How To Use Snapchat & Get Followers On Snapchat and Friends

Snapchat full tutorial: How do you use Snapchat? How do you find someone on Snapchat? Learn how it works and to gain followers & friend...

Snapchat full tutorial: How do you use Snapchat? How do you find someone on Snapchat? Learn how it works and to gain followers & friends in your account.
This is complete guide on how to use Snapchat for marketing from scratch.

Snapchat is a mobile application that can share photos and videos of a maximum duration of 10 seconds with the people who follow you. These videos and pictures can be edited with filters and other effects. Today you will learn how to use snapchat as a beginner or pro!

How To Use Snapchat & Get Followers On Snapchat and Friends
How To Use Snapchat & Get Followers On Snapchat and Friends
The app can also be used as instant chat or send text messages, photos and videos to one or more recipients.

One of its main features is that messages you send by private the person who would have sent the displays are erased as. Untraceable.

But before we start, I want to tell you why this is very interesting platform whether you want to do personal branding or if you have a business.

On the one hand, it is impressive how Snapchat has grown in the last year (December 2015 data):

  • Over 100 million active users every day 
  • 65% of users generate content every day 
  • 796 photos are shared per second 
  • 71% of users are under 34 years 
  • 45% of users are between 18 and 24 years
On the other hand, today to engage an audience need to show yourself as close as possible. I remember when I was first time joined on this network how hard it was to me to learn how to use snapchat.
And the essence of Snapchat is that it is very authentic. the
selfies on other social networks to show now fun reality about yourself or your company is over.

This is a great opportunity to engage your target audience. So let me teach
how to use snapchat from the start.

So, let's start!

1. Create an account on Snapchat

The first step is to download the Android or Iphone.



I have to warn you that Snapchat is not a very intuitive app. I know many people, even in my sector, digital marketing, create an account that they have failed to understand the app and have left.

For that not to happen to you, I will try to explain everything to the letter.

1.1- How to register on Snapchat

When you open the app first thing you will ask it is that you create your account. (this is the very first step to use snapchat marketing.

You will have to include an email, password and date of birth. Once this is done, you need to enter your mobile number so you can send the confirmation code.

Then you have to choose a username that is free. Try putting a user name you use on other social networks to find you easier.

How To Use Snapchat & Get Followers On Snapchat and Friends
How to use Snapchat
Once you create your account, we recommend that you change your profile settings. It is important that the 'who can see my story' not open to all, otherwise, only your friends can see what you post.

2.2- Adding friends on Snapchat

If you don't have friends or followers her, you actually have nothing. To add people you have 4 ways:

2.2.1 Add the username: You'll have to include the correct user name to follow someone, because the app does not offer search functionality.

2.2.2 Scanning the user code: Each user has a different code Snapchat. To add someone in this way, take a picture to that code, and upload it to the application.

2.2.3 Through your mobile contacts: If you allow the application to access your contacts from there the can easily add.

2.2.4 By proximity: If you are around other people who also have open the application, you can add them as friends thanks to this functionality.

3. How it works Snapchat

When you are in camera mode, you will see on the screen what you're focusing including the following:
  • Above left, the flash. 
  • Top right, selfie camera mode or normal mode. (You can change the way also taking two touches on the screen.) 
  • Below left, access to the private chat. 
  • Below right, stories of people you follow and your story. 
  • To start recording keep your finger pressed on the gray circle. At that time the cycle will start putting red. When the red circle is coming to an end, it means you've already consumed 10 seconds maximum. 
  • To capture photos, simply adds a touch with your finger on the round button.

4. How to edit photos on Snapchat

Once recorded the video or photo made, you have the possibility to edit. If you did not like, click the 'x' in the top left to delete.

One of the most important features of Snapchat is that you can add filters, draw, add text and include effects for fun and creative photos.

Let's see what possibilities offered.

4.1- Add text to photos and videos.

Once the capture or video, tap the letter 'T' top right. There, you can include text plus you have emoji keyboard on your phone. If you click twice on the 'T', will increase the text size. (Dear friends you are reading
how to use snapchat marketing professionally)
4.2.- Include Emoji.

Once you have the capture or video you recorded, click on the note icon and adds an emoticon. Expand it or minimize it with your fingers.

4.3.- How to draw pictures and videos

The characteristic of drawing up photos or videos makes the chances to be creative skyrocket.

Touch the pencil that appears at the top of the right once made the photo or video. You can choose the color that you want to draw sliding your finger across the color palette.

TRICK! There are hidden colors. Swipe up or down through getting away palette colors from the palette and you can draw with white and black.

And swiping to the left and right, like other hidden colors will appear.

5. Adding filters on Snapchat

To include a filter to your photo or video, once made the photo or video, swipe to the right.
(Five more step to learn on how to use snapchat)
There are different types of filters in Snapchat.
Photo filters tones: You can add effects black and white, sepia, vintage

Smart Filters: 
  • One of the filters allows you to add the correct time. 
  • Set the temperature. 
  • If you are driving, try to add the filter km / h. 
  • If you have the mitido to the application that geolocalice you, if you're in a big city or in a prominent event, you can add a filter with the name of the city or event.
Do not forget to activate the filters: Settings> Additional Services> Manage> Filters.

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6. How to create effects and animations

Another of the hidden features of Snapchat is to add effects or animations to videos that you record in selfie mode. Just stay focused and keep the face a few seconds down the screen to the app you will recognize the face.

You can apply Chulis effects! In addition, they change every day, so it's impossible to get bored.

7. What to do with the photos and videos after editing.

Once finished editing, you have three possibilities:
  • Publish your story for you to see all the people who follow you. 
  • Send the snap as a message to a friend or several privately. 
  • Send someone for chat snap.
7.1 How to publish your story

Photos and videos you take out the app, you can upload 'your story'.

Your story is a compilation of all the photos and videos you've uploaded in the last 24 hours. These photos and videos will only be visible for 24 hours to all the people who follow you or your friends (depending on how you set up your privacy).

On this screen you can see your history and your friends. As time passes, the circles of the stories are disappearing. The more padding is the circle, the more time left to see the story. The stories can be displayed again and again in those 24 hours.

If you want to see all your posts in the last 24 hours, just to give a touch of 'My Story'. You are stories are displayed in chronological order.

You can see each of the videos or photos you've uploaded by tapping on the three gray dots that are right and you can download those to your mobile phone.

At the bottom, where it says 'recent updates' you will see the stories of the people you follow.

Check settings who can see your stories, because you can you're sharing your stories just with your friends.

7.2.- How to send private messages to your contacts.

You can send a private message to your contacts with your snaps (once made the capture or video, click on 'the little arrow' that appears at the bottom right.) Then you must select which people you want to send snap. Once you have seen the person that you've sent, it will be deleted.

7.3.- How Snapchat chat.

When in camera mode, in the bottom left is a square. Touch here to send a message via chat.

Look for the user you want to talk and slides his name to chat. Pressing the 'yellow' camera, the application will direct you to camera mode.

Press the capture button and you get the picture to send. If you prefer to send a video, press and hold the capture chamber. Remember that accounts maximum of 10 seconds.

Trick! Also, if you're chatting with someone and you two are online, you can do a video conference with this person.

The camera will turn blue instead of yellow, and if both You keep pressing the capture button will be able to make video conferencing.

8. What publish Snapchat

When you start a new social network is normal that at first did not know what to post. But take a few days to see what is is style and see what others publish.

I myself was not familiar with the video and although at first it was increasingly will be more natural. The good thing about Snapchat is that the naturalness and freshness are looking for, so it's only a matter of time get.

I would recommend you to upload photos and videos of your everyday situations. The essence is that you give all situations a single point of view, yours.

Therefore, in addition to our everyday situations, also we publish such content:

  • Snapchat News and tricks to increase followers. 
  • What we are working. 
  • Q & A about blogging 
  • We climbed a picture when we have posted something new on the blog. 
  • News and tips on social networks
But as it is more real version show your (or your company), try to be different and authentic in your publications. Have fun! You can also create excitement in other social networks on exclusive content you are going to publish in Snapchat.

9. How to increase followers Snapchat:

Increasing Snapchat followers is more difficult than in other social networks, you can not link your account to other social networks.

So I have prepared this list of seven tactics you can take to gain followers:

9.1.- Include your Snapchat code with your username on your blog and social networks.
You can include it in the sidebar of your blog, in all social networking profiles and header images each.

9.2.- Create links from other social networks:
Post on other social networks some valuable content and communicate your followers to keep watching that content go to Snapchat because you have posted there.

9.3.- Search your contacts:
This is pretty obvious, but many people do not. Make a review now of all the contacts in your phone and check who is on the application to add.

9.4.- take advantage of the events:
If you're at an event with other people, you can encourage all open your application and functionality 'add close friends' follow.

9.5.- calls to action in your posts:
If you have a blog, the end of the post you can make a call to action to follow you in Snapchat including your username.

9.6.- Create contests:
This has always worked in social networking to win fans. Create a contest / sweepstakes. Make a call for participation from other social networks.

10. Publish a post in your blog.

Create a post on the blog talking about your Snapchat account and why you should follow.
Now is the time
As you can see, it is not a simple application, but if you have an audience that is between 18 and 32 years, can not help but miss the opportunity to join before saturating.

For us it has become our first communication channel with our tribe of bloggers, and we're seeing every day we come together more followers. I'm sure that the more companies and brands have an account in the app, the harder it will be to increase these fans.

This was a guest post written by Fahim Ahsan, author of BuzzInc Blog! To know more about him please head over to his twitter account or visit his Blog!

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