How to Become Successful Entrepreneur: 50 Intelligent Rules

By | 14.03.2016

Entrepreneurship is a skill which anyone can learn and you do not to be a genius to become an entrepreneur.

Value your time more than money. So don’t waste your time. Guard your time.

50 Rules to Become a successful Entrepreneur

  1. Fail big: To Become become successful entrepreneur Fail often. Failure is not a problem at all. Fear of failure is a waste of time. 
  2. Invest in yourself: Get a coach. Take courses. You don’t have time to learn it on your own. 
  3. It’s not easy or everyone would be rich. But as an Entrepreneur you deserve to be it. Keep your believe in it, you will be success.
  4. Believe in yourself: Entrepreneurs are focused and tend to maintain a strong belief in their ability to achieve their goals.They get out of bed in the mornings believing that they have somethingmeaningful to achieve and a legacy to leave behind. To become successful entrepreneur these are bothpowerful drivers that helps to keep them going even when times aretough.
  5. Do uncomfortable things: If it’s comfortable, push yourself more. 
  6. Focus on your strengths: Outsource your weaknesses. If you are a startup entrepreneur, you should read this: 10 Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs
  7. Plan, plan, and then plan some more. Most businessowners spend a lot of time planning before they take the plunge andstart a business. That makes sense. But, the need to plan doesn’t stopwhen your business is up and running. You need to still need to plan for business cycles, life events, retirement, and more.
  8. Get others to help you: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to think anything you can do.
  9. Be vulnerable: You are not made of rocks and stones. And vulnerability is an act of courage. 
  10. Speak up: If you don’t tell the world what you are doing, they won’t know about it. 
  11. Promote yourself: without shame but do it with sincerity and in a genuine way.
  12. Never stop investing in yourself: Many successfulentrepreneurs are well known for not completing university or highschool, but these stories do not indicate that entrepreneurs are notinterested in learning. On the contrary, they are voracious learners,whether by reading, taking courses, listening to coaches, mentors or the experts around them. The aim of learning is continual self-improvementand therefore it does not need to be done in a formal environment.
  13. Create only what you can be proud of and what you can absolutely stand by. This is the key to become successful entrepreneur.
  14. Understand that you won’t appeal to everyone and if you did, you would fail. 
  15. Treat your competitors as your role models. Learn from them. Don’t be threatened by them.
  16. Work hard: In entrepreneurship there are no short cutsor half-measures. Once a business is established, entrepreneurs areentirely dedicated, even if it means putting in twelve-hour days formany years. So you must have to work hard in order to become successful entrepreneur business holder.
  17. Think big. To become successful entrepreneur have a big vision of what you intend to accomplish from the get-go. 
  18. Keep your personal and business wallets separate. Theold adage that business and pleasure don’t mix also holds true when itcomes to your business finances. Make sure you set up separate accountsfor your business, and handle your business finances in an organized ―not haphazard ― way. When it comes to money, have some in savings and acredit line available to get you through the tough times.
  19. See yourself as a player in this playing field. Don’t exclude yourself because you are new or inexperienced. 
  20. Believe in your ultimate success and reaffirm it every single day. 
  21. Surround yourself with people who share your core values and will lift you higher in your business. 
  22. Make great friends with money. Wealth is a tool you can use however you choose. 
  23. Accept that you will have to make compromises that your family or friends may question. Be okay with that. 
  24. Take care of yourself. This is a long road and you need to be fit for it. 
  25. Adopt a winning mindset. Learn tools and habits that will help you cultivate it. 
  26. Define your vision. Your vision is something that will clearly define what is the success foryou as an entrepreneur. You need to have a vision if you want to becomesuccessful. How you can expect to become successful entrepreneur if youdon’t know what is the success for you.  
  27. Don’t do what you don’t like doing. As an entrepreneur you need to like what you are doing in your business. Sometimes that will not be the same as you plan that will be. You need to be passionate about your business because the passion is one of the most important forces that will force you to the success.  
  28. Build strong community around your business. The important thing about your business success is that you’ll need people.You need customers. You need employees. You need persons with which youwill talk and communicate. You need to start building your community as soon as possible.  
  29. Communicate with your community. To become successful entrepreneur, You don’t need to build community only to sell them. You need communitywith which you will communicate and in some cases build partnerrelationships. They have very big power to make your business a successful business.  
  30. Listen to your community. To become successful entrepreneur you need to listen to your community and in the same time to learn from them. Thisknowledge that you will collect from listening is important to be usedin your business through products and services that will satisfy theneeds of your community.  
  31. Use mistakes as an improvement tool. If you made a mistake and fail in something that you are doing, it doesn’t mean that you will not become a successful entrepreneur. You willbecome unsuccessful only if you don’t try something, made a mistake,learn from that mistake, and don’t improve yourself based on thatmistakes. You need to know that mistakes can improve you and yourbusiness. 
  32. Find the ways to go beyond the limits. If you are theperson who doesn’t think about the limits you’ll be reach everything that you want. If you see limits in everything around you instead ofopportunities, you need to change your mindset and start to look beyondthe limits. 
  33. Find inspiration and guidance in those who have mastered what you are trying to accomplish. 
  34. Become an expert in your field and share the expertise openly with the world. Don’t hoard information.
  35.  Start fundraising only once you have a proof-of-concept: A lot of people these days try to raise funds from business angels or VCs before having a proof-of-concept. Unfortunately, today this doesn’t work anymore (we’re not Facebook or Twitter!). If you don’t have theproof that people are willing to pay for your product, it’s a waste ofyour and other people’s time and resources. 
  36. Your customers buy when they want to, not when you’re ready: For months and months we work towards the release of our products.And then we figure out that no one buys our product. What happened?People were telling us that they loved our product. Unfortunately people buy only when they feel like buying and not when we feel like selling… 
  37. Do it like the pros: Start selling simple products: We all dream about building the next big thing. Building a Scrabbletech company is something everyone is trying to do these days. But only a few of us have ever built, sold and marketed a product that we’ve built from scratch. 
  38. We don’t have any experience, yet…: However if you really wants to become successful entrepreneur; Starting off with the most complicated thing, a tech startup won’twork for most of us. It’s just too damn hard. So instead do it like thepros and start selling less complex products first.
  39. It’s no big deal if you suck as entrepreneur: No one is perfect at anything right away. We all have to start atsome point and most of us will suck in the beginning. I feel that I still suck as entrepreneur, but I’m willing to work on improving my game every single day. Andthat’s what really counts when you want to become a better entrepreneur. 
  40. Not having a bad ass blog: One of the most important tools to acquire potential customers is your blog. Your product won’t go viral. Your product description won’tgo viral. The only thing that might help you to get the word about thestuff you’re doing out there is incredibly valuable content for yourreaders on your blog. 
  41. It’s about trust: The only question you need to ask yourself: “Do they trust me enough?” It’s not about whether or not they like this or that feature, if shestill loves you or if he will break up with you. All of this doesn’tmatter. At the end of the day it all comes down to trust… 
  42. Stop worrying about copycats: A lot of people will tell you that they don’t want to talk abouttheir startup ideas. Some might even tell you that it’s a stealthproject. That’s complete BS. If you’re not successful, don’t generate ahell lot of cash already or don’t have millions in financing already, no one will ever copy your product. Only products that have proven to be successful on the market will be copied… Ideas are worth nothing. 
  43. Remember: To become successful entrepreneur the same energy is used for creating anything. You should apply this rule too.
  44. Sleep: Don’t buy into the 20 hours a day entrepreneur myth. You need to sleep 8 hours a day to have a focused mind. If you are working 20 hours a day, then that means you have flaws inhow you are managing your time. You can argue about this but it’s true. 
  45. Pray. You need to. Be grateful where you are. And prayfor success. You deserve it. Pray for the success of your customers.Heck, pray for the success of your competitors. The better they do, itmeans the market is getting bigger. And if one of them breaks out, theycan buy you. 
  46. Don’t be greedy pricing your product. If your productis good and you price it cheap, people will buy. Then you can priceupgrades, future products, and future services more expensive. Whichgoes along with the next rule. 
  47. You have no more free time. In your free time you are thinking of new ideas for customers, new ideas for services to offer, new products. Every successful entrepreneur do this.
  48. Depressions, recessions, don’t matter. There’s $15 trillion in the economy. You’re allowed a piece of it: FedEx, Microsoft, HewlettPackard, and many huge companies were startedin recessions or depressions. Leave economics to the academics whilethey leave good business to you. 
  49. Do not start a business with your friends: “…or any one else you’ve tried to work with before.  Whether it was throughwriting your thesis or a previous job – if you start up with yourfriends, things can go wrong very quickly, just as it is not always your best friend, who is also the best choice for a roommate.” “However, if you choose someone you’veworked with before that you worked well with, you know their strengthsand weaknesses, and who is good at what and who does what.  So you don’t have to start from scratch to get that aspect in place on top of thewhole process of starting up a business.” 
  50. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. To Become Entrepreneur Successful businesses person you must have to wait till the time comes.

How to Become Successful Entrepreneur

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Sureanyone can start a business, but only the top 25% will actually growinto multi-million dollar companies with more than one employee. The talent and skill set required to make it to the big time are crucial. Don’t be afraid,
To become successful entrepreneur startup now and you will achieve it. Start small, Dream Big!!

Believe in yourself. More than anything, every day wake up and remember that you are meant to do this, that you are here for areason and this – being an entrepreneur and creating work that is worthdoing and will lead to a legacy, that matters. You matter. And so youkeep going. 

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