5 Scary Myths That Sales Executives Probably Believe

We identify five common myths about business ethics! Do you think that your managers are actively selling and want to earn more? It is becau...

We identify five common myths about business ethics! Do you think that your managers are actively selling and want to earn more? It is because of these misconceptions head many sales departments are ineffective, and they generate a profit is poor.

5 Scary Myths That Sales Executives Probably Believe
The vast majority of businesses in USA, Ca, UK, Russia, India, China, and more countries are extremely inefficient sales departments. Sales - at times less than they could be, the financial position of companies - regrettable. Prospects for the future - very vague, not to say - illusory. And all because in the minds of CEOs and sales managers of these enterprises rooted extremely harmful myths. Damage to their businesses belief in these myths, enormous. But it is actually not too difficult, although very regrettable. It is time to remove the rose-colored glasses!
These are the myths:
  • Sales managers are active and sell 
  • Sales managers will actively work because they want to earn more money 
  • HR managers can be charged recruitment to the sales department, and they will cope with this 
  • The labor market can find professional sales managers 
  • Sales managers can sell

Sales Managers are active and sell

As we imagine the work of active sales department? Sales Managers from morning till evening to actively make customer calls and go to a meeting with them. At these meetings, they are negotiating with clients, conclude transactions with them, sell goods and services to the Company. And earning the company a lot of money. It's like that?

No not like this! All this the Christmas picture - lies and self-deception! One of the professional management of sales says the most important principles:

"9 out of 10 sales managers, left to themselves, can not drive sales by more than 30% of the possible intensity. This means that the intensity of their work is one-third of what is required. That is, they make calls and meetings with clients 3 times less than they could. "

Most sales managers themselves can not bring himself to work with the proper intensity. The required intensity of work of sales managers can only provide sales managers.

With the active work of the sales manager may be held in the week of 10-15 meetings lasting an hour or more each on the road to the clients in different areas of the city. So, the majority of sales managers who work under this scheme, or do no more than 1-3 meetings with clients in a week, or do not go to the customers. And if traders attempt due to his laziness and for the sake of convenience, to resolve all issues with the client on the phone, the sales speech does not go. The maximum that they can, in this case - more or less successfully to conduct sales. That is to offer customers what they need in advance at a price that suits them in advance.

a job in an active Corporate Sales - hard, nervous, sometimes frankly disgusting. Most people simply are not created in order to more or less effectively conduct this work. There are, of course, the individual mentally and physically resistant individuals with a powerful energizer inside. They are capable of on their own, without the control and management of prodding by doing a lot of meetings with customers - every day, every day. And we all know such people. But they are very few - as already mentioned above, one out of every 10-20 salespeople. And sales are not really that easy. All other sales managers are able to intensively work only on one condition: almost continuous monitoring and management actions on the part of the sales manager.

Needless to say that most sales executives do not even know how to organize the control and exercise that influence. Even worse is that CEOs do not know anything about these important features that a professional sales manager must perform every day, from morning to evening.

To control the intensity of the employees, it is necessary to introduce the work of the sales team a crucial report and a control form as "Statistics of commercial work." Moreover, it is necessary to develop and adopt standards for commercial work - which is good and acceptable statistics, daily and weekly calls and meetings with clients. For more information about this, including the form itself "Statistics of commercial work" can be found in my book, "Strengthening of the sales."

But the report and control forms and other similar bills are dead without administrative influence. To "statistics of commercial operation" filled out and actually used, it is necessary every morning in the sales department to start with a morning of RAM. These forces should be conducted RAM sales managers, in the morning of each working day, the duration of 15-20, a maximum of 30 minutes.

On the morning of RAM you want to monitor:

  • The results of the previous day - on Statistics of commercial work. 
  • Plans for the fighters of today - and how you can help them. 
  • Questions and problems encountered with clients - and how to solve them. 
  • Sales results from the beginning of the month - and the expected sale before the end of the month. 
  • Ensure infusion morning charge of vivacity. 
  • "Questions, requests, comments are free. Go away! "
Overall, for effective management of the sales department should be carried out 13 management activities. Some of these activities should be carried out on a daily basis, and some - on a weekly basis, and some - on a monthly basis.

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