Best Google AdSense Alternatives: Monetize With RevenueHits

What is number one Google adsense alternatives? Is it RevenueHits ? How to make money with RevenueHits? Yes, RevenueHits is Hash One (#1...

What is number one Google adsense alternatives? Is it RevenueHits? How to make money with RevenueHits? Yes, RevenueHits is Hash One (#1) Google adsense alternatives. RevenueHits is the only Performance Base Ad Network that was build by and for publishers. Established in 2008 Learn about working at RevenueHits.

RevenueHits help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo targeted Ad Serving technology. 
Google AdSense Alternatives
Right now, the best Google AdSense alternatives available in the blogosphere is Revenue Hits. It helps you earn money by CPA (Cost Per Action) based system. It’s an advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for when a visitor delivers for each specified action such as registering to their site offers etc. RevenueHits set a new standard for monetization.

The leading Google Adsense Alternatives is RevenueHits. I personally use this & I found this Best Google Adsense Alternatives.

Reasons to use RevenueHits:

If you are banned from google adsense you may seek for some Google Adsense Alternatives, or if you are new blogger, you can't apply for google adsense to make money, or if you simply thinking to work with some Google Adsense Alternatives then this one is ideal for you. Its very hard to Get Adsense Approval (if you have low quality site) But revenuehits approves all most all applications instantly. No need to wait longer. In that case you need Google Adsense Alternatives to save your time and make money from blog. 

If you’ve applied to any advertising network like Google Adsense or Media Ads, you know how hard is it to register and then wait for approval before you can start making money from blogging. The worst part is you can get rejected too and make $0 for the data you have on your website, isn’t it?

But with RevenueHits that is never a problem. Because it doesn’t have any requirements and almost any site under the sun can register with RevenueHits and start making money from blogging from the first day itself.
However if you’ve started a new blog, I won’t recommend going with this network or for that matter any network.

RevenueHits Easy to Start:

Its very hard to Get Adsense Approval (if you have low quality site) But revenuehits approves all most all applications instantly. No need to wait longer. Also it is easier to get and account if you compare to any other Google Adsense Alternatives.

RevenueHits Address Verification:

Unlike Google Adsense, No need confirm your home address to get paid from RH. They will directly pay you through your selected payment system. (Payoneer should be your first choice)

RevenueHits Payout Options:

Most of the Google Adsense Alternatives are pays in Net 30 terms. This one also. Minimum Threshold Limit in RevenueHits is as low as $20. You can get paid via Payoneer, Paypal, or Wire Transfer.

Display & Rich Media

You can Choose various banners sizes and formats that match your site to gain access RevenueHits huge pool of advertisers. RevenueHits algorithm will find the best performing offers for your site to optimize your earnings.

Text Ads

You can increase the revenues from your site. RevenueHits offer regular and contextual text ads.

Apps & Widgets

You can make money from your Apps or Widgets. RevenueHits has special formats for your needs that will help you monetize your App or Widget.

Here are few benefits of using Revenue Hits over the other best Google AdSense alternatives.

  • More than 2 billion of ad impressions each day. 
  • Millions of active users.
  • Maximum return on investment and many more that will bring you more revenue for every impression you get from you blogs
  • Different new innovative types of ad to choose from Banner Ads, Slider Ads, Pop-up Ads, Ads for Apps and Widgets, Interstitial Ads and many more.
  • Global Reach giving more exposure to your business/service.
  • Customizable Ads and different Ad formats with full control over it. 
  • It makes use of Geo-Targeting to provide you more Revenue.
  • Its free, no sign up fees.  

How to Create RevenueHits Account?

If you want to sign up as a publisher or advertiser with RevenueHits just Follow the steps belo:
  1. Go to and Sign up as a publisher if you want to advertise on your blog/sites/apps. Click Advertisers if you want to sign up as an Advertiser. 
  2. Click Signup to become a publisher. 
  3. Fill Up the details. 
  4. Confirm the account activation from mail. 
  5. That’s it now you’re a part of its publishers network. Go ahead create your ad unit and integrate it in your blog/site/apps/widgets, etc.
See the video below on How to Create RevenueHits Account and make money

RevenueHits Ads Creating & Placement:

Once logged in, you have the most beautifully designed dashboard you’ve ever seen from an ad network waiting for you.

RevenueHits Ads Creating
make money with RevenueHits
Once inside, RenevueHits redirects you to make your first ad, put the code on your website and start to make money blogging.
How cool is that!

Is it complicated to put RevenueHits on my Website?

No not at all!
Once you’re logged into RevenueHits dashboard.
Click on ‘Placement’ Tab

RevenueHits Ads Creating
make money with RevenueHits
Select the ad format that you like. Ad format includes Banners, Popunders, Slider, Shadow Box, Top Banner, 158*21 button and Footer ads.
RevenueHits recommends Shadow Box and so do we for high conversion rates and great revenue.

Once you click on Shadow Box or any other ad type you’d want, Revenuehits asks for ad size and description about it.

RevenueHits Ads Creating
make money with RevenueHits

 Though you may skip the description part but it is highly recommended to fill it, so as advertisers understand what is your purpose behind creating a particular ad or where are you going to place it.
Once everything is done. Click on ‘Save

You can now get the ad code by clicking on ‘</>’ button towards the right. The best part is you even get to preview your ad before you implement it.

Monetize With RevenueHits
How can RevenueHits Pay Me?

This is the most important thing I should tell you. RevenueHits do not pay you on the ad impressions or ad clicks. As I said earlier it is a CPA based i.e. Cost Per Action based advertising network. CPA networks do not pay on impressions or clicks but rather on action that user makes. Action can be rather anything like visiting a website, user email id or phone number or any such info that advertiser requires from a user but only on users consent.

To be frank, I am very much impressed by how RevenueHits operate and how this advertising network has been able to sustain from 2008 and hold its position. Will I recommend RevenueHits to my Best Friend?
Yes Surely! Why not? Anyone can join this network and its true, anyone can make money with this network.

RevenueHits Payment Methods

RevenueHits pays in net 30 terms. Earnings per month are your revenues for the current period. The accumulated 'Balance' will be paid in the following month. For example, January earnings will be paid not later than end of February.  Have question yet? Well Keep reading
The notation "net 30" indicates that full payment is expected within 30 days. This means Your if your March earning is $200 then You will get paid that $200 in April; not in May! 
Current Balance include all unpaid earnings of the current & previous periods.  If you are newbie blogger, I highly recommend you to make money with RevenueHits, don't waste your traffic.

RevenueHits Payment Proof

Revenuehits minimum payout is $20. One you will cross the threshold they will pay wages at the end of the month. I'm sorry I got a payment a few months ago, But I can't give that snap to you cause I forgot to take it. Here is current RevenueHits earning report.

RevenueHits Payment Proof
make money with RevenueHits
Where $28.57 will be paid in this month. Once I get the payment I'll update with the new snap.

How much will you earn from RevenueHits?

No one can say how much you can earn from this advertising network, your earning depends on your website/blog content and traffic. Also depends on geographical traffic and keyword action. for example: People from the USA and certainly afford more than people from India. Hence 1000 USA visitors would yield higher than 1000 visitors from India. However many people earn $50+ per day and some are only $1 or less. Below are a snap of my earning, take a look please:
make money with RevenueHits
This was a snap for one day only. With 4811 Impression I have earned $2.56. Its good amount in this case. If you are earning average $1 than slowly improve your blog traffic, the more you have traffic the higher the chance to earn more.

Hope this payment proof information is helpful and thanks for given attention to read this post. Finally one think I can say “Welcome and best wishes for the future”.

I’d be glad to hear from you if you’re already using it! Will love to know your thoughts regarding it. RevenueHits is an Ad Network which can be used as an Adsense Alternatives or along with Infolinks or Any other Ad network like (Yahoo Bing Ads). Enjoy making money with RevenueHits.

Happy Earning...

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