10 Ways to Lead, Inspire and Motivate Your Team

By | 22.08.2016

Job satisfaction and enthusiasm with which employees perform their tasks are decisive factors for the company. The good (or bad) predisposition of people directly influences the quality of products or services. Are you taking this into account when driving to your team?

10 Ways to Lead, Inspire and Motivate Your Team

Motivating involves implementing mechanisms to meet the aspirations and interests, in order to lead people toward a goal. How can you motivate effectively? Actions that you can implement in your business:

  • Correctly assigned jobs.

Each worker must occupy a suitable position to their profile. Does the candidate is ready for the job? Likes? Do you feel comfortable? If not, you may be bored or can not do it successfully.

  • Ask people to participate in decision-making.

Elton Mayo (1880-1949), psychologist and sociologist specialized organizations, found that involving people in decisions, improved their results. I promotes communication in all directions. Listen to your team proposals and, if possible, try in practice.

  • Provides autonomy.

Delegating effectively builds confidence in the team. Having some leeway for the development of tasks is an important source of motivation.

  • Ensures a positive work environment.

Try to improve labor coexistence. If there are conflicts in the team, it is a good time to intervene. Listen and act is a way of showing that you care about the work environment.

  • Provides development opportunities.

By knowing the areas of interest of each person, you can offer possibilities to expand their capacities or stay updated. For example, a master paid by the company, a language course, training in a specific software, etc. 

  • Do not minimize the importance of wages.

The salary is not a factor that produces motivation in itself, but if it is not consistent with the market, activity, position, and even with the possibilities of the company budget, will be a key element of dissatisfaction, which can hardly be neutralized .

  • Improved physical workplace.

Ensures that your employees are comfortable in the work-space, whether an office, a shop, a shop or a mobile office. This means they have the right elements to perform their tasks. From a calculator to correct management software. A coffee maybe? An air conditioning? Better lighting?

  • Negotiates goals with your team.

When goals and objectives are set together workers feel more committed. To involve them in the formulation takes into account their expectations and capabilities, resulting in a greater incentive to achieve them.

  • Thank to your team for a job well done.

When goals are met, it is important to recognize. There are various incentives that may be effective according to which each employee privileges: a gift, an extra franc, additional vacation days, a promotion or a prize.

  • ESTABLISHING flexible policies.

One of the advantages of SMEs, unlike larger organizations, is that you can meet the staff. This knowledge is valuable information to motivate your team and can provide flexibility where most appreciate: flexible or tailored to the needs schedule, work from home one day a week or telecommuting, part-time, etc. Be creative to find policies that work best for your team.

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