How To Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch

Explained: How to set up on the Apple Watch Apple Pay ? With the Apple Watch and Apple Pay, paying a tab or bill is as easy as waiving your ...

Explained: How to set up on the Apple Watch Apple Pay? With the Apple Watch and Apple Pay, paying a tab or bill is as easy as waiving your wrist.
Apple Pay currently lets you pay for things on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch. In this article you will learn How To Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch.

How do I set Apple Pay on Apple Watch

How To Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch
How To Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch
Not the wallet type of book? Maybe you are prone to leaving your wallet at home? Well, if you carry your Apple Watch, payment for goods received to facilitate a little.

With Apple numbers on the Apple Watch is activated, your credit cards leave safely stow home should be no problem when out and about shopping. In fact, when the apple watch OS 2 update is out, you will be able to save even more cards on the wrist gadget.
There are even safety precautions when you are worried about sensitive information from your watch made as well as ways to disable Apple Pay total if you lost or stolen your wrist-ware.

But how do you go about setting up Apple Pay on the Apple Watch to go in the first place? Read on to find out, then we will show you how to use it.

The first thing of: How To Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch

Before you can begin paying with shopping, you need to update your phone with iOS 8.1 or later. If you live in the UK, you will iOS 8.3 or later.

You also need to make purchases will be signed in iCloud on both the phone and Apple Watch -. Although this only once during the initial setup

Almost all major credit and debit cards from major banks supported in the US and UK, but you can Apples list to check if your cards are supported.

Finally Wrist detection and passcode should be to Merke Inge Turns. If you turn off the passcode, see your wrist, or sign up iCloud, all your cards will be deleted from the Apple Watch as a safety measure.

If you are already using Apple Pay on your iPhone, you will still need to add your payment card, the clock.

How Apple figures teach the Apple Watch

1. Head to your Apple Watch app on your iPhone. ,

2. Select "Passbook & Apple Pay.".

3. Select "Add credit or debit card." This is when your phone will set up a 4-digit passcode for watching if you have not already done so. In addition, you have to sign here in your iCloud account. You can choose whether your Watch unlock once you unlock your iPhone. ,

4. After setting the passcode, you can finally enter your credit card information. Apple is automatically the card you registered to use for the App Store, so just need to have to punch in the 3-digit security code.

5. voice to the Terms and Conditions. ,

6. Another debit and credit cards. You can do this manually or by positioning your phone's camera over the map. There, the corresponding figures will then be recognized without that you have no input digits. However, they will have to give your name, card expiration date and security code you.

7. Your bank will take a moment to review the information and let you add the map. Occasionally it will not work and you may have to tell Apple Support.

8. Your Apple Watch will be notified via Passbook that your card is ready for Apple Pay.


How to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch

To the payment with your Apple Watch, make sure you visit companies have NFC-enabled card readers to accept contactless payments as Apple Pay.

If you are supported at a retailer or other business, the Apple Pay as McDonalds, you should be able to be a Big Mac with some Chicken McNuggets with only your Apple Watch. Here's how to do it.

1. Double-press the side key (the one usually shows your friends list). ,

How To Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch
2. Your standard card should pop up, though, if you have more than one added, you can by swiping left or right to scroll.

3. Keep your wrist near the card reader until it vibrates and makes a noise. This means complete the payment made.

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