Keyword Research Tool For SEO and PPC: Best SEO Tools For Small Business

Keyword research tool for SEO and PPC by SEMrush known as a tool for web SEO keyword research and competitor analysis. With this Best SEO t...

Keyword research tool for SEO and PPC by SEMrush known as a tool for web SEO keyword research and competitor analysis. With this Best SEO tools track keyword ranking, check backlinks, find your competitor's best keywords and conduct proper keyword research. We can use this Best SEO tools to learn about competitors,  and has a strategic turn right website development. In my view and experience, Out of all Keyword research tool SEMRUSH is the best SEO tools you can start using with free trail or paid subscription.

Keyword Research Tool For SEO and PPC: Best SEO Tools For Small Business
Best SEO tools SEMRUSH
How to find keywords with SEMRush How?

"You are faced with OnlineLivingBlog than 30 minutes and absolutely no idea what and how to compete with rival keywords. You do not know how they have more traffic and make money from their website !? ". 

You really want to know Keyword research, right now?

Surely then, and many times I ever win compromises like that, tried to use highly competitive keywords to insert into the target website is up top, but to say that I was not really successful as others. The problem here is how the top with a google search.

The question: "You do something wrong?"

You did not do anything wrong, just that you do not know your opponent has optimized keywords only way. Take a moment to read my article, you will understand and overcome your opponent.

Keyword research Tool needed:

    SemRush (Free Subscription)
    Excel page

Why choose SemRush for Keyword research?

There are many keyword research tool such as Long Tail Pro that I mentioned in the article identified keyword research. And in this article, I will choose the Best SEO tools SemRush. Because SemRush give us more information. With these you newbie, then this best SEO tools completely useless, but it works very effectively with experienced SEOer or perennial website.

Why Do I Use SEMRush for Keyword research: 

  • Keyword research tool enhanced 
  • Analyze keyword competition with rivals 
  • Determine the difficulty of the keywords

Keyword research using SemRush

In the keyword box SemRush, enter the keywords you choose, instantly, SemRush give you a list of keywords and the following information: Keyword summary, CPC distribution, Trend, Phrase match report, keyword Related reports, SE keywords , Ads, Ads history.

With SEMRush keyword research tool, Guest users are allowed to view information for five domains per day (based on IP address). You can get more domain searches by signing up for a SEMRUSH keyword research tool as free account. Go Here for Free Signup Now.

50% Discount on SEMRush Keyword research tool

If you want full reports, you can sign up for a PRO recurring plan for $69.95 per month (up to 10,000 results per report, 3,000 reports per day), a single month’s PRO subscription for $79.95, or a recurring Guru subscription for $149.95 per month (up to 30,000 results per report, 5,000 reports per day).
50% Discount on SEMRush Keyword research tool, Go Here to signup with the discount rate.

There are 8 entries. Said its preliminary views the importance of each item are as follows:
  1. Keyword summary (importance: 6/10): provides an overview of the keyword you want to search. 
  2. CPC distribution (importance: 2/10): If you do not like to buy advertising with Adwords, then this section does not mean anything to you, this is the price of a click when you buy advertising with Adwords. (CPC = Cost Per Click) 
  3. Trend (importance: 7/10): This chart tells you inclined to search "keyword" in the most recent 12 months. Marking their importance is 7/10 because this is a factor that we need to know to optimize your keywords or not. Often we choose keywords when rising graph, (of course there are also exceptions) 
  4. Phrase match report (critical mind: 5/10): This section is also important because it gives us more information about related keywords. 
  5. Related keywords report (importance: 8/10): Most Liked this. This section tells us the details of the "keyword" searches levels of the most common and descending to optimum for the post. According to the regulations, SemRush only show the top 10 "keywords". Full Report Click to see the full list and download the Excel file format. 
  6. SE keywords (importance: 9/10): This is a simple diagram reduced tells us is the top website rankings on google search for "keyword" that you are looking (only show posts homepage and domain name ). This shows you how to overcome the opponent, or simply learn how to optimize your keywords. 
  7. Ads Ads & history (importance: 1/10): A set another calculation for AdWords advertisers. I do not like very much Adword should not details on this item. 
  8. Competitive keyword analysis with SemRush
Perhaps this is the best that I use most often:

To start blogging, you need to know about your opponent. If you do not already know, then review the SE section keywords that you have introduced over the above for your website in the top 10 or top 100 is not offline. Without a list of your website, then this is the competition for you.

To start, press the domain address (domain name) into the Search field and press Search on SemRush.

And you'll see all the reports on your chosen website as: Organic Research, Backlinks, Keyword Research, overall ... This is just outside, you click on each category for more detailed information. From this information, we can easily see what the competition has to do to optimize their website.

How to detect keywords of competitors compete with SemRush

  • Website listed at least 3 competitors with your keyword. 
  • SemRush used to determine the exact keywords that brought them to the top of the google website. Its focus on 10 keywords.

Check the difficulty of keywords

semrush keyword research tools
With SemRush, you will know exactly what your competition is doing and you can optimize your website.
  • For example, you know your opponent has top google rankings for keywords 'spy on COMPETITORS keywords'. 
  • Let's see if they've focused SEO keywords like (backlink from, link anchor text is used, how ...) 
  • Let's back up and complete your content (by building backlinks, link anchor text insertion, using long tail keywords, ...)
This way, you can pass the competitors when they are asleep! You can do this by SemRush.

Determine the difficulty of the keywords

  • From the sidebar of SemRush, (or from the menu), click Tools> Keyword difficulty. 
  • Enter your keywords (keywords separated each one row, a limit of 100 keywords 1 time) and click Next Show difficulty.
You will find your full SEO report in details as much as you need for your website.
semrush keyword research tools
For keywords you have difficulty choosing how, see rate% know immediately, usually the higher the ratio will be harder%. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should choose keywords with low competition more likely to top google.

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Besides, you will see the number of searches for this keyword (column volumes), search trends (Trend) and search results (SERP results).

Often they choose which keywords have the difficulty lies in the range of 50% -70% (and implement SEO strategies).

You can sign up for a free account and try SemRush limit a few features, if you like, you can upgrade to the Pro plan for $ 69.95 / month or $ 149.95 price plan Guru / month. Use my link to signup with 50% Discount, Sign up Semrush.

In short, is a tool SemRush excellent SEO can be used to research keywords without using another program again. Hope you have time, I'll write more about this SemRush Keyword research tool is awesome to use.

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