8 Must-Have Advertising Tools For Entrepreneurs

When an entrepreneur starts a new project does not have a large number of customers and is a stranger in that market. For this reason it is...

When an entrepreneur starts a new project does not have a large number of customers and is a stranger in that market. For this reason it is essential to go for efficient communication, in order to be known among diverse audiences.

In most cases these entrepreneurs are based on a limited budget to spend on advertising. In addition they do not have a specialized commercial communication are minimal staff and knowledge that employers have campaigns developing this area.

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8 Must-Have Advertising Tools For Entrepreneurs
Some of the tools that entrepreneurs can use to optimize their communication are:

Mailing campaign:

advertising involves sending massively via email. In most cases an advertising brochure sent with the aim of promoting our products or services. To carry out this strategy, we need to have a database of customers. Moreover, we can also bet on the newsletter. It involves sending emails with some regularity to our subscribers (who have confirmed that they want to receive these emails and can unsubscribe upon request). These emails contain interesting articles about the brand and information about the area in which it operates.


This tool can measure, monitor and analyze our campaign. We can also keep track of the competition. I.e get to find out the investment allocated, messages emitted and Keywords that place them.
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We refer to an audio file that is transmitted on the Internet. The advantage of this tool is that it can be distributed as an RSS file, so that users can download the file.


Currently it is very important to introduce ourselves appropriately in mobile phones, as it is very high percentage of users who connect to the network through this medium. With this application we can guide advertising campaigns to mobile devices, creating free one site adapted to this technology.

Promotion in search engines:

A seeker moves thousands of websites every day. But only the first few pages are the most visited by users. This causes a struggle to occupy the top positions in search engines. To position yourself in the first place you can create meta tags (are fragments of HTML code should be placed in the <head> of the blog). You can also improve your ranking through SEO and SEM.


This page allows us to create our own banners. The drawback is that they are not free. In addition, planning and choice of advertising media for insertion up to us. For this reason we must have some fundamental concepts to choose the media to present more useful audience for our brand.

Social Targeting:

Of course, we can not forget advertise through various social networks. This tool lets us know in more detail users of these networks. For example, tastes, brands that follow, the level of interactivity and fidelity to certain companies. For this reason, we can create a campaign for these networks by locating the niche that interests you to our brand.

Campaign Tracking Tool:

Google makes available a tool for tracking the percentages of our campaigns. Quite simply, we must define the key parameters and make us the complete combination of the URL automatically.

All these tools can be very useful to improve communication with our customers. Remember that investment in advertising always helps us achieve our goals, provided that this investment offers us a pleasant ROI. That is, when comparing the profit after the investment made a positive contribution to us, to encourage us to continue investing.

"Stop advertising to save money is like stopping the clock to save time"

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