Why Is Life So Hard? Reasons of Unfair Life

By | 28.07.2016

Why life is so unfair? Why is life so hard and unfair? We will discuss Natural Reasons Why Life Is Hard, later. Before I go ahead, Thank you for your question my dear Mritti (Lets Imagine her name is Mritti). Logically, because everybody lives a different life from everyone else, and they should know that life is so hard but beautiful too. 

Why Is Life So Hard? Reasons of Unfair Life

Today I got a question from my dear Mritti (For some confidential reason I can’t write down her real name). I love the person die hard. Trust me! But when I got the question “Can you say, Why life is so hard?” It was shocking for me, and for a while I had to forgot that I’m still living but I got a beautiful feelings that someone care about me, specially when I love the one. At the same time she made my day with a big smile on my face.

Dear Mritti, You’re not far from here, so I want you call attention to something: Pleasemake a bit more on your question to formulate meaningful, so thateveryone realizes what personal advice I or we just choose. You raise the question to get chance of helpful answers to know the world and of-course including me.

Why Is Life So Hard?
Life has always been hard, but the modern world presents special challenges to human contentment. Life is hard because the universe was not designed to accommodate it. The universe is random, inanimate, and has a tendency towards the increase of entropy and disorder. The appearance of pockets of stability in the universe persistent enough  for life to emerge, let alone intelligent life, is a marvel. Lets have some quick and short answer that you may get an Idea why our life is so hard or unfair? Don’t forget, Human life seems unfair only from human perspective.

  • Because you think so to look that only your life is hard! Always remember – there are at least 1,000 people inthe world, where it is much worse and that their fate much worse!  
  • Because most people are fighter but they don’t have understanding of the weak points of life. Because anystupid man always keep tearing and fight. They forget to think or know that life would be nice if they think so. 
  • Life shows you exactly as you do with your conscious and unconscious mental constructs “commandest” that it should show you, using the slogan. Your “desire” is my command! Do you feel that what you have put yourself on the outside, as unjust, you have been in your own heart look and search for the appropriate”unconscious wishes” that are responsible for (the answer) are… 
  • Maybe you’re in the wrong place with unsuitable people. Strut a resolute change to.

Life is hard. You already knew that, I’m guessing. But life is notimpossible. And life is wonderful—ultimately. But, still, it is hard—and evolutionary psychology can help us understand why.

We are all hypocrites.

No one likes to be called a hypocrite. It’s an insult—in all contexts.It’s like being told, “You stink! You did X but you said Y and we allsaw it. Ha-ha—we got you!” But as Kurzban (2011) famously pointed out,we’ve all got the tendency in us to be hypocritical. It’s not like there are the bad people in the world—the hypocrites—and then the good ones,who are never at all hypocritical. That’s not at all how things work.
Hypocrisy is a complex phenomenon often characterized by a person experiencing Xin one brain system and Y in another brain system. Once you’ve reached a certain point in life, you’ve got plenty of things in your brain thatare inconsistent with other things in there—that’s just how it is!
And this fact makes life hard.

We are all emotional

Emotions have their upsides and their downsides. Some days, wouldn’t it be great to just be Mr. Spock? But you’re probably not a Vulcan. You’ve got ahuman emotion system—like it or not. Since Darwin’s (1872) famoustreatise on the evolutionary nature of emotions across species(including our own), scholars have been able to conceptualize humanemotions as: (a) deeply rooted in our evolved past (with roots thatprecede the evolution of primates), and (b) as having important adaptive functions. Consider anxiety: I’m guessing that you don’t love feelinganxious. But anxiety exists in our species because it is so darnadaptive. Anxiety motivates people to get themselves out of dangeroussituations. For example, if you’re hiking and you almost slip and almost fall off a cliff, you might feel anxious. And that anxiety will keepyou away from the edge of the cliff moving forward. Negative emotionsare deeply rooted in our evolutionary past—like it or not.
And, yes, they make life hard.

Why Is Life So Hard and Painful?

Now lets think something positive and change the life & world. Lets Think life is not so hard, its easier than ever you had seen.
People that chose to reach an ongoing progressive development towardsconsciousness, awakening and awareness understand that for them to beable to not only survive, but to actually LIVE, they need to stopresistance, in other words, they need to stop making life hard (er) andbecome proactive so they can benefit from the consequences of it all in a short or long run.

Sentences about why life is so hard and sometimes hits us too. It is when we getto despair, because we do so many things and everything seems to gowrong. We started to question everything, and we complain that life isunfair. I too have felt that way, but what we must remember is that itis not always so. There comes a time when everything turns and get goodtimes. And we appreciate them for the hard times.

The answer to your question (Why life is so hard) is that our primitive behavior which isconstituted of selfishness, individual survival, etc. is most likelyobsolete in the context of the current world we live in. The problem isthat biological evolution occurs at a significantly slower pace than our civilization has advanced. The result is that some people are applyingprimitive mental constructs to a world in which they no longer apply ordon’t completely apply anymore.

Life can bevery cheerful, but can also be quite hard. That’s why you never give up, always fighting continues and that way you will achieve moving forward. Share with others this philosophy and hope they also strive for thebest.

I must admit that the title that initially had described it all “Life is hard,” which does well little changed for “Life is hard,but always beautiful…” because my mood was already the Normal, I feltgood.

This post has been written by the guest author Fahim Ahsan, the proud author of BuzzInc. If you wants to learn more things about the author please head over to his social media channel. 

Author Message: Thanks to Mritti, for arising the question. For you today I/we have learned a lot of things about life. So this article is dedicated to you…. 
Good Luck!

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