7 Tips To Become a Famous Blogger

Who else wants to become famous blogger? What question! I'm stupid or what? All bloggers dream of becoming famous. This is also the rea...

Who else wants to become famous blogger?
What question! I'm stupid or what? All bloggers dream of becoming famous. This is also the reason why they provide much effort. But
to become famous blogger is not really easier as there are millions of bloggers trying to be famous. Start With A Personal Blog. If you want to become a famous blogger then the best way is to start a personal blog.

The success of a website usually depends on several key factors. Everything depends not only on the design of your blog, the number of articles you publish or plugins you use.

Above all, there is above your approach. Stop being desperate for despair eliminates any prospect of success. You too can build a popular blog, but first we will have to follow the advice below.

1. Do not try to be popular

ask the most successful bloggers in your niche, all tell you they have not intentionally tried to become popular. It's their passion that allowed them to offer quality content to their readers, and it is this quality that made them famous. Do not focus on the popularity nor the money you can win, focus only on the value you can bring to your readers through your content.

2. Be yourself

do not try to look like someone else or to please everyone. Why ? Simply because it is impossible to achieve one of two things. If people do not like what you do or do not simply love you, that's their problem and not yours. Take all the remarks they make you into account, but you better be yourself. As a blogger, your DNA must be different from that of other bloggers in your niche. Only the originality and quality allow you to have the authority and the success on the internet.

3. Say what you think

impose your style and say what you think. Do not be shy. Do not let other bloggers you to lecture when you know they are themselves imperfect. Let them know what you think without getting the discussion dispute.

4. Do not follow the norm

people who are based in the mass very often hard to stand out. If you want success, you will have to stand out from the norm. This is because they brought something new that some bloggers have found success on the internet. If everyone followed the standard, there will be more changes.

5. Bring the value

it really is the key to your success on the internet. Share your knowledge like no other before. The content of your blog must be of such quality that your readers have no desire to look elsewhere. The best content for your player is the one who best meets their real needs. Think about it !

6. Be open to communication

you create a blog to share and communicate with your readers. Only communication can allow you to know you. Give them one or more ways to contact you and give yourself as one or more ways to keep their contact (autoresponder).

7. Do not reveal all your cards

let cast a sort of mystery around you. Arouse curiosity without disclosing completely.

OK. So much for the advice.

Do you have another idea about the best way to become a famous blogger? Please leave a comment (below) to let me know or just tell me what you think of this article.

About The Author: Fahim Ahsan is the founder of BuzzIncs, He works as a freelancer content writer, entrepreneur, web designer, Loves technology, Creative Ideas, read and write, and has an unhealthy addiction to smile.

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