Top 10 Reasons To Visit London: What Makes London Unique?

There are many reasons to visit London but here are our top 10 reasons that why you should visit London at least once in a life time. I know...

There are many reasons to visit London but here are our top 10 reasons that why you should visit London at least once in a life time. I know many of my friends have dreams to visit London and I asked them a few question just to know what makes London unique, for that that's their dreams.

England is expensive and soon you can give the pound euro conversion, and for 1 euro also calculate 1 pound. The purchasing power is already similar.

Say: A weekend in London is luxury - but totally worth it.

Top 10 Reasons To Visit London: What Makes London Unique?
Top 10 Reasons To Visit London: What Makes London Unique?
I'll accept that you can buy a small New England experience in Dusseldorf. Oasis Dresses there are already at Kaufhof, just tea from Fortnum & Mason. 

So why still travel to London? Let me tell you reasons to visit London, United Kingdom.

Clearly because of the London extras. You should know what makes London unique And there are 10 reasons to visit London:

No. 1: The Royals

By January 2010, is for women definitely the Debutantes exhibition at Kensington Palace, a must-Punk: The Royals did manage, to organize a tour of approximately 100 rooms and winding passages, some stairs and darkened rooms. In between, one is not sure whether the next staircase in Buckingham Palace ends.

1958 was the last debutantes reception at the Queen. It took 3 days and discharged 1400 girls from a good home by the Buckingham Palace. In the exhibition one stands close before the original clothes, listen to music at the time, many films and in between you can still see 20 Diana Dresses. Really!

At most there are the documents of the boom year 1958, when the accompanying mothers their daughters cheat sheet after the first men's inspection zusteckten upon receipt. NSIT was "not safe in taxi !!". Very good also: VVSITPQ - "very very safe in taxis, probably queer".

No. 2: Self-indulgence

A similar distribution like Starbucks, but then increasingly come dining culture.

Since still is the question in the room, why franchising could spread only to Amsterdam to ...

No. 3: M & S Simply Food

Food on hand is really only in the M & S Simply Food hit. The spinoff of Marks & Spencer, there are scattered all over the city at street level. Suppose there is a portion of fruit salad, a serving of couscous with orange dressing plus marinated chicken legs, as a dessert, a serving of carrot cake with topping. DELICIOUS!!! Not to mention the fresh and cooked dishes for the microwave: Thai duck with rice and peas .... I quit.

No. 4: the museums

All museums are free! That is the best idea that was London. The money comes via the shops and cafes in again.

Admittedly, the trip was booked to London only because of an expiring exhibition on THE SUPREMES the Victoria & Albert Museum. That was worth it: The old outfits and audio passages were put together very nicely. Even if you had to pay admission for this exhibition, and long gone are the formation, listened teenagers and their grandparents the classics of the first girl band.

The man / partner / friend can safely leave wandering around over in the Science Museum. There old computer (uh, CALCULATOR), space shuttles and lots of technology.

Why to visit London? here is another biggest reason to visit London.

No. 5: The Docklands

In the Docklands, a financial city with a number of office blocks and three gigantic malls has made underground wide. Surrounded by lots of water, some disused boats and several subway stations, it is not surprising that on weekdays suit carrier and weekend shoppers fill the city with permanent life.

Certainly there will be with Lehman Bros. soon some empty skyscrapers, but that does not while shopping in the underground. This area is in the London Guidebooks rarely mentioned, probably because it is not typically British. But in typical British rain the malls are a good alternative and buying power guarantees.

No. 6: The British Banker

On the meadows or in the parks a Brit is then not too bad, at noon with a pint bottle to exterminate the goodies from M & S Simply Food Wine. What it should? We are in London during the biggest banking crisis since a few decades. If not now then when?

In the context always nice for the female eye: the chalk-striped suits the bankers with a bit of flooding and definitely visible tie because almost fluorescent. London is a fashion trendsetter.

No. 7: the English park

But right British life is just when you sit at Hyde Park Corner, can drive past the thick, very thick cars of messages from Kensington itself, and then trot two riders on the Rotten Row along, as if riding in London moral than the Maybach at the embassy.

With what ulterior motives the Royals built the Rotten Row? Expected you an airplane emergency landing in Hyde Park? Or wanted to phase out the same 30 horses abreast? It was in the 17th century at least the first illuminated "Highway" in the world.

Today it is the largest beach playground in the world! And the length of the path is specified in the Royal Park site with minutes, not in length. Here one could perform a volleyball World Cup and all 40 teams would play against each other simultaneously. Madness!!

To the palaces stand in the park everywhere beach chairs around - because you now really want to do no Picnic on Royal Garden in October. There is always somewhere a Royal kiosk with tea, latte macchiato (
espresso with a dash of frothy steamed milk), and cakes. The think of everything. Also on the profit.

No. 8: the English lawn

Somewhere outside London adjoins a similar madness. In the Hackney Marshes there are 87 (!) Football fields since the 2nd World War and could usefully be used at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

No. 9: Search Bobby

Admittedly, the old smog London differs in lower emissions taxis and buses, and Big Ben never looked so "new" from, since you have freed it from soot years ago.

The cleaning of the buildings and the turnout of fish and chip shops in London, unfortunately, is also the Bobby disappeared. Why should the city also use unarmed auxiliary sheriff when corner cameras are installed on each (!)?

Bombs can not deposit anyway because there are hardly any trash, and checked baggage, is, for example, at the station, once scanned. Lockers were eliminated due to the threat of terrorism, or even bombed?

No. 10: Caffé Nero

Why to visit London? here is another biggest reason to visit London. And if in England over the years (now the right way) goes something to the nerve me, then that is: Starbucks. Which road was because not give-Starbucked? More often than McDonald's or Costa or Caffé Nero this chain can be found. Is that still British or just globalization? The (Pret-A-Manger) Ready to eat also has only a French name, but is British.

As you know now london is really unique, I'll try to get you more information soon. Keep commenting any idea or suggestion you have about reasons to visit London City, United Kingdom & What makes London unique?

Enjoy your meal and enjoy London!

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