Woodworking: DIY Wooden Pumpkins

I'm learning creative woodworking from my friends. Yesterday I have learned "How to make a wooden pumpkin?" DIY wooden pumpki...

I'm learning creative woodworking from my friends. Yesterday I have learned "How to make a wooden pumpkin?" DIY wooden pumpkins look just as good or better than the ones you'd find in a store! recently I fall have fall in love with DIY Wooden projects. So I'm doing some research on it and trying to build new things with woods.

DIY Wooden pumpkins

wood (I used a 2×4, however you can really use what ever size you want!)
wood branch
homespun fabric strips (1 per pumpkin)
curled copper wire (I used jewelry wire from my local craft joint)
orange paint
paint brush
Needle Nose Pliers
drill bit


Step 1. Measure and mark the size of pumpkins you wish to have onto the wood. cut. sand down the wood to smooth edges. you can even take the sander to the corners to rough it up a bit. I like to make the edges look worn in wooden crafts. 

Step 2. measure the center of the top, where you will be placing the stem. 

Step 3. cut a piece of the branch off, giving at least 1 inch extra length to allow for it to be placed into the pumpkin. measure what size of drill bit you will need depending on the size of branch. then drill approximately 1 inch into the pumpkin. Insert the branch into the hole, and hammer down to really secure the branch.


Step 4. paint your pumpkins orange, leaving the stem natural.

Step 5. once pumpkin is dry, take sand paper and scuff up the pumpkin. I lightly did the sides, front and back, and then focused mostly on the edges. This is where those grooves that you sanded down prior really start to shine through.

Step 6. Layer these items in order on the stem. First, the wire, then raffia, then a bow tied homespun.

This is also a easy enough project that it only takes the afternoon or so.. AND you can invite the little ones to help with the painting, and even the sanding!

I love seeing them as pairs, but they would look just as cute on their own! They would be great on a shelf, or even on a table for thanksgiving meals. They are just darling!

I’m excited to put these out for fall! I hope you enjoy them too!

Did you enjoyed the tutorial I present to you? I think you did. Its so adorable woodworking. If you like it, don't forget to share with friends. I have started my another Woodworking Projects, once I finished it, I'll defiantly share with you. If you have done something, you can give me the link, I'll love to check it out.

Happy Woodworking!

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