Seven Ways to Make Mother’s Day Brunch a Lot More Fun

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to get together with family and celebrate the women who mean the most to us. Mothers ' Day Cards T...

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to get together with family and celebrate the women who mean the most to us. Mothers' Day Cards That Will Make Your Mom Laugh could be a good idea to make her happy at the special day.

It’s also an excuse to eat, drink and eat some more, then look at baby pics to humor your mother, who’s getting sentimental.

While the idea of prepping an elaborate brunch on Sunday can seem daunting (especially if you went out on Saturday, or are still sleeping off the work week), a thoughtful a.m. meal doesn’t have to be difficult—and nothing says “I appreciate you, mom” like a highly caloric feast. (Oh, and fancy perfume. Still give her the perfume.)

Here are seven essential tips to make Mother’s Day brunch super fun, easy, and, we’ll say it—boozy.

1. Prepping up some boozy oatmeal is the easiest, most convenient brunch item ever, as it takes care of two essential needs: hunger and third. Adding a few glugs of whiskey—honey whiskey, even better—to oats adds an excellent kick; just make sure you have lots of heavy cream and maple syrup to mix into the oats so the dish is sweet and brunch-y. As for the oatmeal, splurge on steel-cut (we like Flahavan’s Irish oats), and stock up on fun toppings like chocolate chips, granola and chopped fruit.

2. While you’re at busy spiking things, take care of the coffee, too. Cooking Channel hosts Alie & Georgia’s spiced mocha will cheer up even the most sleep-deprived person.

3. Involve Nutella. Seriously, nothing says “I love you” quite like Nutella, whether it’s worked into hot chocolate or stuffed brownie bites. If you’re the lazy type, remember that even toast and Nutella is transcendent.

4. More fun means easier, right? Prepare a big batch of dough the night before so in the morning, all you have to do is turn on the oven: Jessa Seewald’s pumpkin scones or these strawberry sweet rolls will definitely do the trick.

5. Tater tots are the answer to most conundrums, including a lackluster Mother’s Day brunch. If you make Hillary Scott’s tater tot breakfast casserole, there will no longer be any doubt that you are Mom’s favorite.

6. Get fancier with fewer ingredients. Did you know you can prepare a classy French breakfast dish—ramps and eggs—with only three ingredients?

7. We’re not saying you need booze for a fun Mother’s Day brunch, but we’re also not saying you don’t. Alex Guarnaschelli’s alcoholic fruit salad (“Fruit Salad for Grown Ups”) is easy, delicious and can be prepped the night before.

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