15 Tips For Maintaining Balanced Motivation

Motivation: There are days-or times of a few days-in which, for whatever reason, we are not especially motivated to face our tasks. Sometim...

Motivation: There are days-or times of a few days-in which, for whatever reason, we are not especially motivated to face our tasks. Sometimes the problem is the same work to be done: we do not like, it's complicated or do not want us. Other times it is ourselves, not always have the same mood. If you are in Stress or Depression here are 10 ways to reduce depression.

15 Tips For Maintaining Balanced Motivation
In any case, this is a list of tips that can help you regain that lost motivation, depending on the circumstances:

1. Divide the work into small and concrete tasks. A large and complex project can be overwhelming. By dividing it into smaller tasks you get to see clear the road and resistance to face him decrease.

2. If you have little energy, focus on simple, quick tasks. Close outstanding things, but they are unimportant, give you energy and strength to attack other major goals.

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3. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the large number of tasks to do, just pick something and start. You will see that resistance to work disappears after a few minutes to start, once taken the first step. Fear disappears when we face him.

4. Take your time. Sometimes we are confident that we can do a task in much less time than really necessary. When that time passes and we're not done, frustration and discouragement appears. Be realistic in your planning. Think also that unexpected can always occur.

5. Give yourself rewards often. When you finish any task or you achieve good progress on a large project, do something you fancy, you relax and do not involve any effort. A walk, a good read ... look for your own incentives.

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6. If your options are not too attractive, look at the situation from a greater height. There are tasks that do not want us to do too much, but obey major objectives. Think about it, think about where you're going and find the motivation to make those less pleasant actions.

7. Keep track of what you do. Technology can facilitate your work, but use tools that really you like, you can even motivate you to work.

8. Check your progress in each of your projects. Try to make some kind of graph that allows you to evaluate how you're doing. In addition to obtaining valuable information, graphics motivate you to continue with your goals.

9. Displays the objective achieved. You think you've completed that task to you both resists and the benefits you. Always keep the end in your mind.

10. Or, unlike the above, think about what you're missing if you do not complete that work. Studies show that many people work harder to keep than to win 10 € 10 €. What motivates you most to you?

11. For major objectives, seeks support in communities online. Join groups on the web who share your interests. Enter your forums, read articles and comments, provides your opinion. You get constant motivation.

12. Looking for an accomplice. It's hard to motivate yourself. If you find a partner / a adventures with whom you can share some of your goals (your partner, a friend, a work colleague ...) you will able to support each other.

13. Faced with a challenge, make it public. Talk it over with your family, with your friends, post it to your social networks, your blog ... Choose a date to achieve that goal and also make her public. You will generate a total commitment and outstanding motivation.

14. Make it fun. Sometimes a routine task can turn into something interesting if you are able to do it in a different way. Unleash your creativity.

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15. If all else fails, then you are at a delicate moment. Take a break, a few days off, disconnected from everything. You need to relax and recharge. Do not think about what you stop doing at that time. When you return, you will recover more than the time lost.

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