25 Awesome Things to Do on Mother's Day to Celebrate with Mom

Bring your mom the happiness in her life from this day. Mother's Day is Sunday and if you're looking to surprise mom with a day that...

Bring your mom the happiness in her life from this day. Mother's Day is Sunday and if you're looking to surprise mom with a day that's a little out of the ordinary, try one of these ideas. 

Mother's day celebration Ideas

Mother's Day only comes around once a year, so when it does you have to make it count. After all, our mums do so much for us and this is the one day each year we can celebrate on honer of her. But make everyday mother's day to her.

25 Mother's Day Ideas

1. Make your mom breakfast in bed

2. Take your mom for dinner (make sure you make reservations as mother’s day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants)

3. If your family members all live in different areas then get them together to surprise your mum on a day trip out. Meet at the beach or in the city and one family member can bring her to where you are. Surprise!

4. Buy your mom a charm bracelet and get her a new charm every year about a meaningful memory you two shared.

5. Nothing says "I care" like a personalized gift or a card. You can show her your gratitude and love by making your own Mother's Day card at home.

6. Buy your mom a fair trade bracelet, necklace of scarf from the Amazon Store There are lots of awesome design to choose out.  

7. Send your mom flowers – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you can send them from anywhere. I personally like potted flowers as they last much longer.
25 Awesome Things to Do on Mother's Day to Celebrate with mom

8. Just because you can’t afford to take your mum to Barcelona for the weekend, it doesn’t mean you can’t pretend! Pack a picnic with tapas, bread and other treats from Spain. Your mum will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to and it’s a lot cheaper than taking her to a posh restaurant.

9. Give her a much needed day off – From everything cooking, cleaning, and errands.

10. Cook her favorite dinner at home

11. If you have some cash to burn, why not head to the shops? Pick an outfit you’d like to see your mum in, and she can do the same for you too! If she likes it, that’s an easy Mother’s Day present in the bag.

12. A picture frame with a picture of you and your mom when you were a child and one of you both as adults.

13. Make her a collection of her favorite family recipes, or have the ones that have been passed down from generations bound together with photos from the past

14. Go mini-golfing. This is all about letting your mom relive her childhood. Even if mini-golfing wasn’t invented when she was a child, this game is magic. It’ll let you talk a bit, prove to her that you’ve got your anger issues under control, and for the love of God, let her win.

15. Remind her that she can move in with you. It’s got to be incredibly comforting to know that your son / daughter wants you to move in with them when you get too old to hold in your pee. Even if there’s no way in hell you’d have your mom live in the same house with you, just tell her you can’t wait to share your room with her. She deserves it.

16. If your mother is a technophobe but loves music, then why not create a playlist for her on an iPod? Find out all her favorite tracks, add a few to the playlist and then work together to fill it up. 

17. Go to church with your mom. If you don’t attend the same church as your mom, she’d probably be delighted to show off her child to her fellow church members. Most of the florists and grocery stores will be selling corsages this weekend so you could also pick one up for her to wear.
18. Grab your mom something you know your mom loves but wouldn’t buy for herself like that perfume she loves.

19. Number of reasons why you love your mom, write on scraps of scrapbook papers and roll them up and put them in a mason jar. Great idea for kids as well.

20. Make your mom a bouquet that won’t wilt – get the tutorial for this paper bouquet from this DIY Paper bouquet Tutorial.

21. They are as expensive as hell on Mother’s Day but your mother went through hell to have you so just shut up and buy a big stack of them. While you’re at it, get a useless teddy bear to go with it.

22. Paint her a picture of the only creature she loves more than you.

23. Bring your mom two or more birds (the one she loves most). Go to the roof or any big open space or in the jungle aside. Now tell her to make the birds free, it will give her joy.

24. Go to beach with all other family members. Invite your brother and sisters who don't live with her regular. 

25. Gift your Mommy a Juice Stemless Wine Glass. These handmade glasses can be designed with letters in 13 colors to suit your colorful mama and to compliment her red, white or rose wine. ($8 each, etsy or amazon shop) 

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Anything you do for your mom in this day maybe a great celebrating for her. No matter what you are doing for her, no matter how much it cost or zero cost, just bring her some happiness.

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