Growth Sectors For Entrepreneurs in 2016-17 and Following

We currently live involved in the technological era and every day we see new developments in this field. This sector is evolving so fast tha...

We currently live involved in the technological era and every day we see new developments in this field. This sector is evolving so fast that it is hard to know where we are going and what the next news will be.

For an entrepreneur the future is very fuzzy, so I would like to share with all "born to undertake" what the most successful business year 2016 will be.

Growth sectors for entrepreneurs
Mobile Applications:

These applications are specially designed to meet needs that are not really satisfied. It is estimated that by 2017 the industry will have generated a total of 77 billion dollars. The study by Forbes Insights and Adobe reveals that 83% of companies already using apps as a way to improve communication with its customers. The creation of a mobile application is big business for entrepreneurs who know that the era of Big Data has only just begun.

Home Automation:

The growth of smart homes is a fact that will occur more effectively in 2016. The firm Berg Insight 10.6 million figure in the whole or partially automated homes that exist in the United States and Europe. According to the predictions of this firm, expectations go through the number reaches 29.7 million in Europe.

3D printing:

this business is expected to grow 30% over the period 2016-2021. The study "The Future of Smart Fabrics to 2021" conducted by analyst Adrian Wilson, a figure the business generated by industries related to digital manufacturing and 3D printing at 188.15 million euros, with estimated growth of 26 % by 2016.

Storage Devices:

Increasingly we use our smartphones and tablets to generate large digital content such as photos or videos. Garner expects significant growth in the average storage capacity per household for next year. It will increase from 464 in 2011 to 3.3 GB terabytes in 2016. synchronization service providers and cloud storage to see increased demand as they are surpassing the capabilities of the web sites of social networks, which are currently staying a large amount of digital content.

Cyber-security technologies:

Increasingly frequent those related to lost or stolen data and news cyber-attacks. The study commissioned by Blue Coat is revealed that organizations with cyber-security as one of its priorities, are better prepared to make important business decisions. The cyber security sector will increase sharply in the next year thanks only to companies that opt ​​for this technology. A clear example is offered by the telephone company that is billing revenue from cyber-security estimated at 400 million euros annually.

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