5 Tips To Avoid Monotony Of Work & Fuel-up Your Productivity

By | 24.08.2016

Motivation is one of the most important factors in any job. “Happy workers are productive” and on the other hand, those workers who are not motivated, tend to have low levels of productivity.

To avoid the monotony of routine tasks at work, where every day seems an identical photograph of the previous day, you must learn to carry out technical that allow you to motivate and make every day different, a challenge that you must deal for yourself. 

Often hierarchical structures and immobility within the company make the workers feel “displaced”, often performing tasks that do not correspond with their professional category, simply sticking to obey orders for fear of a possible dismissal.

Fortunately, this organizational model increasingly being viewed more deteriorated, facing him as an antithesis emerges the structure used by startups, characterized by teams with a great working environment in which pro-activity and achievement awards made in rather than the number of hours employees spend glued to your seat regardless of their productivity.

5 Tips To Avoid Monotony Of Work & Fuel-up Your Productivity

You must keep in mind that you are solely responsible for your achievements and professional failures, he recognizes the first and learns of the second and above all, never lose your motivation to grow professionally. If you think you’re in a business where you can not learn more, makes the leap and change to a different or take a chance with your own business, a project that excites you.

Reward your “small victories” at work

Our brain is programmed to respond to stimuli. If you manage to finish a complicated report or make a brilliant presentation to a group of investors and no one in the company recognizes your achievements, recognize yourself. That day can take to go to the movies when you get off work or book dinner at a restaurant.

It is important that you set rewards based on your achievements. Dining out for each report you make correctly, does not seem the best option, especially for your personal finances.

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Delimits your borders

There are two great enemies waging an eternal battle, motivation and stress. The second grows exponentially with the number of tasks you have to perform within the organization, motivation goes down, if the number of tasks increases in a big way, especially for self-employed (freelance), which often are forced to give up their leisure time to deal with this increasing tasks.

Learn to prioritize and to define which tasks are important and which are not, on the other hand it is important that you learn to delegate responsibilities to other employees, this will help you focus on the most important objectives.

At work, change the order of factors can affect the outcome

If you vary the order of your tasks, your work routine will no longer be monotonous and boring.

You used to have meetings with suppliers on Mondays? Change part of your tasks from Wednesday to Monday and vice versa, divide your day into different tasks, instead of always doing the same. Intersperses tasks you like to do with others that are not on your list of favorites. If you focus on the first, you will accumulate the latter.

Practice ‘Team Building’

Your coworkers will become your second family, if you build solid teams, get out of the monotony and will create a real sense of team.

You can make occasional brainstorming that allow you to improve your strategy work and activities outside the office.

Do continuously

The monotony at work and lack of motivation, often are synonymous with stagnation, if you always do the same, maybe it’s because you’re not developing new activities and competitions.

Performs specialized courses depending on your job. Do not you remember other interesting facets work, a course of coaching or leadership from time to time is worth.

All these tips will allow you to increase your level of motivation in the workplace, but above all, do not forget the most important thing, “when one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look so at the closed door that we are not able to see the door that has opened before us “

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