How to Remove Infolinks From Your Computer?

Get rid of Ads by Infolinks while surfing internet. Infolinks is not installed onto your browser or computer, but rather onto individual web...

Get rid of Ads by Infolinks while surfing internet. Infolinks is not installed onto your browser or computer, but rather onto individual websites by their owners. You can remove infolinks ads very easily. Doesn't matter if you are using Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Android Mobile, iPhone or any other browser. Remove Infolinks anytime you want.

How to Remove Infolinks From Your Computer

Infolinks is an online advertising network that offers different products in the form underlined ads. This plugin provides text Enhance really similar, and leaves reports by its links and pop-up ads on sites without permission of those owners. Infolinks does not do that and showing his ads only with the knowledge of the website owner. But like any other online advertising providers such as Adsense or banners, it does to send the existing Internet traffic to a particular website, which convert the data into revenue. This process generally called as "site monetization".

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Infolinks is not installed on the PC, it is placed only on the website, so it makes no sense to look for viruses when you see the ads when you surf. However, there are many users who do not want to see these ads. If you're one of them, to remove infolinks please read on.


As we have already said, infected Infolinks no computer. It starts underlined words above show, but only if the permission of the website owner is present. Understandably; who would not like to earn some money by doing almost nothing? Once it was accepted, begins Infolinks keywords in ads convert, which appear when the site visitor moves over the link. When he clicks on the ad, the website owner earns revenue. However, you will see that there are many people who want to get rid of Infolinks, but will not get their own way, if you follow the attention to various discussions on the Internet. To do that, follow the instructions given below:


To remove Infolinks, you move the mouse over one of his ads and search for a question mark. Click on this question mark, and you should be redirected to a website that provides a link that exclude you from Infolinks ads. Note that you must repeat this for each site, because there is no link to remove Infolinks from all sides at once.

Moreover, if the first method does not work for you, or you just want to remove an easier way to Infolinks, you should an ad blocker such as AdBlock Plus (only google the name) or other use, and it will help you understand the Infolinks to remove from all sides.

If You want to start your blog, please take a look: How to Start A Blog

You can remove Infolinks using the following programs automatically: Reimage, SpyHunter, Malware-bytes Anti-malware. We recommend these applications because they can remove potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all the attendant problems registry entries.

Remove Infolinks of the operating systems Windows 7 / Vista / XP

  • Click Start → Control Panel → Programs and Features (if you are a user of Windows XP, click Add / Remove Programs).

Infolinks remove from the operating systems Windows 10 / Windows 8

  • If you are a user of Windows 10 / Windows 8, click with the right mouse button in the lower left corner of the screen. Once the Quick Access Menu appears, select Control Panel and Uninstall a Program.

Uninstall Infolinks and all related programs

  • Search here for info links or other recently installed suspicious programs. 
  • Uninstall them and click OK to save the changes.

Remove Infolinks from Mac OS X

  • If you are using OS X, click the top left of the screen on the button Go and select Applications. 
  • Wait to see the Applications folder to you and look for info links or other suspicious programs. Now perform a right-click on each of these entries and choose Move to Trash.

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