5 Myths of Entrepreneurship Based on My Online Course

Myths of Entrepreneurship : In recent weeks, I took an online course on entrepreneurship. It was a very interesting experience and I propos...

Myths of Entrepreneurship: In recent weeks, I took an online course on entrepreneurship. It was a very interesting experience and I propose to summarize, in a series of three articles that I discovered and learned about entrepreneurship through this course.

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5 Myths of Entrepreneurship
The first week of my online course was devoted to the myths about entrepreneurs. Many misconceptions are circulating on the world of entrepreneurship, reinforced by the media and by the stories of successful entrepreneurs.

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1. Contractors like risk

Often, it is believed that the contractor has the appetite for risk. In reality, the entrepreneur is not a casino player, who depends on a single bet. To be honest, he did not like the risk! In fact, the entrepreneur tends to constantly define a level of risk that is acceptable for the rest of its shares. And ideally, he prefers to share the risk with others.

2. It must be a great idea to launch

"I'd like to start, but I have no idea. Finally, I have ideas but they are not great ... ". The effectuation shows that entrepreneurs are not necessarily visionary and have not always had a great idea when they started. Besides, the big idea is the exception in the entrepreneurial world, rather the result of a process.
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3. Entrepreneurs are experts forecast

Observation of entrepreneurial activity shows that in general, entrepreneurs are not trying to predict the future. Quite the contrary. Thus, they prefer to ignore forecasts and act on their environment. A good example is that of Starbucks business, who knows a great success even though all studies show at the time, that coffee consumption is going down.

4. Contractors are superheroes

Until now, no study has shown that entrepreneurs have common features with exceptional skills. In addition, there are many different profiles among contractors. Some are creative, organizers, managers ... Like everyone else, they have their qualities and defects.

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5. Entrepreneurs succeed only

We often forget that entrepreneur's success is rarely alone. To advance the project, an entrepreneur generally needs partners and associates, clear of a team. Therefore, the constitution of this team is a key success factor for the entrepreneurial project. Finally, we understand that the talent of the entrepreneur is the ability to surround himself with the right people.

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