Infolinks Review: Increase Website Earnings With In-text Advertising Network

Infolinks review: Info l inks is an in-text advertising network! Infolinks is the best Google Adsense alternative to generate massive reve...

Infolinks review: Infolinks is an in-text advertising network! Infolinks is the best Google Adsense alternative to generate massive revenue from decent amount of traffic. Publishers can make money online from blogs by monetize their website with Infolinks. Earlier I have posted an article about Make Money With Infolinks and I recommend you to read that too. If you are are interested please sign up via my affiliate link so that I'll get a little commision from your income. It will not decrees your earning.

Later I'll discuss how to make money with Infolinks, how to use Infolinks ads, infolinks earnings, infolinks payment, Infolinks Payment Threshold, how can you make money with infolinks and more things about Infolinks review.


Introducing to Infolinks: Infolinks review

Infolinks ad network already well known to many bloggers who are making money online with their blog or website. Simply if you are new to hear this "Infolinks ad network" name then let me introduce you about this online advertising network. Advertising with Infolinks ad network is a great alternative for those who are already making money on their websites and blogs, but want to earn more. Infolinks is a contextual advertising network working with over 200000 publishers and over 100,000 active sites worldwide, distributed in 128 countries. They has more than 1 billion users and advertiser.

Infolinks has been recommended in this blog as one of the best Adsense
alternatives years now, but they are actually bigger than that. You can use Infolinks simultaneously with Adsense ads without problems or be banned, as it may occur with other networks. And you can mix with many other networks that list also to increase your online income.

Infolinks Partner: Infolinks review

Infolinks contextual advertising has been online since a few years ago. They have a close relationship with different publishing houses and, of course, working with several major advertisers including some of the largest worldwide. Ebay, HP PizzaChozay are just a few. That means they have a large inventory of ads waiting to be number one website with good CPC and payments. Here are some others you may be able to promote your website depending on the niche.

Infolinks contextual advertising

Infolinks Review

The best way to explain how Infolinks contextual advertising is by looking at the video below:

Discover Infolinks Advertising Powered by Intent
(This is Infolinks official Video published on YouTube)

Infolinks ad format: Infolinks review

As you can see, there are several Infolinks ads formats, both for desktop and mobile traffic to improve your profits no matter what. Infolinks does a great job of scanning your web page so they can show the best ads based on keywords, which is somewhat similar to what makes Adsense, but I feel that here the algorithm has been improved and so is get better results with very high click rates (CTR) without being too intrusive with their pop-up ads as other networks do. All these ad formats are good to make money with Infolinks on your website.

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I'll go over how to configure Infolinks ads later (each of these), but here's a video that explains how each type of work with Infolinks contextual ads! How Infolinks Ad works actually with a website or blog:

Infolinks Products Line (This is Infolinks official Video published on YouTube)

Android Apps and iOS Apps for Infolinks

While writing this review Infolinks I also noticed they have an Android App and iOS App where users can check their earnings in real time. Not all networks are doing this and is always a good thing to have one. You can check your Infolinks earning reports on the go.

Make Money With Infolinks

If you want to start making money with Infolinks Register as soon as possible. In just one minute integration you can add your code for any platform with a javascript code, but has gone further milestone by adding quick settings if you use any most popular CMS, including WordPress, Blogger, Drupal or Joomla.

How to Install Infolinks Ad Code

Installing Infolinks on your WordPress website is as simple as downloading a plugin and link your account. No need to add additional JavaScript or plugins in html / php code, which is great in case you are not a tech master person.
How to Install Infolinks Ad Code in Blogger or Wordpress
How to Install Infolinks Ad Code

Infolinks advertising ad format details

Now that you know how easy it is to start making money using Infolinks, let's get a quick look at the customization options for each type of ads offering. Let's start with your ads In-text as these are the ones who changed the way Infolinks advertising. Infolinks create links Articles by analyzing the keywords you use, resulting in very interesting ads have a high rate of participation. In your In-text dashboard manager you can select the desired number of links per page (1-12), style links and even color to match the design of your website.
You are having made the appropriate customization you can display the parameters to 1 web or all web sites that have at the same time. Just add their sites webdentro the dashboard to make it work.


Personally I love to use this in-text ad to make money with Infolinks on my website and blogs. As infolinks ad network has a wide formats of ad you should try A/B testing which one is best for your blog to make money with infolinks contextual advertising network.

Intag Ads: Infolinks Review

Then there Intag ads, which are more or less in the same category ads In-text. Intag Ads also appear as keywords, but instead of making links appear in your articles, there will be a tag cloud with related terms. This is very similar to ads with Google Adsense and you can customize the number of lines, color and location of the tag cloud (top, bottom or both). Below you can see a picture of how the ads look like Intag:

InFold Ad: Infolinks Review

Let's move to the infold ads. These are one of the best alternatives if you do not want your text to become bonds but still want high participation contextual ads on their website. Infold ads are displayed on the bottom of the browser and look great in b mobile traffic and desktop OTH. I must add that Infolinks ads are usually displayed in the same window and have a back button so that the audience back to your website for more content if they are not interested in the product / service advertised after all.

You can also customize the color of the infold ads and have a close button if your readers do not want to see them.

Customize inframe ad: Infolinks Review

Next we have the inner shell ad. This is a very interesting alternative. internal frame ads take over your entire web page blank and fill it with contextual ads. You end up with a very nice looking website that does not display advertising banners within the content / sidebar and, of course, you can customize ads in the same way as I explained earlier.

Customize inScreen ads: Infolinks Review

Finally, they have ads inScreen. These are the most intrusive ads and are also well known in the industry as interstitial. inScreen ads conceal as 90% of their actual state of the screen in order to get the best compromise and CTR. I saw this wonderful work with mobile traffic, but not both desktop traffic as it could be a little intrusive to your readers. It is always a matter of proof, so try everything and see which ads work best for your niche. The image below does not reflect inScreen how ads are shown, but you can see in the second video posted above.

What you can customize here is the time when inScreen are published. It may take the decision to shoot the ad inScreen when your traffic arrives to website, visiting internal pages (homepage is kept clean) or only when visitors are trying to get out of your website. I'd use the latter option, as it works hard to much as popups and interstitial with other networks.

InScreen ad has proof that it has highest CTR, so this is the best option to make money with infolinks ad network.

Infolinks earnings and payments

Infolinks uses virtually every payment method to withdraw your winnings without problems, no matter where you are in. Infolinks your winnings can be processed through Payoneer, eChecks, bank transfers, Paypal, Western Union. I would Recommend you to take infolinks payments with payoneer account. If you don't have a payoneer account you can apply here for a Payoneer MasterCard directly by Clicking Here, or if you wants to know how payoneer works and how to apply for a Payoneer prepaid MasterCard, please head over to How to get Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard and get paid from infolinks and other online companies globally. Infolinks earnings is easy if you have organic traffic.

Payments are processed 45 days after the end of the month, which means that you earn will be paid in April in the middle of June. Your payment limit is $ 50. This Means You will get paid when your Infolinks earnings reach 50 USD. Pic

Finally, I would add that Infolinks has just launched its Affiliate Program in April 2015 and while I've been recommending blind for 3 years, now pay 10% of their referrals earnings for the first 12 months. I just started using its referral program. You can check your referral statistics right on the dashboard with a user interface clean too.


That's all for my opinion Infolinks today. Honestly, Infolinks has been doing great lately and its platform has changed a lot. I think they are a great alternative to Adsense even if you have an Adsense account you can still add Infolinks and get some extra income from your traffic.
Its user interface is great and your ads are very easy to implement and customize. 

This was a guest post about "How to make money with infolinks" contributed by Fahim Ahsan, proud author of BuzzInc. If you wants to learn more about him please refer to his Social profile.

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