How To Die Without Pain: Six Painless Ways to Die

A few years back I was looking for Painless Way to Die! I Was Googled for "how to die without any pain" and I have gotten many way...

A few years back I was looking for Painless Way to Die! I Was Googled for "how to die without any pain" and I have gotten many ways to die without having any pain. I have committed suicide, but luckily I'm still alive. Now if anyone asks me the question to know the means to die with less pain, I give them answer NO WAY! And I will not take any risk answering this question directly.

How To Die Without Pain: Six Painless Ways to Die
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Why should you die? Why are you going to suicide? If you are thinking about to suicide, I would suggest you, Please Don't! There are many ways to die at home, and you can do it too. But think about your life, You have got just one chance to come to this world to make your life happier. There are thousands of way to resolve your problems. Instead of sacrifice, your life Make A WAR WITH THE PROBLEM. You may have so many panic feelings and depression to take this die hard decision to give up the life.

Still finding if there are any painless ways to die? Let's discuss what some ways of killing without feeling any pain are? If anyone says honestly, there is no way to escape from death and its suffering. You can only pray for a less panic death. 
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How to die without pain

Some days require stopping traffic for tears and bitter thoughts. Not all are able to cope with a complex band in the life of their own. The most correct solution seems the decision to die. And in the network search engine is driven question is how to die without pain.
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Grief and pain - always there

We do not want to think about what the purpose of pain and suffering - does not break us, and to make other people. Woe is lived only to understand which of the people next to us loves us the most. Love of the Lord is not in doubt. I'm still requesting you don't search for ways die without pain. This life is not for death like this.

Pain gives an insight into life

Experiencing painful setbacks, we are aware that most of the things we worry about every day are not so important for us as we were at first.

Best way to die without any pain

With amazement, I read the following: "Does anyone know how I can kill myself without pain?" It was a question asked by a young boy in a forum psychological help on the Internet. Later, after reading other queries regarding episodes of depression, breakups, I find myself again with more disturbing questions like: "I want to die do I can help do this without suffering?" Made by people of different ages and sex. While there has been the pain that has made them contemplate the idea of suicide have the ultimate desire to die without suffering.
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Reasons why people commit suicide

With some relief, I note that many individuals turn to answer questions suicidal content. Most supports, suggesting that psychological therapy is sought. Others tell how they tried unsuccessfully and explain in detail what was to his failed attempt. Some, the least, give foolproof formulas to take his life in a few minutes.

It is not uncommon for someone sporadically inquiries about how to die in these forums. What is worrying is the alarming increase of these questions in recent times.

No need to be a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychoanalyst to understand that the lack of social protection suffered by the unemployed, the homeless, the sick and with little money elderly, young people without future project can cause an emotional state such that it makes them think death as a single destination.

If we add social vulnerability callous attitude of our leaders who systematically silenced this problem is understood that the fear of those who are thrown out in the open and unmitigated loneliness can not stand.

I do not know if you're like me when I see that our leaders are not moved minimally to the pain and distress of many people, to the horror of many lives finished before time, I wonder is it that from the heights of power is lost callous? Could it be that the power goes hand in hand with the ruthlessness?

In the history of many examples of how the pain and the darkness around are fertile ground for joy and new life.

How to die without feeling any pain

  1. Jump off a high building: Jump from a high building can give you instant death. Make sure the building is high enough, I recommend at least 10-floor building. But be careful Unfortunately if you survive and then you will live a living death life. That is much panic then die. According to my knowledge, most of the people who survive from this method to suicide has stated that "The instantly regretted their decision once jumped."
  2. Take a Shot in the Head: This method can be achieved painless death. Getting shot in the head is theoretically in an instantaneous death and therefore painless, but the reality is much different. The dangerous part of this method is, five percent of those shot in the head will survive while a significant portion of the remaining 95% doesn't die instantly. It's too much panic I guess. This is the best ways to die without having much pain.
  3. Electrocution: Without any hesitation cut electric cable at your home and then grab it well. Remember to grab both +- (negative & positive). I saw a man on YouTube just burned himself in a second by touching a high volt electric cable. 
  4. Lethal Injection: Go to you local hospital or clinic and ask for Lethal Injection. If you can take it you will die in peace, I guessed.
  5. Take Poison: Eat or drink some poison and drink too much water with it. 
  6. Hang up Yourself: If you really know how to die at home, then hang up yourself with anything can carry your wet. It will instantly break your neck, and your breathing will be stopped. Personally, I suggest you make sure it's a lonely place, or else someone will save you.
Throwing on the network in search of the answer to the question "how to die painlessly," will not affect. Voluntary death, and after the death - is always a pain. The pain that you are afraid and are trying to avoid.

The first step to a new life is simple: visit the local Mosque, Temple, Church or any other religious places where there are people who are ready to become a miracle for anyone who needs it.

Pray, turn to Him sincerely and with the same hope, with some looking for ways to avoid painful withdrawal from life. You will immediately feel the peace, love, hope, and strength to start a new life.

In my experience, there is no easy, painless way to die. You may have a question, How do I know that? Did I die of which I have experience? No! The science has answered. The human body has developed incredible defense mechanisms that make dying terribly. Just remember, this life is not for suicide and all such bullshit things, just change your perception of seeing the life and you would start enjoying it.

The Truth is: There are No ways to die without pain. So stop thinking to escape from life.
Happy Living!

Disclaimer: All these ways to die without pain is just reading and gathering knowledge and fun purpose. Don't take it seriously. This article does not have any intention to harm you or make your death. Instead of helping suicide this author tried to Stop people from self-distraction. Your death should be natural, and one day that will come to you, you do not need to run over to die.

This is a guest post written by Fahim Ahsan, Who is proud author of NashasInc.

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