Google Adsense – Successful Application Process Step by Step Guide

By | 04.04.2016

Making money with Google Adsense is first choice to every blogger because AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on Blog or website. Do you want to learn everything about Google AdSense? If you are an excellent investor, You won’t take any risk if you can earn money without invest cash.
Today in this article, I wanted to discuss Google AdSense program. Please keep reading to know how to use this program (adsense) to make money online including how it works, how to use it, and the best way to perform with adsense.

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All of you already knows about adsense, but if you accidentally don’t know then this line for you. “AdSense is a program powered by Google is a way for anyone with a website or blog to make a potentially unlimited amount of money online.”

Successful vs Unsuccessful signup for Adsense – Infographic

Successful vs Unsuccessful signup for Adsense

Who can Apply for adsense account?

As I said in the above text, yes anyone can have an adsense account who have website or personal blog. Remember you only need to access that site’s or blogs HTML coding. Don’t be afraid, do not need any technical knowledge.

Where and how to apply?

Create a Google Adsense account by going to The account is FREE. Use your best
site/blog to get approved at the first time. IF you are newbie then
wait, let your blog age at least one year, then apply for adsesne
account. Make sure your site/blog has all requered pages. For example
you must have privacy policy, about me. Try to link your blog with all
your social profile. It will give you hiegher chance to not to be

Who are from United States will need valid SSN or Tax ID to sign up or
get paid from google. You can sign up at Even
webmasters in countries other than the USA can sign up at anytime,
they do not need any SSN or Tax ID.

What should be in mind to apply adsense?

You are ready to earn by working at home? You blog is ready to get paid and you are willing to use display ads? I’m sure your first choice would be Google Adsense.
So you are submitting you google adsense account application? Please wait a minute…

  • Make sure your blog/site is properly ready to get in.
  • Use your real name on payee name as it is appeared in your National ID or Bank account.
  • Use your permanent and valid mailing address, it will be needed to get paid for the first time. Never use post box number.
  • Use your active cell phone number as it will be needed to be verified.
  • Never use friends or other relatives email or name.
  • Use your best blog url to apply (it will help you to speedup for approved)
  • Do not apply second time with other email if you not get approved first time, this will banned you.
  • Never try to trick google, keep in mind they has the best technology to protest you.

If You are looking for some good google adsense alternatives then I recommend you to use Amazon Native Ads. here is How To Make Money with Amazon Native Shopping Ads

How much does Adsense pay?

Adsense pays on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, so publishers (You) get
paid based on how many clicks they get to their ads. The pay for each
click can be as low as pennies and as high as $15 (in very rare
cases). Actually it depends on so many metrics. You can not say how
much you will get paid. Advertiser has Geo targeted option so
basically for US-Europe user it pays higher than Asian country. But
the biggest factor is certain keyword phrase.

Why google adsense?

The beauty of Google’s AdSense program is that Google’s ads are
automatically generated by Google’s ad network. You don’t need to do
anything without adding their ad code. Just create an ad and set it to
your site/blog and sit back watch your revenue.

Why google pays me free?

If you are a blog/site owner AdSense program will allow you to display Google ads on your blog or site.Advertiser will pay google for promoting their site/product whateverthey want, and this is why google will pay you.
In one sentence, you are renting your blog space to google for making money.

Why people get banned from google?

This is a question no one can give the correct answer. But majority of user get banned their account for fraud clicks and impressions. It is in these area where most webmasters/ blogger commit their life big mistake. (why I’m saying this is a big mistake, I’ll explain in next step) They are not aware that repeated clicks of their own ads even only 1 to 3 clicks can get your account banned. The only one that will really know the reason are Google themselves.

Can I get my banned account back?

To be honest you can not get/ recover your banned account. And the worst part of google in this situation is you can not apply for a new account too. Google has their great technology to revoke your access of
adsense program. This is why I said “biggest mistake”. But after you get banned you can appeal to review. Most of this case google remain their decision on ban.

So I can’t make money with my blog?

Don’t give up hope. Yes I believe adsense is the best way to monetize your blog, but still you can make huge money without it. Affiliate Marketing can give you living from online income, if you can do this job well. All you need to have quality audience.For further information on Make money online by affiliate marketing Head over to this guide line.

How to not get banned by google?

Most of the newbie publisher who starts with Adsense, they usually ask their friend to click on Ads or click on their Ads, If Adsense team detect such fraud activity, they will make your account disable.

Never use your ads to on this type of page:

Porn, Adult material
Violent content
Racial content
Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
Pages selling Weapons and ammunition
Distribution of course work. Eg: Student Essays

Adsense Optimization Tips from Official Google Adsense Channel

You must need to know:

Don’t make your AdSense ads sticky. Making it sticky is against AdSense implementation policy. Using AdSense ads on a Site, which curate videos from YYouTubeor other video hosting site, can put your account in radar. To Avoid this. Use 200-300 words content in your page/post.

Thank you for reading!

I got approved, What to do now?

Simply login to your adsense account, Create ads by clicking tab “my ads”, Now copy the HTML/JavaScript code and paste it to your blog where you wants to show advertisement. There are many type and size’s display ads. Youcan choose what you need.

Now sit back and watch how much audience you have. As many visitor you have your earning will be higher.

Setting up Adsese Ad Unit

Setup Your ad unit

Setting up Adsese Ad Unit
Google Adsense Ad Unit Setup

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Yes you are always welcome to apply for google adsense account, but myrecommendation to you, if you are newbie blogger, don’t be hurry, justaim for it. Let your blog be aged at least 1 year and let your audiencegrow at least 3k page views/month, Then apply! now you have 95% higherchance to be approved. For further reading about google adsense pleasehead over to Adsense official support center Good Luck!

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