How to Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog

By | 11.05.2016

How to Get Google Adsense Approval if you have new Blog? Getting google adsense approval is not easy but, yes you can apply for Google Adsense account to make money with your blog. Google Adsense is the best monetize method to make money. If you are a website owner or blog owner you can apply for this. There is no need to know any technical thing to apply with, but you have to access the admin control panel as because you have to put ad code inside your website/blog.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog

According to google, there are 2 million people using AdSense as their primary monetize method. It is Best CPC/CPM advertising programs in the current market. As thosands of premium advertiser using this network, publisher gets the chance to have the highest CTR rate and for sure publisher gets Highest CPC rate depending on geographic target. When I was a newbie blogger, my dream was to use adsense. Getting a google adsense approval is hard but not really hard. Google has very strict rules. If you follow them it will be easy to get an approved adsense account. Let me show you how you can How to Get Google Adsense Approval!

For me Getting Approval of Google Adsense with a New Blog was very easy in the year 2010. I used a blogspot blog to apply for adsense account. Which means it was a free hosting blog. But now in 2016, its not really that easy. I manage some of my customers website that‘s why I learned many new things about this issue. If you can follow some simple rules you can get an approved AdSense account. If you have confusing why you should apply for adsense, please consider to read these reason to apply for adsense.

14 Rules to follow to Get Google Adsense Approval Faster

Do you have a website?

The First thing you will need to have a blog or website. You can use free blog like but a root domain is recommended ( You will get approval from Google Adsense moderators if you have follow google’s requirements to eligible to participate in AdSense.
You must make your blog ready before you apply. If you don’t have a blog yet, start a blog now and before you start read this guide on how to start a blog!

There is no domain age requirements to apply in the advertising network, however if you are applying from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China and a few countries may needs to have a website aged at least six months. Here I want to mention that I saw many of my friends blogger from the listed country got approved adsense account within just one month.

The master key to successful approval is “Website Quality”. I meant here rich content got the highest chance to be approved. So make your website quality high.

Write High-Quality Contents:

Google says “Content is King”. And google always follows and value the quality content. If your blog have only copy-paste article from some other blog, even if that blog is yours, google won’t approve you. You must have to write your own words, own article which really matter to users and google. Writing only a few words like 200-250 words article is not good enough. Google values longer article. Try to write 100% unique words (I mean no copy-past). Each article should have 600+ words, but I recommend you to write article between 1000 to 1500 words. This will also help you for SEO.
Writing great content is the second key to get approval by google adsense network. Getting Google Adsense Approval will be easier if you can follow this terms. 

Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags:

You have written some great article which is really valuable and unique. But if you don’t optimize it well for search engine how people know will know about this? Therefore it is not possible to google team to check out each and every blog post what is all about you writing. So Optimize your blog post with Proper Meta Title and Description Tag.

The meta tags describe about your content information what you have written and what the content is all about. So you should use meta tag wisely. Remember you meta tag should not be more than 69 characters and meta description should not be more than 156 characters. 

Sufficient Contents:

As per google terms you can not monetize an under contraction website or blog. Also if you don‘t have enough content or post you will not be approved by the team. You should have at least 30-40 original and unique blog post. However I recommend you to have at least 100 post for a successful approval process. Make sure you don’t have any blank page. As I already mentioned you need to have longer article, and its necessary. The more content you have in your web pages the higher chance you got to be approved by google adsense. The web page must have enough textual content. 

Blog Domain Age Matters:

If you are from countries like Bangladesh, China, India, Kenya and more there is a domain age requirement for getting approval from adsense. You must have a website domain aged at least six month old. It does’n mean you can not be approved before six month, If you are lucky enough and you have great content, you might get an approved adsense account. Here is official statement from AdSense team:

In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

Couple of weeks ago, One of my customer got approval from adsense with a 22 days older website. It really dosen’t matter to google if you can show them that you have great contents for the world.

Content Images:

Google don’t love copy-paste content and also don’t like copyrighted contents. It means if you use any copyrighted images in your post you will not be approved. Use your own copyrighted images or use Free stock photos, and if needs give credits to the image owners. I saw many webmaster didn’t got approval for using others images without giving credits, which means they used unlawful photos. To be get adsense approval never use copyrighted images. Please read the full copyrighted terms here.

Which domain should you use:

If you are using then just click on the “Earning Tab” and sign up for the account by following the on page instruction. It will automatically be selected with your domain url. If you are using any other platform, Do always use root domain to apply for google adsense. For example; You should not use or You must use

Make Sure Your Blog is Not Blocked by Google:

go to and simply enter your website url. Simply search for “”. If your site is blocked by google you will not see it in the search result page. If you can see your website in the search page then you are good to go.

User friendly design:

Design your blog for your user. not for you. Make sure your design is user friendly, easy navigation pages, menus and other items. It doesn’t matter if you are using a free or paid template, it should be use friendly. If possible make sure you have mobile friendly design. 

Traffic of website:

Adsense doesn’t care how many users you have or how many traffic you got monthly. But you should not get automated traffic. this means some software and website drives automated bot traffic, if you have those, you are meant to not be allowed in adsense program. Do always avoid getting such traffic, be happy with the organic 100 traffic than 10 million automated traffic.

Avoid Adsense Prohibited Content:

There are some forbidden contents terms for adsense account. Never use adult contents, Hacking contents, Drug alcohol related content and many other unlawful contents. Please read the full prohibited content list here. Always follow the google provided guideline.

Have a Contact Page:

To get Google Adsense approval add a contact page to your website/blog. Add your contact details on the page. If you can add a contract form there that will be much better. Add you social media channel link like facebook, twitter.

About page is Important:

Having an about me or about us page is important. Get Google Adsense approval faster by adding a detailed page about you. Possibly use your original photograph.

Create Google Adsense Account:

So you are here because you are ready to sign up for the dream money making account. Ask yourself “Did you followed all the requirements google has?” If your answer is “YES!” You may proceed to apply for AdSense application. I hope you will be approved at the first time. So Now you are ready to get google adsense approval? Please read the below mentioned guide to the successful application process.

Happy Blogging!

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