Extend The Reach Of Your Blog With Flipboard And Pocket

You have a blog for your business or because you're self-employed? Social media is perfect to promote blog post without spending money! ...

You have a blog for your business or because you're self-employed? Social media is perfect to promote blog post without spending money! I think Flipboard & Pocket is probably one of the most effective communication tools. However, even if you write content regularly, you should definitely linger to develop a strategy that will maximize impact.
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Extend The Reach Of Your Blog With Flipboard And Pocket
If you use a platform like WordPress, you have the presence of an RSS feed. This technology can push your content to your customers. A little in the way of an email that is sent to the recipient. The RSS feed is the basis for the distribution of content. You must also use other tools such as social media and a mailing list.
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There are two interesting tools that allow you to improve the distribution and reach of your content. The first is called Flipboard and other Pocket. Interestingly, they are both free.

Turn your blog into magazine with Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the best mobile applications. This is both a proxy system and content aggregation. It literally transforms any article or website into a beautiful electronic magazine.

Of course you can use your content, but also from any web source. Even if you are not the creator of all the content you offer on your magazine, you will become with your colleagues, clients and friends, a reference person suggesting interesting content.

Flipboard has launched the concept of the magazine there is more than one year. More recently, these magazines are also available from the Web. What you may not know is that any content designer can create a Flipboard magazine. Ultimately, this magazine may also be used as a mobile application for your website.

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Quick and easy to set up

Creating a magazine Flipboard extremely simple. Just create an account and visit this site Flipboard webpage. This is where you will find the interface that lets you create your first magazine.

Once you create your magazine, it will do more to add content and promote it to your network subscribes to it. Use your different accounts on social media, email and even your website to entice your readers, clients and contacts to subscribe to your magazine.

Flipboard will offer some statistics like the number of subscribers and the number of pages that were viewed on your magazine.

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Make life better for your readers with Pocket

Your website or blog offer buttons that share your content on social media. One click these buttons propagate your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. This is fine, by cons, I suggest you to install another different button. One offered by the service that is called Pocket.

For those unfamiliar with Pocket is one of those services that allows you to save web content and view it later on the device of your choice. It lets you sort of build your custom magazine that can be accessed even when you're offline. From my side, it's a mobile application iOS and Android that I use most.

So what is the link between safeguarding the content to be viewed later and your website?

It's simple, Pocket is currently the leader in the niche applications that allow text to consume content offline. Adding a button Pocket on your website or blog combined with the creation of a Pocket for Publishers Account grants you access to some great features.

On your website, the Pocket button will display the number of times your content has been saved by users of this service. This button may surprise you. In many cases the numbers that appear on the Pocket button are superior to those of Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You can own a Pocket for Publishers account and do not install the button, except that it makes life easier for your readers.

Like most good web services, Pocket for Publishers offers a your account management space. This is where you can view statistics backup and viewing your content. You have access to statistics about the activity on your account in the last day, last week and last month.

There is another interesting feature on Pocket for Publishers. It is called Footer messages, this system allows you to create up to five custom messages that appear at the end of each article Pocket saved by users.

These custom messages can contain a URL link. Useful if you want to promote the subscription to your blog, sell an ebook or promote your products and services. You even have access to the percentage of click each message.

Obviously you do not have to create a pocket for Publishers account. However, you say that this is the same principle as social media. Even if you are not present, your content can be saved to Pocket. So I think you have every reason to know how your content flows.

In the end, these services will help you increase the visibility of your website. Both solutions are easy and fast to implement. On your side, what are your tricks to improve the distribution of your content? Learn more content marketing on Flipboard by Following this account on
Flipboard, be in touch and get social.

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