How To Make A Living From Blogging: Build Your Career

I m a Professional blogger, Now making a living from blogging. This post is for them who wants to Make A Living From Blogging or making ...

I m a Professional blogger, Now making a living from blogging. This post is for them who wants to Make A Living From Blogging or making a living without a job. My blogging age is SIX, But chances are you haven’t heard of my blog. My site’s traffic probably wouldn’t impress you and it wouldn’t even be listed in the top 10 blogs in the niche.  My blog is also my full time job, I have two employees and over 90 advertisers, and I am making more money than I was as a Newspaper editor (which I know doesn’t say a whole lot, but you get the idea!). Everything on the site is for International readers. But sometime local blogs / local niche blog works better for a few peoples. For example if you wants to start a music or wedding related blog, you should focus on local marketing, it will give you best output.
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Do blogs make money?

There is an ever-increasing number of people making money from blogging at a part-time to full-time level —however they are still in the minority. Those who do make a living from blogging come from a wide range of niches, however one of the most common factors between them is that they've been at it for a long while.
How To Make A Living From Blogging

How much money can you make from a blog?

Another survey, 1,500 ProBlogger readers who said they're trying to make money by blogging, found that 9% make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month and 4% make over $10,000 a month. But the vast majority makes less than $3.50 per day. (Most of these were blogs less than two years old, though.) In my case I got 400,000 happy readers each month. Sounds good yah?
If you want to make a living by blogging or make a living online by using your local market; It won’t be easy, but here are a couple steps to get your local blog started!
Here is a perfect guide to

Start a blog that make money

(Note: International market already has a huge competition, so it won't be easy to be first if you start international marketing)
Just below this local blog tutorial I'll show you how you can start with any international niche blog.

How to Start a Local Blog to Make Money

1: Find your niche

Most bloggers will tell you that the key to success in blogging is finding a niche, and the great thing about a local blog is that it’s already pretty specific. The hard part comes in trying to find your subject. I saw first hand the need in my community for a wedding resource, but maybe your community needs a restaurant reviewer or mom blogger. Think about what kind of site would make your daily life better and go from there. I recommend you to consider to read 11 Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging

2: Make local connections

Anytime you start a blog, making connections with like minded people is necessary, and it’s even more important for a local blog. Find people in your community who have influence (i.e. established reputations, a solid social media following, etc) and partner with them. I offered free advertising to five or six local wedding vendors that I knew were popular and well known in my area in exchange for promoting Apple Brides on their social media and websites.

3: Know your audience

This might be the biggest difference between a local and national blog. The posts you see on Style Me Pretty might not be representative of your small town (or maybe they are?). Think about things from your readers’ perspective and try to meet their needs. For me, I know my readers want the nuts and bolts of planning a wedding; pictures of local venues, price lists, a list of local photographers, etc, so I make sure this stays at the heart of everything we do.

4: Figure out Google

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important tools for a local blogger. You can gain a ton of readers through specific searches. For example, if you have a mommy blog in Cincinnati, you want to come up on the first page of Google for searches like, “ things to do in Cincinnati with kids” or “play groups Cincinnati”. SEO is a bit of a science and never stays the same for long, but is well worth mastering for quick growth.

5: Be flexible

Wherever you live is different from anywhere else in the world. You may start your blog thinking you know what your readers need and then find out they actually want something completely different. It’s important in local blogging to know your readers, to understand what’s important to them and to be willing to alter your perceptions to meet their needs.
I don’t think I will be entering the millionaires club anytime soon, but I’ve managed to create a job for myself that pays the bills, that has a future and most importantly, that I love. And I know there are plenty more opportunities out there for aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing
make a living by blogging to put the time in, work hard and commit to serving their community.

Well Now; Come to the point for them who interested to start blogging in a international niche. 

Is it best to blog within a specific niche?

Well, that depends. Are you hoping to blog as a career, or do you want to make a little money doing what you love? Will you be using the blog to support another kind of career (freelance writing, publishing a book, coaching, selling crafts on Etsy, etc) or do you want to primarily focus on blogging? If you want make a living by blogging then I recommend you to choose a niche blog. Because without specific niche blog marketers won't pay you big amount, also you will waste many time by searching for native ads. But to make a living by blogging Direct advertising is important (to me). 

Do I have to be a “brand”?

I know it rubs a lot of writers the wrong way to think of themselves as “brands.” Aren’t we just people? The word “brand” feels somehow slimy, probably because we associate it with hard-sell marketing.
The thing is, though, we are all already brands, whether we like it or not.
How would your friends describe you? Fiesty and funny? Artsy and sentimental? That’s your brand.

A “brand” doesn’t have to be something super-specific like food or crafts – it can be a feeling people get when they visit your site. But one way or another, readers are going to think of you in a certain way. And it’s a good idea to think hard about the version of yourself you want to portray on your blog.

Here are tips to startup to make a living by blogging

Pick a subject that interests you

If you try to choose a subject you think will appeal to advertisers which you aren’t interested in yourself you won’t be motivated to update your blog regularly.

Have a plan

If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll never get there. I have a five-year plan which I break down into one-year goals. Do something each day to help achieve those aims.

Build a community

Interact with your readers and show you care about their opinions and that you appreciate them reading your blog. There are lots of other blogs to choose from.

Try Be unique

Don’t rehash what other people are doing. Give readers something new each day to keep them coming back. To stand out from the crowd to make a living by blogging you must have to be unique.

Try Be specific

If you try to cover too much you’ll never be the best at it and you’ll never attract readers or advertisers because they won’t know what you do. But equally don’t be too niche either – a blog about BMX bikes won’t appeal to as many people as a blog about cycling or bikes in general. Think of something you can specialize in which also has potential global appeal.

More advice to make a living by blogging

Advertising on to make a living by blogging

PPC/CPM/CPA ads are web advertisements that you can place on your website (through code) that {theoretically} deliver targeted ads to your audience. You earn a small amount each time one of your blog visitors clicks on a particular ad or Every 1000 visitors you got. Google AdSense is probably the most widely known program to offer PPC/CPM/CPA ads. These ads can be hit and miss, as in, sometimes the ads delivered will not be a good fit for your readers. However, PPC ads are a very low-maintenance form of blog monetization and can eventually be decent earners for you.
Example programs:

Product sales

Sell your own products (eBooks, webinars, iPhone apps, whatever). I’m working on a few of these myself. The trick is delivering value and only giving your community what they want. This will give you a good sum of earning. This will increase your chance to living from blogging.

Selling own Digital Products to make a living by blogging

To living from blogging; Developing digital products to sell from your blog can be some of the most rewarding, hassle-free money you’ll ever earn. Typically you only have to develop a digital product once (though it may need tweaks and updates), then you can sell it into infinity and beyond. (I.E. EBooks)

Lets have some personal talk now

I didn’t start blogging to find a way to make money or make a living by blogging. I did it, because I love writing. But at a certain point in exploring a passion, you have to ask: “Can I make money doing this? Can I find a way to monetize my passion?”
Yes, you can.
You can do what you love, find ways to monetize it, and then use it to fund other less lucrative passions, like writing a book. That’s what I’m interested in.

My goal is to find creative ways to help others — ways that people are willing to pay for — to give me the freedom to do what I really love doing: writing. Without having to worry about paying the bills.

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