How To Make Your Own Customized Stylish Envelopes

You can make creative wedding invitation envelopes with cheap cost. Do you know How to make envelopes? You can buy it from store but if you ...

You can make creative wedding invitation envelopes with cheap cost. Do you know How to make envelopes? You can buy it from store but if you want you can make very stylish envelopes in just five minutes. You can use your customized stylish envelopes to your wedding invitations. Your wedding invitation envelopes will be amazing and different from any others.

Or you can use it to send any invitation event cards to make your event more beautiful. You can send you love letter or maybe some other romantic stuff with the stylish envelope and it will be more lovable to the own who will get.

How To Make Customized Stylish Envelopes
Envelopes are simply essential for all households and offices, regardless of personal details or preferences.
A few weeks ago, I created holiday cards for a few of my friends that included lined envelopes. Today, I want share with you how easy it is to make your own customized lined envelopes!

What you need to create customized stylish envelopes:
  • Decorative paper (I am using scrapbook paper for this tutorial, but you could use all sorts of gorgeous papers, maps, book pages, sheet music…really anything!) 
  • Envelopes (I am using A2 envelopes from Paper Source) 
  • Scissors or an X-Acto Knife 
  • A pencil 
  • A glue stick 
  • Optional: Envelope liner template (I am using an A2 template from Paper Source). If there isn’t a template available for your envelopes, it is quite easy to make one. Simply trace the shape of the envelope with the flap open on a sheet of cardboard or stiff paper, then use a ruler to measure in about 1/2″ from the outline of the flap area. Cut out and use as a template.
Step 1: With pencil, lightly trace your template onto your liner paper. I recommend tracing on the back of the paper so any marks will not show on your final product.

Make Customized Envelopes

Step 2: Cut out your liner pieces.

Note: Customize your envelopes with full-color, Different paper, any design you like to see.

How To Make Envelopes

Step 3: Slide one liner piece into an envelope, making sure it is pushed all the way to the bottom.

Note: Sketch your design on a graph page or computer to get the final Idea, which color or print you gonna use in the envelopes. It will help you to make it quickly.


Step 4: Fold the envelope flap forward with the liner, creasing from one side to the other in one motion. Lift the envelope flap.

How To Make Customized Stylish Envelopes

Step 5: Apply a thin line of glue around the perimeter of the exposed liner paper. Push the envelope flap back down over the liner and smooth. Place your envelope under a stack of books to keep the flap flat as the glue dries.

How To Make Stylish Envelopes in only Five Minutes

Step 6: Open your marvelous envelope and enjoy!
How To Make Customized Stylish Envelopes

So now you can use it. Make as many as you need, You can use various color, print paper or any type of paper you love. Don't think its hard work. As your see, its very easy and anyone can make it. 

Think high, be creative, I'm sure you have more ideas to create more stylish one, I'd like to here from you any idea you have. Don't forget to share this article with your friends via social media channel so more people around the globe will learn new things. 

keep learning, and give feedback.

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