What is the WordPress dashboard?

By | 08.07.2016

What is the WordPress dashboard? How to Customize WordPress Dashboard?

The admin section of WordPress, the “WordPress Dashboard“, is where you will begin building your WordPress site. Once you’ve logged in to your WordPress site, the Dashboard appears. This is your main administration homepage. After installing one of the first things that provides a new WordPress user, dashboard of WordPress.

What is the WordPress dashboard?

What that is exactly, and how to customize it, learn it below.

What is the WordPress dashboard?

While your actual blog is the so-called front end, is the administration area (admin area) represents the sergeant back-end.
This backend can make all the settings for the blog, articles andpages to write, install plugins, make layout adjustments, and more.
The starting point of the backend is the dashboard, so to speak, the homepage of the backend. This provides only operator of WordPress blogs, like the entire backend.
The basic task of the Dashboard is to provide the blog operator a quick overview. There are newer releases and information from the own blog and WordPress in general.
In this way you can with a few clicks lead to certain functions or quickly the most important facts and data view.

Customize the Dashboard

The dashboard of WordPress is very easy to customize and extend.
Top right, there is the button “Customize View”. If you click on this, you get a list of all boxes displayed that are available for the dashboard. Apart from the standard boxes, which are in this case WordPress, alsoinstalled plugins can provide additional boxes for the dashboard.
At this point one chooses at least from a tick which boxes are to be displayed on the dashboard. After you close this selection again.
These boxes can then drag to drop easily move on the dashboard. In this way you can set up the dashboard as you like to have it.
In the following video I show my blog dashboard, go one on individualboxes, and show how to activate or deactivate this and shifts.


The WordPress dashboard provides blog operators a very good overview of important information and functions. In addition, it provides the opportunity to fast track as create product designs.

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