Apple Pay: A Guide In Five Steps

How to use Apple Pay: To begin using Apple Pay , open Wallet (formerly Passbook), Pay in stores. Pay with iPhone. Pay with Apple Watch ...

How to use Apple Pay: To begin using Apple Pay, open Wallet (formerly Passbook), Pay in stores. Pay with iPhone. Pay with Apple Watch. Pay with a different card instead of your default card. With Apple Pay you can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express card, or Discover Card at any store that accepts.

The race is on: From today, customers can pay in Switzerland with Apple Pay. So the mobile payment service works in practice. Lets learn How to use Apple Pay!

The time has come: Since this morning, consumers can go shopping with the mobile payment service Apple Pay in Switzerland. Stefan Holbein, CEO of Visa Europe Switzerland, praised the offer immediately. He was confident that Apple pay "for convenient mobile payment solution" would, it said in a statement. Comparis Digital expert Jean-Claude Frick shares this view, he says, but for all shopping willing - as does the service in practice "The high iPhone density in Switzerland is decisively contribute to the success of Apple Pay."? 

How to Use Apple Pay: five step instruction

1. The right device
First, you need an iPhone, an Apple Watch or iPad. Apple Pay works here on recent device versions from the iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3. Do you have a Apple iPhone 5 Watch, however, you can register the card and pay my watch, but not a smartphone.

About your iPhone or iPad you can enable Apple Pay. Before you get started, make sure that you have Touch ID furnishings. When paying via Apple Pay you identify with your stored fingerprint.

2. Add Credit Card

Equipped with Touch ID, open your wallet Apple, in which you have been able to store tickets, hotel reservations and airline tickets. Since this morning, you will find the Funktioni "credit or debit card to add". Once you have identified my code, you can scan the credit card of your camera. Now you have to prove that the credit card is also your. The system provides two options: the identification via SMS or callback through Apple.

You can choose any credit cards that accepts apple pay server. Even with the ok prepaid card payment is possible if the bank is charging.

Important could for Apple Pay therefore be that Wire-card would start in Europe, like the "Business Magazine" reported. The German company offers via app a function that the application of Apple Pay allows all credit cards - even if no partnership with the company exists. but bonus cards like the Coop Super-card or Cumulus Migros remain before been outside.

3. Shopping in business

If you have entered your credit card, you can start: The purchase by Apple Pay is just one touch away. If you use your iPhone, hold the phone as a contact-less credit card over the NFC device at checkout. Then confirm by Touch ID to purchase and it is paid. You also do not need to activate the iPhone screen for this, even in sleep mode can be paid. The Apple Watch on your wrist only needs to be held to the NFC device laterally to pay, and the purchase is made.

A prerequisite for a purchase that the store where you want to go shopping, paying via NFC - "Near Field Communication" - offers. Of which there are today in Switzerland to 100,000 units so Think how many in total Europe? This is around 70 percent of transactions - including at Aldi Suisse and Valora outlets as k kiosk or Brezelkönig. By 2020, then have all Visa payment terminals offer Europe contact-less payment.

4. Shopping in the app

In addition to the contact-less payment, you can use Apple Pay for in-app purchases. Therefore, to offer the app, the choice for Apple Pay. This falls away that when you single vendor credit card data store, it submits the confirmation by Touch ID. In Switzerland Easyjet is one of the first who integrated this possibility. Which apps will follow, will show in the coming months.

5. In case of loss

If you use Apple Pay, it is advisable that you have the function "Find my iPhone" activated. If you lose your iPhone or iPad, or should it be stolen, you can make it over to the "Lost" mode. Once this is selected, the payment function is locked (for yes anyway identification via touch ID would be necessary).

A word about data security: Apple itself does not store your credit card information and also encrypts your purchases. the company Your payments are therefore unknown.

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