Celebrate Spring With Splashes of Color: Holi Celebration Ideas on Color Festival

I f you are looking for "how to celebrate holi" or " Festival of Colors" Then This post will be ideal for you. Head over...

If you are looking for "how to celebrate holi" or "Festival of Colors" Then This post will be ideal for you. Head over to our mind blowing ideas to celebrate holi/Festival of Colors. The best places to celebrate Holi in India really depend on what kind of experience you want to have. In the question "Creative Ideas to celebrate holi" depends on your wallet. however My ideas on color festival won't cost you huge. its just a little or sometime free of charge.

What is Holi or Festival of Colors

Color Festival
Hindu spring festival celebrated in February or March in honor of Krishna. Holi is a spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colors or the festival of sharing love or just color festival.

The connection between Holi, colours and water

Holi marks the arrival of spring, a season of hope and myriad colours, good harvests and fertile land.  The festival also symbolizes the victory of good over evil with the burning of Holika, an evil demoness. Holika Dahan or the lighting of the bonfire signifies this victory.  Colours are sprayed next day with drums, songsm and traditional Holi delicacies served with gujiya, malpuas, puran poli, dahi vadas, etc. The different colours symbolize purity (red), friendliness (pink), vitality (green), etc.

Organize a Dance Floor in this color festival

To make your color festival awesome and memorable, While people jab color into each others face, you could set up a dance floor or hire a DJ. If such elaboration is not desired, a simple house that can accommodate your people, while you blare some music yourself, is just enough. An open terrace is also a good idea. Bollywood songs have always done justice to Indian festivals and also provided some great dance moves for us to carry out in public. Showcase the talent! Let the festival be celebrated by all, young and old.

Who says color festival play is the only thing to Holi! There are many things that you could opt to do. Either keep it simple or go out of your way in your revelry. The festival is a celebration of love and togetherness and anything done in that spirit makes the celebration worth it. Also go easy on the kids if they have colors inside their ears and noses! Remember, they had fun and that is the whole point of Happy Holi!

Set up a Barbecue on your color festival

A nice little late morning spent barbecuing some meat does not seem anything like Holi. Yet, the idea is fun to be carried out. Along with the traditional Holi sweets and snacks, like gujjia, etc., a good spread on the grill never did anyone much harm. You could lay out outdoors the barbecue grill and cook in batches the different meats and vegetables, while playing some of your favorite music, while the children run around with colors, but ensure that they are far away from barbecue site. You wouldn’t want your chicken colored in Holi abeer.

Color Festival in Purulia, West Bengal: Folk Holi 

A three day Basanta Utsav folk festival takes place in the Purulia district of West Bengal. It runs in the lead up to Holi and on the actual day. You'll get to sing and play Holi with the locals, as well as enjoy a wide variety of unique folk art. This includes the remarkable Chau dance, Darbari Jhumur, Natua dance, and songs of West Bengal's wandering Baul musicians. What makes the festival special is that it's organized by villagers as a way of helping sustain themselves. The location is around 5-6 hours by train from Kolkata, or transport in private vehicles can be arranged. Accommodation is provided in tents and there are portable toilets as well. Contact Bangla natak for bookings and arrangements.

Rang De Basanti – make your own colors

Celebrate Spring with Color or Holi

Make colors at home. Your friends and neighbors will love you for this, as there are no harsh chemicals to deal with and no side effects. Plus, they are easily washable from the skin and clothes, thus reducing water consumption drastically.  Gram flour, turmeric, fuller’s earth, sandal wood powder, henna powder; these can be used to make myriad colors. Flowers like marigold and gulmohar, and vegetables like beetroot can be easily used to create fine colors. Most of these ingredients are used in kitchens and beauty face packs. So it’s also a bonus for the skin, as they smell great and are gentle on skin.  For more details you could take a look at this video.

The Mumbai Color Festival: Community holi with Slam Children

Dharavi, Mumbai's largest slum, is not the depressing place that you may expect it to be -- and especially so on Holi. Reality Tours and Travel will take you on a fascinating (and uplifting) tour of the slum, and then onwards to a Holi party that they will be throwing for the community at Dharavi. Join in and celebrate Holi with the locals in a safe and friendly environment, complete with colors and music. 80% of proceeds are devoted to helping the people of Dharavi

Say it with flowers – Phoolon Ki Holi

You can celebrate Holi / color festival with flowers too. Many parts of North India like Lucknow, Pushkar, etc., indulge in this type of celebration. The fun and frolic gets tripled in this Holi with people dressed up as Krishna and Radha and ushering in spring and new life with flower petals. Songs accompanied to the beat of drums makes the atmosphere electric.  One thing to note – appropriate arrangements have to be made for used flowers, and they should not be dumped in water.

Holi Celebration Ideas 2016

Celebrate a water-less Holi

No water in pichkaris, no hurling water balloons, paints and bags on each other. In short, a dry Holi is one with only colors and no water.

Take a Family Trip on Color Festival

There are many Indian cities where Holi is celebrated exceptionally. Mathura-Vrindavan Holi is infamous and if you live in and around, you could include this in your Holi to-do list. South India has a more subdued form of Holi with temple rituals occupying most of the schedule. However, if you are in Karnataka and can drive down to Hampi, a small yet famous town, and experience the surreal. In Hampi, everyone is out on the streets and after playing, they all go to the riverbanks and clean themselves off the color. It is a great revelry and being a part of it is immensely joyful.

Use your forehead – Tilak Holi

Move away from throwing colors and water on each other. Opt for a simple Tilak Holi (color festival), where you celebrate by applying tilak (a mark on forehead) on each other.

Skin care tips for easy removal of colors

 I'm sure these tips will help you enough after color festival, you need not to be worried with your holi colors.

– While playing Holi wear dark colored clothes. This makes cleaning easier with less water usage as well.
– Apply coconut oil on hair which acts as a protecting agent and prevents colors from penetrating deep inside hair. Or wear a cap or bandana to protect your hair.
– To prevent nails from being stained, coat it with a dark nail polish.
– Moisturize your skin with heavy creams or oil. The thick layer formed will not let the colors seep deep. Protect your face with sunscreen and lips with petroleum jelly as well.
– Before heading for a bath, use a mix of gram flour, milk cream and a bit of lemon juice to fade the colors. You could also use wheat flour and oil on lemon wedges to remove color. You can then indulge in a quick wash. For hair, use jojoba or coconut oil to remove color. Use a face wash and then water to rinse your face.

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