4 Recommended Camcorders and Cameras for Vlogging: Best Vlogging Cameras

What camera to use for vlogging ? What kind of camera do YOUTUBERS use? Confused to choose? Choose best Vlogging Cameras by comparing price,...

What camera to use for vlogging? What kind of camera do YOUTUBERS use? Confused to choose? Choose best Vlogging Cameras by comparing price, features and video quality. I found 4 best Cameras for Youtubers or videobloggers. In our recommendation Canon is the first place. Lets take a deep look into which 4 cameras are best for vlogging.

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Canon cameras are the most recommended to make videos by youtube vloggers. After all this time, the world of technology and camera models have evolved so rapidly that we can no longer recommending the same models.

It recommended far behind the great Flip Cam or Kodak Zi8. Both models are no longer marketed and for a while I had enough doubt that the models could replace.

With the proliferation of smartphones with great video quality it has made no longer worth investing in an inexpensive camera that ultimately will give us the same benefits as our smartphone.

After researching enough, I wanted to make a post where mention some of the most interesting models of cameras for videos Youtubey at the same time, we provide more advantages than a smartphone. Choose you best vlogging cameras by wisely.

They have in common these cameras?

Folding screen
One of the things they have in common all models of cameras will mention is a folding screen, i.e we can rotate to see us as we recorded.

This may not seem very important to really work much easier recording if we have no one to help us.

I recommend you consider this feature when choosing your camera.

The range of cameras will mention is intermediate, recommended for someone who wants to develop a video-blog seriously and quality range.

There are cheaper cameras, but if you want to become a truly video-blogger the end you will have to purchase one of the models that I will mention or any with similar features. So save the intermediate step and you see a good camera.

High Definition

Although smartphones are increasingly definition and offer us the possibility of recording with high quality still have limitations that can cover using a good camera.

Intermediate Price
They are not the cheapest in the market but also the most expensive cameras. Let's say no more than 600 € but neither is below 300 €

This range of range will allow us to make very good videos without making a big investment. To unless we want to enter the audiovisual world professionally not need greater economic investment for a camera.

Best cameras for vlogging: Recommended Cameras

I mention models are those who have seen using many of the Youtubers highly successful and have seen the results in terms of quality recording these particular models.

This does not mean they are only recommended these brands and models. It's just a little guide to make you easier to choose the camera to your videos.

Canon EOS 700D
Also known in the US as Canon Rebel T3i camera is the quintessential all Youtuber and video-blogger. Does not mean that everyone use this model but if it is the most recommended in this area. This one one of the best vlogging cameras recommended by many vlogger.

Why Canon EOS 700D?

Let's say within reflex cameras this model is ideal for beginners. It is a fairly intuitive camera and offers overwhelming image quality.

Another advantage of this camera model is that it allows connecting an external microphone. Something definitive to decide on this model.

Its price is $500

Canon PowersShot G7x
To begin, one of the main advantages of this model is its size: compact and manageable, allowing you to carry it anywhere without effort.

It allows us to record Full HD videos, play with blurriness and record low light.

Fairly easy to handle for those who do not want to delve into highly technical issues and want to make good movies. If I were you, my this would be in fist place of my best vlogging cameras list.

Its price 567 €. 

It is not the most economical way to be a compact but can be a good choice. (Please Note: What camera to use for vlogging? - Canon S120 is a great point and shoot vlogging camera which is often recommended as an alternate to the G7x for the low budget folks.)

Canon Legria Mini
Also known as Canon Vixia US Mini is a small but powerful camera that has nothing to envy of other larger models.

Like the other models I've recommended this camera also offers Full HD and stereo microphone. This best vlogging cameras in budget.

Its price $ 300 

Sony A5000
One of the qualities of this model is that we share the goals.

Its features Full HD recording, autofocus and ultimately hundreds of benefits for those who do not want to complicate your life and get good videos. Another best vlogging cameras in budget but a little high.

Its price is $450 

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For the list of Best Vlogging Cameras in budget please refer to This Best Cameras under $300 is Budget camera!

Final recommendation of camera to use for vlogging

Remember that the quality of a video does not reside only in pixels or benefits that a camera offers, one of the main keys to a successful video content remains.

No matter if you record with a smartphone, a webcam or a professional camera, in any case the number of pixels you have your camera will not make your video succeed alone.

Good luck to shopping your best vlogging cameras and YouTube life!

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