How To Become Famous: 50 Rules To Become a Celebrity

H ow to become famous? If you are reading this, it's probably your dream to Become Famous one day. But Becoming famous is not as hard, a...

How to become famous? If you are reading this, it's probably your dream to Become Famous one day. But Becoming famous is not as hard, as everyone makes to be. The hard part is keeping that celebrity status. Go on any Social Media site, like YouTube and you will see people becoming celebrities overnight by doing almost anything.

It’s a tough world out there and getting recognized can take years or never happen at all. Millions of talented young people spend years trying to make it big with little or nothing to show for it. However, some people seem to get famous over night with seemingly no talent whatsoever.
Now lets see if I want to be famous what should I do. What step should I take to make it in minimal ways. 

DISCLAIMER: I would not actually suggest using many of these ideas. Carrie and I take no responsibility for personal injuries or angry, as a result of testing these methods. That being said, good luck getting famous!

50 Ways to Become Famous

  1. Steal a famous person's identity. 
  2. Take what you want by forcing
  3. Be confident on this words "i want to be famous"
  4. Stop searching "how to get famous" 
  5. Never speak this truth to your family, let them know by news.
  6. Start a creative business  
  7. Better your attitude 
  8. Drink the Rainbow Pool. It will get you onto page one (news)!
  9. Spend money to live media and tell them to broadcast you
  10. Make a horrible song with no lyrical integrity but a catchy beat, and you may get to meet Justin Bieber one day!
  11. Get a famous friend. Maybe some of his/her talent will rub off on you. 
  12. Win pet spotlight.
  13. Use political power to become famous
  14. Help people to be rich (I mean by anyway if you can)
  15. Whine to an author friend about being under-appreciated, until they surrender and do a couple of collaborations with you. If you don't have an author friend, get one. 
  16. Win the lottery. C'mon, it isn't that hard! 
  17. Write a series of articles in the (e.g. 50 Ways to...) 
  18. Comment a LOT at the Blog. 
  19. Train your pets until they're the strongest ever. 
  20. Kidnap famous people and hold them hostage until they tell you their secrets. 
  21. Pretend you're famous. It's not the real thing, but hey, at least your ego will be boosted! I think.
  22. Throw an egg to the most famous person in your city.
  23. Speak up in public place
  24. Be a real social hero
  25. Help poor people when they really needs
  26. Be smart in your industry
  27. To become famous read more and more.
  28. Learn from the history that how they get famous
  29. Start thinking to make World WAR iii
  30. Join army and slap your boss
  31. Watch YouTube how people how people get famous by doing nothing
  32. Have a very large and expensive home. 
  33. Throw a giant party at the mentioned home. Oh, and invite Joey and Chocolate.
  34. Become famous from being a world-class klutz.
  35. Donate all your items to the Money Tree. 
  36. Walk around asking people how to get famous. 
  37. It's really hard to do a list like this without repeating yourself...  
  38. Use technology to leverage force 
  39. Use technology to save money 
  40. Use technology to save time 
  41. Make information out of data 
  42. Recognize when others are best at something 
  43. Love what you do 
  44. Do the unexpected 
  45. Think outside the box
  46. Becoming famous is much more than just showing to the world who you are, it's beyond just promoting yourself. What is much more important is how you present yourself. 
  47. Do something remarkable. Be remarkable.
  48. As a celebrity you always need to stand out, you need to attract attention to yourself and seem more colorful and brighter than everyone else.
  49. Find a way to be unique by your own way. 
  50. It seems the less talent you have these days the more likely you are to become rich and famous.

Now lets have some bonus but practical and powerful ways to become famous in very short time, in fact sometime it could be only a few hours.

Make A Sex Tape: This is a foolproof method to getting some attention, even if it means you’re a hoe. All the greats have done it, from Kim K to Paris Hilton.

Have Sex With Tiger Woods: If you don’t talk about it on camera, you can write a book about it.

Actually if you do not have talent then no one can be famous. Nurture your talent. It’s a hard slog becoming famous in any way shape or form, so make sure you are the best you can be at what you want to do. Spend an hour a day for a month honing your talent, whether it’s learning how to use your camera, getting to grips with google, warbling those songs or solving maths problems on Countdown. The key to become famous is doing hard work actually. 

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