20 Ideas To Make Money With Little Investment

In this new article I want to share 20 ideas to make money with little investment, considering that many people who crave this kind of busi...

In this new article I want to share 20 ideas to make money with little investment, considering that many people who crave this kind of business, where we will not invest too much money, this being the main obstacle to undertake.

Actually if possible make money investing little capital or at times nothing, but what is also true is that a lack of money these businesses require time and dedication to see very good results.

20 Ideas To Make Money With Little Investment
Some ideas to make money with little investment which will be discussed below are developed through the Internet, since today's Internet business are mostly those who offer such opportunities.
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In addition to the ideas you meet here they are 100% effective and proven.
Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning, these ideas need to be worked with a lot of discipline. Remember that nothing is easy, because if it were, everyone would make it, and we know that not all do. Well, without further ado let's look at 20 ideas to make money:

1. Working as an online writer in your free time: This idea indeed does not require any investment, just your knowledge and a taste for writing. In this article you can see how and where to develop in this field.

Create a Blog: A blog is one of the best ways to make money online, and although not the fastest, if it is the safest and which requires less investment. Basically a blog is a page where you write articles talking about a topic that you are passionate about or you are an expert and consider that can be of value to others.

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Of course you have to read a lot and get involved to catch him up, but then everything will make quite simple and perseverance anything is possible. A blog can eventually you represent to a second salary, and there are people who have even left their jobs to devote their full blogs, because returns representing them. Here you can see how you make money with a blog.

3. Upload videos to YouTube: Best way to make money online using your smartphone, and best of all it's totally free. There are cases in which young people started uploading videos to YouTube as a form of entertainment, now live economically of this activity. This is very true that you can monetize your YouTube video and can earn money using Google service or any other 3rd party ad server. We call it Vlogging, which is really very popular methods to make money for young entrepreneurs.

4. Selling products online: This is another business that is done online, here you can earn extra money selling things you no longer use, or you can also use it as an additional sales channel for any business you have established. Here are 2 ways to do it.

5. vending machines: This is a business that requires very little investment, and gives you time especially easy, as these machines work and generate money automatically for you. In this post I explain further this business model.

6. Import of Chinese products: Now with an import Internet has become as easy as a few clicks and your product reaches the comfort of your home. In addition imports you make in this way do not require a minimum order (mostly), you can order up one piece without your having to pay anything for the journey, and thus you can earn extra or more money, thanks to the low price you offer Chinese suppliers.

7. Make Money With Facebook: Social networks today not only serve to chat with friends, you can also get a few dollars if you work properly. For example if you have a facebook fan page you can write and post on your facebook page so that you will earn cash from several company who are really going to pay you for your status abut their product or service.

8. Become a Freelance worker: A worker Freelance is one that provides services to third parties from your computer in exchange for a payment. Among the services we can offer are the web designer, graphic designer, programming services, writer, technical support, voice, video editor, among others. As you can tell most are jobs that can develop from your computer and your customers can be anywhere in the world.

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For this there are various platforms that serve as intermediaries between who provides the service and who needs it. Here we name some:

  • fiverr.com
  • freelancer.com 
  • peopleperhour.com (especially for writers)
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9. Being a mystery shopper: This form of employment is often short term and without a contract, and is basically evaluate customer offering business and other aspects, and then issue a detailed report that allows them to improve service. Usually are companies who offer this service to other companies that want to improve their human talent, and opt for the services of a "mystery shopper".

Buy and sell second hand stuff: This can be considered a premier business with second-hand things. The truth can be a very interesting deal if you work in the right way, but will not make you a millionaire, you allow at least earn extra money. Here is a shared a post about it.

11. Give private lessons: A very old idea but it still works if you're good teaching some skill you have, such as music lessons, math, English, self defense, learn to drive, crafts, among others.

12. Baby Sitting: quite classic too, and especially for women who have an affinity and affection with children Idea. And although today kindergartens have gained significant ground in this sector, there will always be parents who prefer a more personal care. It only requires professionalism and a background in child care would not be bad. Not to mention that more and more families where both parents have to work and someone has to babysit.

13. Renting rooms to tourists: If your home you accounts with 1 or 2 vacant rooms, there is the option of renting to tourists for short periods of time and collecting it you can per day, but of course at a lower price than would in a hotel, because that would be your competitive advantage and attraction for tourists decide to stay at home. If you perform this activity would be good to go receiving tourists leave you a written recommendation and because there is also a photo, to give more confidence to the future tenant. One way to advertise this service can be through the classified pages.

14. Cleaning and Repair: Mainly what you acquire here is knowledge, and for this there are many courses that can help you. Then you must equip yourself with the necessary material for the job. The most important think is to let you know and gain customers happy you call occasionally even for cleaning your electronics.

15. Sell products catalog: With the rise of multi-level companies offering their products through catalogs, many housewives who have chosen this way of working that allows them to generate extra income. The important thing here (as almost anything) is to be a good seller, because more sales more profits, plus the opportunity to join other people to your network of members that generate commissions for you.

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16. Make a garage sale: The well-known garage sale occurs mainly in the United States, but nevertheless can fit in your country and generate extra money. Today many people are willing to buy second hand things that are in good condition and good price. You can even tell your neighbors if they have anything that wish to sell and earn a commission on that sale.

17. Cleaning home: There are always people with lack of time to perform cleanup tasks at home or just laziness overcomes them and prefer to pay for someone else does. It would be a service work is done and leaves. It's good to always do a good job for customer loyalty.

18. Donate blood plasma: Although it is an unusual way to make money, for example in the United States many people (especially young people) use this method to generate extra money that allows them to indulge.

19. Paint houses: Well, paint is not science but some say yes, but with a little practice you can offer this service to people who want above all to renew the facade home.

20. Community Manager: This is how professionals now social networks, basically in charge of managing social business networks are known. You can say that if it takes some experience, but nothing that can not be learned, best of all is that everything is knowledge, the investment is minimal.

Anyway, as you can see if there are ways to make money without having to make a large investment and no investment even more than knowledge to perform such work. And how are you there are many more options, especially those options are on the Internet, thus becoming the best tool that exists today to make money.

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