All You Need To Know About Competitions In Instagram

If you want to increase the involvement of its subscribers in Instagram , then for this competition are ideal. The buzz surrounding this eve...

If you want to increase the involvement of its subscribers in Instagram, then for this competition are ideal. The buzz surrounding this event can raise awareness of your brand and allow to get even more followers. Here are a few conditions that you must follow if you decide to have recourse to this powerful tool:

All You Need To Know About Competitions In Instagram

  Strictly follow the rules of the competition

Remember, all hashtags should be spelled correctly. Do not check users, if you are unsure about this, and in any case, do not ask them to note their friends. Members not in any case should not celebrate yourself in those pictures where they are not.
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You do not have to create the impression that Instagram strongly supports your share. Even if this is true, it is better not to mention it once again.

Verify the legitimacy of the contest. Agree, you get quite embarrassing if the prize that you are ready to hand, is designed for an adult human, and the winner will not be as such.

Decide on the type of event

As you probably already guessed, we now explain, what types of activities generally take place in the social network:

It's simple - you ask the participants to post a comment under the photo. For example, asking them what they like ice cream, etc. By asking questions, you increase the involvement of its audience, since users have to not just "like" posts, and also comment on them.

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Company Beauty by Earth, for example, asked its subscribers to comment on and mark it as "I like it" picture. Then, the administration said the winners and asked for personal messages to send their contact information to send the prizes.

"Advertising" post-event

Events in Instagram and can take the following form: you are asking subscribers to mark as a favorite post advertising the event. This causes them particular difficulties, so most people do not give up and happy to participate.

Photo Contests

Here you are asking subscribers to publish their own photos, which marked the event hashtag. Do not forget to specify what kind of tag is necessary, because with it you will be looking for participants in social networks.

All at once

You can try to run a competition that combines elements of all the above options. Do not forget, it is not enough simply to ask you to subscribe to, as this effect is difficult to trace - some users may unsubscribe instantly lost interest.
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Decide on the tools

You can choose from a great variety of tools to help you run and monitor the entire course of the competition in Instagram. You can try to begin its work with the following services:
  • Gleam. Pretty simple tool with an intuitive interface (you have enough basic knowledge of the English language). There are both free and paid versions, in which several different functions. But first, you may well run out of free service option. 
  • Wishpond. This is a paid tool, the basic version which will cost you $ 44 per month of use. Instrument convenient because each step of working with him is accompanied by instructions (but the service is not adapted for Russian-speaking audience). 
  • Woobox. Another tool that allows you to work with the hashtag, as well as pleasing with lots of features. There is a free version.
Whichever tool you choose, always remember about the rules of the competitions in the social network. If you observe them, you certainly will succeed.

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