10 Ways NOT to Fail at Your Job Interview

Stress and nerves can become the true enemies of anyone when submitting a job interview. How to overcome it and achieve success? You want yo...

Stress and nerves can become the true enemies of anyone when submitting a job interview. How to overcome it and achieve success? You want your interview to set you apart. A positive first impression can make all the difference. Prepare, plan, and show up for the interview like you really want the job and like you would be honored to work for this team. It will set you apart.

10 Ways NOT to Fail at Your A Job Interview
The simple fact of being evaluated and the possibility of failure, itself generates many nerves. Tips about everything from screaming loud, tell a joke to bring a ball anti stress, but not everyone can be useful.
The Guardian Careers offers ten tricks that will enable better control and achieve easily overcome the interview:

1. Do not talk too fast: While waiting for the call from his interviewer, do exercises with his tongue, deep breaths through the nose and exhale after three seconds. Best to do this three times to reduce the heart rate. However, be aware of how fast talking at the same time of the interview.

2. Do not shake: Squeeze your thighs or buttocks. This technique will allow you to have better control of your body and clothing help mask the movements.

3. Stop your trembling voice:
Try the following exercise: try out your tongue as far back up, trying to reach his throat. So try to say a phrase or a twister. This exercise opens her throat and gives you a stronger voice.

4. Keep standing while you wait: This can help you save uncomfortable when lifting shows if it falls or fails to stand up easily. Even, this also allows for better circulation.

5. Find your best sitting position: never trust the back of a chair. You might lean too or just fall. The recommendation is The Guardian Careers be tilted slightly forward.

6. Show your hands: Studies say that doing so can give you greater chance of success, since it is considered as a sign of honesty.

7. Make the other person feel special: Remember to ask questions, show interest in the answers, look enthusiastic and animated by the labor supply.

8. Listen: While fear can paralyze and can be difficult to always pay attention, be alert to the lips of the interviewer, emphasizing the words and the tone in which you say it.

9. Voice: Use your own voice, not pretend. Try to speak in the same tone as it does with a group of friends, without being too high tone.

10. Be yourself: Do not talk about situations or processes that do not know, enjoy the interview, be proud of your accomplishments. Show yourself authentic and relaxed.

I hope these tips will help set you apart in the interview process and ultimately help you secure the position. What else are you thinking? Let me know any useful tips, I'll be glad to hear and learn from you.

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