Guide To Using Pinterest for Marketing

Are you looking for a Pinterest marketing guide? Before I dive into more advanced Pinterest marketing strategies, learn some basic of pinte...

Are you looking for a Pinterest marketing guide? Before I dive into more advanced Pinterest marketing strategies, learn some basic of pinterest marketing. Each social networking site gives businesses an opportunity to get closer to their customers, promote the participation and increase revenue target, especially for business and e-commerce sites web, Pinterest is by far the most effective social networking. 

If you've ignored Pinterest until now, here are a few statistics to get you thinking.

  • Pinterest has over 75 million registered users.
  •  It is ranked third after Facebook and Twitter, in terms of referral traffic generated daily. 
  • Nearly 80% of its users are women. 
  • Shoppers referred from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy your product. 
  • Buyers are increasingly using Pinterest to find related products.
Successful Pinterest marketing strategies

Successful Pinterest marketing strategies

In short, Pinterest can play a huge role in the business strategy of your society. Not only can send you thousands of qualified sales leads, it also can help you build a strong brand image.

Successful Pinterest marketing strategies

Here's how you can use Pinterest to enhance marketing strategies your ecommerce business.

Understand first Platform

Although it has the potential of e-commerce major, Pinterest is still primarily a social network. So, to find success, you need to reach out to customers and those who might be interested in your product to potential ban. But the main benefits you can get out of Pinterest is:
  • Work with your target audience and potential customers. 
  • Increase the visibility of your products. 
  • Use Pinterest to build audience now your ecommerce. 
  • Get direct feedback from customers about the product. 
  • Improve your referral traffic.
Do not think that direct sales though. Pinterest will work as an advocate for your product and send you traffic referrals. But you can not make sales directly on it.

Encourage your dating on Website

Before promoting your products on Pinterest, create a strong case for it on the web page of your e-commerce. This includes the addition of the "Battery" on all pages of your product and encourage your website visitors to follow you on Pinterest. You can use the utility to share social media like AddThis or DiggDigg to add social sharing buttons involved. You may also be a path to your Pinterest page by announcing various competitions and special offers to users on your website Pinterest.

Create a business page to Pinterest

If you are serious about using Pinterest for marketing your products then instead of using a personal profile of Pinterest, create a business Pinterest page. Pinterest business profile is specifically designed for organizations who want to participate with their clients. To get a business verification Pinterest page, you just need to confirm your web site address. This will add further credibility to your profile and can also make you eligible for the additional features that the profile is not possible.
Create you business page and verify Your Blog on Pinterest

Using high quality and large image

Pinterest is a visual social network. People click only on high-quality images. Make sure all your product images and Pins highest quality. The study also showed that the higher the image bigger and get more involved than smaller pictures. Generally, the image that is 738 pixels wide and 1128 pixels high is the best appearance.

Using Pinterest for SEO

Over time, Pinterest has proven to be a great source of traffic to the site introduced because of its SEO power. To get the maximum benefit from it, using a descriptive name for your image and add descriptions for every battery, along with the product URL. Use the keywords that best describe your products. But avoid keyword stuffing. Using too many keywords can bring people out, and reduced participation in your Pins. Create natural description and image name with keywords as needed.

Pro Tip: For successful Pinterest marketing you will need enough followers, if you don't have followers then you have nothing. Here is a guide to getting huge followers in 3 days.


Pinterest is more effective in promoting electronic commerce because it relies heavily on the image. By creating a strong presence Pinterest, you can brand your business very efficient road and thousands of visitors from Pinterest to store your e-commerce. If used properly, it can be a social commerce tools effectively.

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