How to use the new Snapchat update?

By | 31.07.2016
New Snapchat features with New updates! If you use snapchat, then this post can help you to learn how to use new snapchat updates. Tips for Snapchat that you do not know on “How to use new Snapchat”.
The current Snapchat update comes, among other things with a pretty fun feature: In Selfie mode you can now rainbows puke, can become older like grand-mom or grandfather, become the monster and so on … It works like better than ever and any other apps. So today I’ll show you How to use the new Snapchat update!

How to use the new Snapchat update?

How to use the new Snapchat update?

  1. Check if you have downloaded the latest update! 
  2. If so: Open Snapchat and go into the selfie mode. 
  3. Now you press with your finger and hold your face on the screen. 
  4. About your face a grid appears next to the timer you siehts circles. 
  5. Choose from one of them by tapping on it. 
  6. To make a photo or video, you push as always on the Record button. 
  7. Wonderful! Done!

How to use new Snapchat lenses – Step by Step Guide

Many will have seen in recent days, videos of people on Facebook, which comes a rainbow out of his mouth. This trend have to answer for the makers of the app Snapchat.

Because Snapchat again has brought a new update. The new lenses are the videos in the app still failed. For each of the Snapchat does not know.

Snapchat is an instant messaging app, with which you can send pictures and videos to friends, but these are to be considered only for a few seconds.

How to use the new Snapchat update?

Now for the new features. Many of you have had the problem of not being able benefit the lenses. The good news, it is not difficult. However, many despair of the use of this new attitude. The better news, today I tell you step by step, how you get your friends can soon impress with new videos. Whether a rainbow coming out of your mouth or tears that you roll down the cheeks – no longer a problem. In the following text you will get instructions on how you can use these lenses:

  • Step 1: Update the app

To have access to the new features, you have to Snapchat update in your AppStore.

  • Step 2: Keep your cell phone vertically

To use the new lenses, you may have your cell phone or camera directed vertically to you. Only then is it possible to use the new features.

  • Step 3: Click the camera mode on your face

How to use the new Snapchat update?

Hold as in the previous step your camera vertically to your face. Therefore when you see a finger pressing a long time on your face on the smartphone, Snapchat recognizes the face shape.

  • Step 4: Use the new lenses

If the app has marked your face shape, you can directly use the new features. These are displayed to you directly on the screen. Therefore one must follow the command in camera mode. For example, you have to open your mouth or pull up your eyes Brown.

  • Step 5: Have fun Snapchatten

Snapchat exchanges the lenses every day from so missed none of these lenses, makes new videos and send them your friends. Because the images you can even with the older features of Snapchat continue processing.

How to get the most out of the new Snapchat update

Bonus Tips for Snapchat that you do not know and it will be more fun to use new Snapchat update if you know those trick. In the next week I’ll share a full Snapchat hidden tips and tricks for you to use it with more flexibility.

You use Snapchat? After some time, you are destined bored of the same old photos. You can make your photos more exciting with some hidden and secret functions. Even an inveterate Snapchat users you are guaranteed to not know some Tips & Tricks:

Snapchat tricks and secrets 1: Draw on Photos

Have you taken a picture with Snapchat, there is the possibility in the photo to draw. This can be useful if you want to emphasize something with arrows particularly z. B..

Tap the pen top right. It should open including a ribbon now. Tap a color to paint with the selected color in the photo.

You may have noticed that in the ribbon, the colors black and white are missing? 
This hidden and secret trick you can also draw in black and white:

For black color: Touch any point on the ribbon with your fingers and pull it, without stopping, straight in the lower right corner, and then let him go. You should now be in black paint on your photos can draw.

For white color: Touch any point on the ribbon with your fingers and pull it, without stopping, straight way to the left and let go of him after that. You should now be in black paint on your photos can draw.

Snapchat tricks and secrets: More space for text

Did you have ever been a problem that is not enough space to write text on an image? There’s a useful trick that can improve the situation:
Rotate your smartphone easy to landscape and you’ll immediately a lot more space for text have available!

Snapchat tricks and secrets 3: Enable filter

You missed in Snapchat effects for photos, as you know from Instagram? What many do not know for Snapchat there are filters! However, these must first be activated in a hidden sub-menu.

Step 1: First go in the view in which you can take a picture. then Touch the button marked red in the lower left corner.

Step 2: Click here to the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the settings.

Step 3: Tap in “Additional services” on “Manage.” The following sub-menu appears,

Step 4: Activate “filter” in which you Antipas the switch next to or shove to the right.

Step 5: Now go back to the start screen of Snapchat and take a picture.

Step 6: If you are now swiping to the right or to the left with your finger, you can go through various filters. On the whole, you are 3 different filters are available.

I know this is not the end. You are well know about some snapchat tricks and secrets. Please let us know any trick you know by commenting below, I’ll glad to learn from you. How to use the new Snapchat update was just the beginning tutorial, I hope I’ll be back with more snapchat tricks and secrets very soon. Keep visiting and don’t forget to share this post to social media.

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