How To Setup AdSense Page-level ads in BlogSpot?

How To Setup AdSense Page-level ads in Blogger Blog which is well known as BlogSpot? This article describes Page-level ads, a new type of A...

How To Setup AdSense Page-level ads in Blogger Blog which is well known as BlogSpot? This article describes Page-level ads, a new type of AdSense advertisement which Google has recently introduced. It includes how to set up page-level ads if you use Blogger platform as blogging.

How To Setup AdSense Page-level ads

If You don't have Google Adsense Account Yet, Please Read Adsense signup process (Successful Method)


The  Page-level ads is one of the best  mobile feature that increase your adsense earnings and also it has different two types which are Anchor or overlay. The Anchor or overlay is one of the best and it has a toggle which you can use to dismiss it and it is mobile responsive.

It also describes how to fix an error in the code which is supplied, which causes a message like "Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character".

Vignette ads: When a visitor on your site clicks on a link to another page on you site, a vignette ad may be loaded as a full-page overlay which the user needs to close before they see the page which they navigated to. 

Overlay ads: These are smaller ads which show at the top or bottom of your screen, and which "stick" to the edge, so they seem to stay in place as the user scrolls up and down your site.   The visit may click on them in the usual way.

How To Setup AdSense Page-level ads

Please Note: For Blogger users, these ads are only currently available if you have a full AdSense account: if you only have a hosted AdSense account, then you cannot get the code to install them.

They also only work if you have a mobile template switched on for your blog, so that visitors who use a mobile device see mobile-optimised screen.

Why Choose AdSense Page-level ads?

There are a number of reasons why you choose page-level ads from AdSense to bolster your revenue stream.

- Increase Revenues
- Provide Better User Experience
- Two New Formats
- Doesn't Count Against 3 Ad Limit
- Optimized and Responsive to Mobile Needs

Page-level Ad Formats

Today, the two types of page-level ads available include Anchors which are ads places at the bottom of the screen and Vignettes which are full screen ads that work similar to Admob's Interstitial adverts.
Vignettes tend to be more effective for mobile advertising.

How to Setup Page-Level Ads in Blogspot Blogs

The good news is that you can install these ads from AdSense fairly quickly and easily thanks to the process which guides you through.

1. Log into your AdSense Account
2. Click on this link
3. Click the two toggle buttons to switch on "Anchor/overlay ads" and "Vignette ads"

enable adsense page-level ads in blogger

4. Scroll down and click the "Get Code" button

enable adsense page-level ads in blogger

5. Copy the code

google adsense page-level ads code

6. Go to Blogger, then Template and Backup your Template
7. Click the 'Edit HTML' button and search for </head> tag
8. Paste the page-level ad code above the </head> tag

Note: You will also need to replace the attribute async with async="async" in order to help complete the process, otherwise Blogger will give you an error message. Once you have completed the process, all you need to do is save it to your template.

How to install AdSense Page Level ads in Blogger

Log in to your AdSense account.

Go to the My Ads tab

Turn on one or both of  Overlay or Vignette ads options.
(By default, they are both turned Off.    Click on the empty box beside the "0" to turn an option to  on:  in these controls, 0 means "off" and 1 means "on".)

How to see what page-level ads look like in your blog

Visit your blog using a smartphone or tablet.

Add the text   #googleads   at the end of the website address, so it changes from something like:
to something like:

After this, when you click on a link to move a different page in your blog,  a Vignette style ad will display - these are whole-page ads, which include a "close ad" button, like this:

 I hope this tutorial really helped you, don't forget to drop your comment below thanks. Google Adsense Page-Level Ads are really awesome and easy to increase your earning. Good Luck to You.

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