DIY Neon Concrete Block Planter: Creative Use of Concrete Blocks

DIY Tutorial DIY Modern, Neon Concrete Block Planter . Follow step- by-step instructions to make your Neon Concrete Block Planter. Concrete...

DIY Tutorial DIY Modern, Neon Concrete Block Planter. Follow step-by-step instructions to make your Neon Concrete Block Planter. Concrete blocks are commonly used in constructions. These inexpensive and reliable materials can be also utilized for many home and garden DIY projects.

DIY Neon Concrete Block Planter
With just some creativity and imagination, you can re-purpose these smart blocks into practical furniture or decorative pieces for your home and garden.

Today I'm going to show you how to make your own Neon Concrete Block Planter. The best part is that to make it you don’t even require tricky techniques or tools. You just require a little creative thinking and time.

Lets Make This DIY Project of Neon Concrete Block Planter

Supplies You Need:
  • For small planter above – Six Concrete Blocks, 8″ x 8″ x 16″ (or eight for larger planter in images at end of post). Available at your local hardware store, usually under $2 each.
  • Outdoor Spray Paint – I used Rust-Oleum Fluorescent Spray Paint, Fluor Yellow
    in the image above, but it faded quickly in the sun. This year, I re-sprayed the blocks with Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel Spray Paint, Safety Yellow (see images at end of post).
  • Drop Cloth – I used an old sheet
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Printer Paper for masking
  • 1/4″ Wire Mesh
  • Wire Cutters to cut mesh
  • Crushed Stone for drainage
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants
Step 1. Set up your drop cloth in a well ventilated, preferably outdoor, area. Be sure to position it so the wind will not spray the paint onto any nearby buildings or surfaces.
Note: You can do it on the roof or your balcony if you want. Just make sure you are loving the place, and the plants will get enough elements to grow.

Step 2. Take one concrete block and wipe it to remove any loose particles or debris. Then, place a piece of painter’s tape diagonally across the block. Lay your printer paper over half of the tape to cover the side of the block not being painted and add more tape to secure. You can use/ add colors too.

Step 3. Spray paint the block following the dry times and directions on your particular spray paint can. Each block will need at least two coats. You can easily make another mask and paint two or more blocks at a time. Pay attention to which sides of the blocks you are painting and be sure they correspond with the pattern you intend to create on the finished planter.

Step 4. Set the bottom row of blocks in place. Cut your wire mesh to size (same as the bottom of the blocks, roughly 8″ x 16″).

Step 5. Stack the remaining blocks in layers, sandwiching a piece of wire mesh under each opening that will house a plant. See image below.

DIY Neon Concrete Block Planter
Step 6. Fill each opening with a few inches of crushed stone for drainage. Next, top with potting soil and transfer plants.

Step 7. Enjoy your new planter! Now use your thoughts and make it more beautiful.

DIY Neon Concrete Block Planter
The main use of the concrete blocks is well known for all of us but maybe they can be used into creating something spectacular. They are cheap and if you have some free time and just with a little creativity you can reuse them in your garden and in home decor too.

I hope you have enjoyed this one.

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