Digital Marketing Is Reshaping The Advertising World

By | 29.10.2016

Digital Marketing is reshaping the advertising world under the most positive way. Businesses need to create better customer experiences. In this case Digital Marketing takes for granted that the customer is in charge. Marketers just create advertising campaigns and up it to the advertising media, it could be social media, search engine or any other internet based advertising campaigns company. Or it can be television or radio.

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Five people texting. Social media concept

Digital Marketing is Reshaping The Advertising World

When Heineken USA launch promotions Desperadoes, a tequila flavored beer line, in 2014, the company had launched two different ad campaigns. In some states, Heineken bought television advertising, while in other states the company only runs ads on the mobile phone at specific times of the day.

The result is in the running state of digital advertising, consumer awareness of the new Heineken beer line reached 23% – higher than the state run TV ads. Because, on Friday, at 9pm, the majority of people do not watch TV.

They use mobile phones and social networks. The effectiveness of digital advertising is one of the main drivers of Heineken USA, carrier spent 30% of its budget to advertising platform digital advertising this year – up from 20% in 2014.

Thanks to the proliferation of vendors from Netflix and BBC iPlayer for Facebook and Snapchat, consumers have access to the media on digital devices than ever before. This boom allows advertisers to exploit user data to target precisely target customers as well as providing timely message.

Digital Marketing is Reshaping The Advertising World

Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk, world advertising industry is being shaped by the enormous volume of data and technology that enables marketers to access, analyze and use data dirty. For example, in online advertising, the Big Data applications will help businesses make forms, advertising strategies appropriate to each specific customer groups, known as the ability to select a target aim – a advantages of online advertising compared to other forms of traditional advertising.

Instead of advertising images appear rampant on the media, the advertising activities aimed target audience will choose to show your ads only to a group of customers needs.

For example, groups of customers who have the habit to learn about technology products, such as automobiles, will be less likely to receive advertisements for beauty products. They will often see the banner, video … about automobiles when looking for news, listen to music, watch YouTube … This not only helps improve the efficiency of advertising but also save the cost of enterprise.

The growing complexity of digital advertising industry as advertising forms necessary today than ever, but also increases the barrier to what standards must be met.

The next generation of standards to work with many different types of advertising (concept, content and commerce) in a world where content is variable on the screen, and flexible enough to change constantly .

IDC forecasts marketers will increase investment in technology marketing, advertising up 32.4 billion in 2018 from $ 20.2 billion in 2014. According to research firm Forrester, nearly half of the next surveyed said marketing plans to increase budget digital advertising this year; 40% said they would spend more on data analysis.

Smart marketers, companies and publishers do not have to wait for the official advertising forms appear, but instead of testing and research from other forms of advertising emerging future, they use knowledge gained to influence the direction of the advertising industry.

At the annual conference for application developers F8 (San Francisco), Facebook has shared a number of major changes in the company to support both media – content producers (publishers) and advertising agencies ( Advertising).

Notably, Facebook user data can now linked to a network of advertising sales LiveRail, can help publishers sell more video ads and more accurate focusing. Facebook also helps Advertiser “see” external customers how to interact. Meanwhile, Marketer increasingly provide more tools to exploit content and search for new customers.

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