Kim Kardashian In Bikini: Nine Exclusive Bikini Pics

By | 24.03.2016

If you want to see exclusive women in bikinis then she is Kim Kardashian. She is one of the top sexy ladies in the world. It seems like we have seen Kim Kardashian in a bikini for hundreds andhundreds of times. And we definitely have.

Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.

beautiful women in bikinis
Beautiful women in Bikinis

Girls in bikinis are always awesome to see. when you see girls in bikinis I’m sure you will feel hot (no mater you are a man or women). And when its a beautiful women in bikinis definitely it will happen.

We can honestly say sometimes we think girls in bikinis is ours & Kim’s favorite outfit. Let’s say you’ve watched Keeping up with the Kardashians two times in your life. That one time must have been about them, taking a vacation (there must be a statistic about the Kardashian clan being on a vacation 360 days a year, somewhere on theinternet). But there’s no reason why we can’t recall some of Kim’s bestbikinis, right?  Because, love her or hate her, she really looks a beautiful women in bikinis.

Take a look at 9 best Kim Kardashian’s bikini photos!


Kim Kardashian In Bikini
kim kardashian in bikini

Kim Kardashian is an American TV personality, model and socialite. She was born on 21 October, 1980 and was brought up in LosAngeles, California by mother Kris Jenner and father Robert Kardashianand step father Bruce Jenner( now Caitlyn Jenner). She has two sistersKourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, one brother Robert Kardashian, two half sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, and step brothersBurton, Brandon and Brody, step sister Casey. She became famous mainlybecause of her sex tape with then boyfriend Ray J in the year 2003.


Kim Kardashian In Bikini
girls in bikinis: Colorful

She is a brunette but had died her hair blonde for quite a time, afterthe birth of North West. She has 58.2 million followers on [email protected] She has about 20 million followers in [email protected] Her zodiac sign is Libra. Check out some amazing KimKardashian bikini pics in hd:

We can see girls in bikinis (Kim) here in a bikini that perfectly suits her body. Shetook this photo for her Instagram collection and it was naturallyfollowed by millions of faves. Kim always  knows what type of bikini isbest for her curves. This one is pointing out her breasts and she madeher point by wearing a large necklace. So if you tried not to lookthere, the necklace is saying: “Hey, are you insane, I’m right here!”.Nice move, Kim.

kim kardashian in bikini
sexy ladies in white hot bikinis

This picture was taken recently, as we said beautiful women in bikinis are really awesome. We can see Kim here in a beigebikini that is very small but still, ti covers all the important parts as needs girls in bikinis.The atmosphere is kind of magical, though. Her complexion, fantastichair and color of the bikini are perfectly matched. All together, theygive a mellow impression, almost romantic. Kim seems very tender hereand we can conclude that bikini also goes well with her engagement ring.

My Favorite Sexy ladies: Kim K in bikini pics


Kim Kardashian In Bikini

This photo of Kim in a bikini is definitely older. How can we tell?Well, firstly her make up her is all about Kim loves the 2000s. You cantell she has spent an entire morning (or day?) to look like this on abikini photo. Whether you like her from this period or not, you can’tdeny how good her figure looks! Dark hair, breast that threat to explode and fit legs. She looks like she just came from 50 cent video shooting.

All time best Sexy ladies: Kim in Beach bikini pics


kim kardashian in bikini

This is another older photo of Kim on a beach. She poses in a bikiniwith snake or alligator skin pattern, and we must say- it suits her very well! Not only her body is flawless, but the color and the pattern ofher bikini make her even more exotic. Kim is obviously a big fan of tiny bikinis but you can’t hold it against her. She knows what is the bestoption for her curves on the beach and she uses it well.

kim kardashian in bikini

Ah, Kim in white. White goes really good with Kim because her darkcomplexion looks even better. White also gives Kim a specific glow sheknows how to wear. This bikini is a bit different if you compare it tothe other ones because it strings are not so thin. This one is actuallymore sporty- like. We can’t deny that she knows how to wear more relaxed bikini combinations as good as she does with all the other ones. After seeing this, I’m sure many would like to take selfie like girls in bikinis.

Kim Kardashian In Bikini

Mrs Kardashian-West makes a clear statement with this microscopic bikini here. The statement is: I know it’s to small, yall. Her breasts may beseeking for an exit sign, but don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere.This animal print really puts out Kim’s wild side and we can notice shecan wear it just perfectly. This is one of those bikinis  that make Kimlook even more exotic and she matched mild make up with a dramaticbikini pattern like a pro.

Beautiful women in bikinis (Purple)


Kim Kardashian In Bikini

We weren’t sure if you will take seriously our previous slide, so we had to post another photo of Kim in purple. Please, people, pay attention,it is highly important we all get this. This bikini is even betterbecause it has reddish outlines and it points out her beautiful andgoddess-like curves. Her waist  and legs look amazing too! Purple colorlooks good on Kim because of her dark hair and eyes, so all women withsame hair color should try wearing more purple!

beautiful women in bikinis

You can’t see her face, but you can tell it’s her! What other celebrityhas these curves? We chose this girls in bikinis just to show you how one simpleand black bikini can make you look fantastic. Black was a very smartchoice for Kim here. Not only that this tiny bikini shows off her goodshape, but the black color also shows how confident she feels whilewearing it. She is just beautiful women in bikinis. Just a few golden details on the string on the top, andvoilà, Kim’s ready for some tanning.

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