How To Shop On Amazon With Debit Card

How to shop online: How to order products from Amazon? Online shopping has become a part of our lives. But there are many fraud website who ...

How to shop online: How to order products from Amazon? Online shopping has become a part of our lives. But there are many fraud website who can steal you credit card information. In this case Amazon is same for Online shopping! How to Shop Online Safely? Let me tell you today how you can shop on amazon safely.

Quick Guide for orders from

Increasingly I see people on the subway or in cafes to use e-readers in particular Amazon Kindle or Tabs. I will not dwell on what's Kindle and what are its advantages. Today I'm going to feature another product from amazon shop. As you know Olympic Games Rio 2016 has began in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All the people of the world are looking at the Olympic games Rio 2016 to watch whats happening in Rio de Janeiro. But People like me, who are not living in Brazil and can't go there can only watch it on TV or over internet. Amazon Fire TV Stick made this easier for us. You can watch any channel on it either its the Olympic games rio 2016 or other TV channel.  

The price of Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite high at stores that offer in any country. It is best if you decide to own such a device can order it directly from Amazon. I will describe briefly what is the process of ordering, payment and delivery of the Amazon Fire TV Stick or any other product with delivery.

To place an order, follow the steps below:

For example I'm using here few snaps of online shopping on amazon. I used to buy Amazon Fire TV Stick directly from So below are the steps how to shop on amazon or how to buy Amazon Fire TV Stick on amazon. Please note: You can buy any product using same procedure.

1. Visit and in the upper right corner click Hello. Sign in.
How To Shop On Amazon With Debit Card

2. Select New Customer? Start here. And fill in your details in the following window that opens you. Then click Create account

3. The next window that opens is to Amazon you profiled and say what you like or not. This is done in order to show you the right products every time you sign into your account.

4. You now have created account. Remember your username (email address with which you registered) and password.

How to order products from buy Amazon Fire TV Stick
1. Select your product and click on the price at which you want to buy. 

2. Open the following window. Click the button Add To Cart, the right edge of the window.
3. Open the following window. Button, select Edit your cart to edit your order or Proceed to chekout to confirm the order and go to the next step.
4. The next step is to fill in your shipping address:

5. The following window opens. Check that the address you filled in is correct and confirm by clicking Continue

6. In this step you need to enter data from credit or debit card for payment to be made. Fill in the required data.

8. Open the following window with information about your order.

This step should note the box on the right - Place your order. Here is shown the price of the products you buy, the price of delivery to Bulgaria and final value, you have to pay. Cents for delivery depends on the seller - usually it is around $ 4 $ 5 but can also be higher. In the example I used the price is $ 10.49.

There may be one more fee - fee duty, which is paid in advance by you, but if the duty is charged is less and you back the amount. This is mainly paid when ordering by companies.

If the final price you have to pay your suit pressing Place your order. With that your order is executed. The products arrive to 3-7 working days.

Enjoy shopping at Amazon Fire TV Stick connects to your TV's HDMI port. The Fire TV Stick setup is very similar to the Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick.

How To Shop On Amazon With Debit Card? Enjoy your shopping!

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