recruiter.
  •  Keep calm.
  • Do not feel sorry to say they are seeking employment.
  • When asked for his shortcomings look the least affect their performance will position he is applying.
  • The qualities that stand out qualities should be focused on seeking company.
  • Try to ask questions that show you are interested in the company.
  • Always make eye contact when answering your interviewer.

I hope this will help you to manage uncomfortable questions in a job interview. Relax and keep going…