Americans are Really More Smart & Friendly Than You Think

Smart America, Smart American People! Sounds really Awesome. Do You think this statement is true? Generally Americans are not awesome, but...

Smart America, Smart American People! Sounds really Awesome. Do You think this statement is true?
Generally Americans are not awesome, but the country does produce many elite talented rich people and great sports players. Maybe because of excellent opportunity, diversity and well established institutions that can nurture talent and promote careers. That being said there was a culture of American exceptionalism that wasn't really the truth but it helped at the time. From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to 9/11 America was great, and everybody loved it but, 9/11 tore down the facade and glimpses of unwanted truths have been uncovered, Now Americans are not as exceptional as they once thought, but the country will be great again, they will just have to ignore the 25% of Americans who still think the confederates weren't a bunch of slave raping traitors.

There are awesome people everywhere, but America is an awesome place to be awesome. It's the big pond. So awesome people try, more often than not, to get to the US and try out their awesomeness here. And that, in turn, accelerates the pace.
Truly American Smart & awesome people are one in a million, but sometimes they congregate. (Source: KD Rough, from a Facebook Status)
I am impressed by seeing American Smart people and by the heights to which some Americans reach. I am proud of the continued opportunities available to many in the US to enjoy great institutions of learning, be they Americans or visitors from other countries. I am proud that education is offered to everyone, considering that in some areas of the world men are trying to keep women from being educated. I am proud that people continue to flock to America bringing diversity, hope, and dedication to improve themselves.  America is a country made up primarily, almost entirely, of people who came looking for new opportunities and contribute tremendously with great diversity, or people who's ancestors came here looking for the same.
Note: Amrican People's are hardly working to make Smart America. (This statment is not true)
I am saddened by what I see as ignorance among Americans when there is so much opportunity to study, gain knowledge and develop talents.  I am frustrated that we could spend a trillion dollars fighting wars in Asia when we could have spent it on providing free university educations to the best and brightest of the world, or revamping our public education systems which range from excellent to miserable failures.

If anything, America has some of the smartest people in the world (Cal Tech, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Google, Apple, etc.) and some of the dumbest.  America has some of the most giving (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Soros...) and some of the most hateful, most greedy, and ignorant.

To those who want to simplify in order to condemn, please develop some sophistication in your thought process.  To those who want to idolize America, please develop some sophistication in your thought process.

Why are Americans Thinks They are so smart?

From what I've read about cultural differences, Americans are actually perceived to be unusually friendly. A story I heard is that the easiest way to spot the American tourist in an Anglo-nation like England is to find the stranger who will smile at you. Americans are more likely to smile at, help, or acknowledge the existence of a complete stranger than people in most other cultures. The considerable eye contact and phrases like "Howdy" and "Have a nice day" that pervade the US might seem normal to Americans, but that level of informality is actually common to only a few nations (Australia is another nation that tops the friendliness lists).
Do you really know why American People thinks that American Smart?
A lot of that ties into American history. Traits such as being friendly to strangers made sense when you would depend on the kindness of neighbors to set up, say, your pioneer village in the expanding West. America has always been mostly welcoming to newcomers (our massive history of immigration in port cities) and strongly rejecting of deference to class (which goes back to our separating from England). Americans do not wait for introductions (as you would in highly structured societies like Japan), will happily chat to someone standing in line next to them, and do not have overly strong senses of personal space (though other nations have even less). Americans are highly informal and really do treat everyone as an equal (and before you come up with examples where that isn't true, I am speaking in generalizations and can tell you that most other cultures divide people into classes or categories far more frequently than Americans).

Friendliness is generally a good trait, but in cultures where it is not prized as highly as in the US, it can cause trouble. Inviting a new friend to your home is easy in the US, but is considered fake and inappropriate in Germany where your home's privacy takes on more importance, or so I've read. Also, what different countries consider a "friend" also differs. Americans may be friendly, but we are neither the fastest nor the slowest to make what we consider real "friendships" and place different demands on our friends.

Therefore I'm a foreigner (British) and I came to LA, Las Vegas, and Arizona in November of 2015.

I find most Americans quite friendly. However, it's worth noting that much of my traveling in the US these days is outside the major metropolitan areas and I think some of the friendliness can be attributed to the fact that it's unusual to see non US citizens in some of the places I go. 

Disclaimer: In this post all the information might not be true. Many information I have collected from Internet. and the rest i got some knowledge during my Smart America Trip. I don't write this post to hurt anyone, by somehow if anyone got hurts I apologize for that. I have tried to present the actual things.
Happy Smart America!

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