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By | 25.04.2016

Does CommentLuv really helps in building backlinks for your site? Link building is a never ending process for the bloggers and everyone knows that the more incoming links we get – better we rank in SERP’s and more traffic we get. CommentLuv has been one of the most prominent comment modification plugins available for WordPress.
If you are unknown to this topic please refer to What Is Commentluv? How It Works?

Blog with CommentLuv plugin

It’s a unique idea in many ways, and no other plugin really does what it does. If you are using WordPress Blog with CommentLuv plugin, you already know about its features and how it can help you to grow audience. Its not only about getting Dofollow Backlinks! Its also about engaging with your readers. However some people will come only to get Dofollow Backlinks but they will be regular if your content is unique and valuable.

CommentLuv plugin that help you do just that and what perhaps even better – do it by simply commenting on other blogs!

In this post I will discuss several important aspects to get it justright in order to receive greatest benefits not only in form of traffic but also getting DoFollow links to the deeper internal pages of your blog. I promise not to leave a stone unturned and get you all the info you need!

The entire concept is EXTREMELY simple –contribute quality comments to other blogs and in return get valuablelinks to your internal pages, in many cases with full PR juice!

But in order to implement the concept effectively it will require several things to be in place.

1. Install CommentLuv plugin (optional)

Not required by any means but I recommend you do install it. What CommentLuv does is that it parses the URL of the commenter, locates the feed andthen posts last title from the commenter blog at the end of comment.Very effective way to increase participation on your blog by providingvalue to your commenters.

But the benefits of the plugin are limited to title if you are usingdefault WordPress installation as it adds “nofollow” attributes to alllinks and No PR Juice is passed alone. I’m not going to get into DoFollow debate but just state that I’m strong believer in sharing PR with goodcommenters and yet, protecting my blog from crap comments. And I do that by using LuciaLinkyLove plugin that allows me to share Link PR with commenters based on predefined settings.

Now, that optional step will enhance your own blog but will not do much in getting incoming links!

2. Modify Your FeedBurner Account

As mentioned above – CommentLuv parses the RSS Feed and then gets the last post and provides link to it. Problem is – ifyou are using FeedBurner redirect – your title gets linked to theFeedBurner rss link and provides you with No SEO benefits. For the longest time I was tryig to figure out how to fix the problemuntil a little while back I have run into post that explained a verysimple fix. Sorry, since then I lost the source but here is how you canfix it.

  • Login into your FeedBurner account.
  • Click on the Feed you want to edit
  • Under Analyze->FeedBurner Stats PRO uncheck “item link clicks”. What this will do – it will disable the tracking of the clicks on your RSS Feed title and turn the titles into direct links to your blog post (permalinks).

This will cost you in terms of ability to know how many clicks yourfeed generated but common! What is more important – some stats or linklove?!
Because it will also effectively make your last post title from the comment left on the blog with CommentLuv plugin support linked to permalink on your blog. Deep Link! And if that blog also supports DoFollow – superb way to get One Way Link! 

Blog with CommentLuv plugin will help you to Get Dofollow Backlinks!


Here are couple examples: 1st linked to feedburner url and second to the Author’s blog, which one would you like?

You need to know that CommentLuv is a plugin that only works with WordPress. It has two versions, a free and a premium, and they’re both limited to the one platform. This isn’t usually a problem – most blogs run on WordPress anyhow – but it’s something to know if you’re using Blogger or another CMS.

3. Locate Blogs With CommentLuv Support

While I know all about the importance of getting incoming links fromblogs with similar topic or perhaps even from posts that have yourtarget keywords – I always ask myself a question:

  • Would I refuse the opportunity to get a Free backlinks To One Of My Deeper pages?

I think Not! And the easiest way to do it is by locating blogs thathave support for CommentLuv. If some of them also support DoFollow – Iconsider myself hitting a gold mine and just have to go careful aboutmining it! Meaning – contribute the quality comments!

But first, lets get some blogs…
And no, I will not list any here. God knows there are already numberof lists available that list blogs with CommentLuv Support. All you need to do is visit Google and do a search for a phrase: commentluv blogs. Just like I have shown and you will get quite a few results! You can also try: comentluv dofollow

All you got left is go there and start commenting, or is it?!
Blog with CommentLuv plugin will help you to Get Dofollow Backlinks! 

4. Find Free DoFollow Backlinks

Blog with CommentLuv plugin which has Dofollow Commentluv Enabled with premium feature will give you some link juice for your blog. Which actually means you will get some free DoFollow Backlinks from others blog just making one comment. Before you start you must know google SEO Factors to practice it well. A simple thing is you should get backlinks from your niche blogs, this will help you to rank well in SERP. But there is no problem if you get backlinks from other niche blog. If you need to find dofollow commentluv blogs, you may search on google for it.

For example:

  • “SEO Tips commentluv blogs”
  • “Social Media commentluv blogs”
  • Technology commentluv blogs”
  • “Food Recipe commentluv blogs”
  • “Health commentluv blogs”
  • “Your Keyword Here commentluv blogs”

Search any of these terms to find your niche blog to find DoFollow Backlinks now. CommentLuv reward your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment

5. Make Your Best Posts Linked!

Unless you have time to go through those lists and comment on blogsafter every post you create to get DoFollow backlinks – I recommend you considerthis simple strategy.

  • As you create posts for the week – pick one that will become the corner stone of content for that week.
  • This step will depend on your publishing schedule – if you publishevery day, skip one day after publishing this post and insteadconcentrate on going to blogs with CommentLuv support and makingcomments. Even better if you eventually create your own list of blogsthat are related to yours and perhaps second with blogs that are notrelated to yours but support CommentLuv and have DoFollow attributeenabled!
  • Do this at least once a week and you will see results.

And keep in mind – this strategy is based on busy schedule and only requires that you do the commenting on one specific day! Right after you publish your main post for the week and designed to maximize the results of that effort!

How Do You Determine if a Blog Is DoFollow or NoFollow?

I realize that not everyone might be versed in the concept explainedhere and provide simple visual representation of what it means.

Take for example my blog. As I have mentioned – my blog DoFollow attribute is controlled by Lucia Linky Love plugin, which will remove nofollow attribute from the link after 3 approvedcomments! This helps me battle the spam and rewards the regularcommenters. 
See Below Rel NoFollow Backlinks Example:

Rel NoFollow Backlinks Example

That covers the nofolow and when you simply look at the source of the link on target blog and you see like the image below – you know you hit that gold mine of DoFollow! See Below Rel DoFollow Backlinks Example:

Rel DoFollow Backlinks Example

6. How Often should I create BackLinks

You can create DoFollow Backlinks at anytime you want. however if you do it by commenting on other blogs, then you might not get the link juice until the author approved your comment. 
Another thing to remember getting huge DoFollow Backlinks quickly can be badly effected to your Google SEO. Google Don’t quickly getting links juice.

Note: Not all the time you will get DoFollow Backlinks, Sometime you will get NoFollow Backlinks its all depends on the admin of the blog author.
Do more comments to get more DoFollow Backlinks for your website or blog. But don’t be spammy. Irrelevant comment won’t help you. also making backlinks too fast may suspend you from google SEO terms. 

Overall Blog with CommentLuv plugin is a awesome source to get DoFollow BackLinks or NoFollow backlinks. Source of getting traffic and SEO value. It helps to build authority of your blog.

So, all you have to do is locate some blogs that support CommentLuv and DoFollow and begin getting some backlinks Love!

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