Search Engine Ranking Factors 2016: Most Important Seo Factors

SEO Factors 2016 : Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors or “signals.” SEO is about ensuring your conten...

SEO Factors 2016: Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors or “signals.” SEO is about ensuring your content generates the right type of signals. I recommend you to read this article about google SEO Factors 2016 what I wrote a few months back: 18 Google SEO Ranking Facts in 2016

The new year has started and as always presents you in the SEO industry, the question: "Which SEO ranking factors will be especially important this year and where does the journey". 
Therefore, I deal in this article with the most important SEO ranking factors 2016 and inform you about what special attention should be from the perspective of the scene to lay the groundwork for an optimal ranking this year. In this context, I have summarized the main findings of the SEO scene and the lessons to be drawn for you.

Overview of the article "SEO Ranking Factors 2016":

  1. Google Ranking Factors in 2016 based on the current correlations in search results.
  2. SEO Ranking Factors 2016 - Different weighting of the individual factors by keyword and page type? 
  3. Are Meta Description and Comments 2016 again ranking factors?
  4. Be more SEO Trends in 2016 that affect the ranking 
  5. SEO Ranking Factors 2016 - Conclusion, Summary and learning

Google Ranking Factors in 2016 based on the current correlations in search results

Brian Dean (Backlinko) and Eric Van Buskirk have investigated the following question to answer a million search results:

"What correlations exist at sites entwine in the top 10 of the search results?". were tested not only OnPage SEO factors such as. Title, Meta Description and headlines but also the content, the backlink structure and the loading times of the top twining websites. Learn how to add meta description to your blog.

These factors were measured with different SEO tools and data sources on the basis of correlations in search results. Although these results can provide a meaningful orientation, extent what SEO factors in 2016 appear to be particularly important, I must at this point clearly emphasize that this does not imply directly that Google and calculates the rankings exactly according to this pattern. The operation of Google's algorithm can only be based on field trials, guess past experience and striking correlations. 
Below I summarize the results of the SEO study in 2016 by Brian Dean and Eric Van Buskirk:
  • Backlinks are still the most important ranking factor. However, it is here that backlinks come from as many different domains. Many links of a single domain are worth less than links from different domains. (Read here: How to Get High PR Backlinks for Free)
  • If pages which show a higher Domain Authority, all other sub-pages entwine better. This means that links to strengthen individual sub-pages other bases, because the Domain Authority is Total strengthened.
  • Content, the deeper describes an issue that often entwines treated better as a content of one or more subjects superficially. (8 Ways to Content Marketing can work with SEO)
  • Long texts entwine significantly better. The average at sites entwine on page 1, according to the study by Brian Dean and Eric Van Buskirk was 1,890 words. 
  • HTTPS (encryption) actually has a measurable positive impact, but the effort in switching to encryption is not always justified. 
  • or schematic Award have no direct influence on the ranking. 
  • Content with at least one image entwine better than content without image. 
  • The correlation between ranking and keyword in the title tag is lower than expected. 
  • Speed ​​is a significant ranking signal. Websites with shorter load times often entwine better. 
  • Despite Penguin updates - exact matching anchor texts / link texts have a strong impact on the ranking. 
  • A low bounce rate correlates with better rankings. 
  • Short URLs entwine better than long URLs.

SEO Ranking Factors 2016 - Different weighting of the individual factors by keyword and page type?

Even Martin Missfeldt from tagseoblog has dealt with this topic. However, he uses a different approach. While the results of the above study based on the percentage correlation of the data of different SEO tools give, based his theory on its own experience. It assumes that arise for different types of keywords, sites and depending on topicality of different ranking calculations. In his opinion in 2016 continues to be the most important SEO ranking factors to optimize the title, the contents, the headings (h1-h3), the URL and Authority, Trust and unique media. 

On this subject, he has published an infographic that different weightings of these factors depending on the type of query, the page, the keywords and relevance of the topic (QDF = current trend topic). The larger the bar is, the more important factor. Ranks with many great bars are more difficult to optimize, because you must satisfy all Terms Security. In contrast, rows with many small beams easier to optimize. This is described in his article. has published an Infographic on Local SEO Factors for small business owner which actually basic need to make sure your website is well optimized. Here is the infographic
SEO Ranking Factors 2016

In the Infographic they described what to do to improve your local SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Rank. To be in the first place or first page you should follow those above tips mentioned. There are Top 10 Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors for small business owner. Please note those are not only for local SEO, you should use it for improve your website SERP in google, Bing and all other major Search Engines. 

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