60 Spiritual Affirmations for Loving your Partner

60 Affirmations for Loving your Partner No Matter What Take a look through these 60 affirmations and save the ones that resonate with you:...

60 Affirmations for Loving your Partner No Matter What

Take a look through these 60 affirmations and save the ones that resonate with you:
  1. I will never give up on love.
  2. My partner is a reflection of me.
  3. I practice patience with grace and ease.
  4. I am worthy of love and deserve to be loved unconditionally.
  5. I remain in balance with my emotions.
  6. I speak my truth without blame or shame. 
  7. I look inward for all the answers to my problems.
  8. I accept responsibility for my actions and make right my wrongs.
  9. I am forgiving.
  10. The grass is never greener on the other side; it’s greener where I water and tend to it.
  11. Energy spent loving is never a loss.
  12. The light in me sees the light in you.
  13. My love is unconditional.
  14. Separateness is an illusion; my partner and I are one.
  15. I treat my partner the way I want to be treated.
  16. My partner is loving, generous and kind.
  17. I attract exactly what I need in my relationship.
  18. There is nothing my partner can do to make me stop loving him/her.
  19. I express love in various forms.
  20. I am open to love in all forms.
  21. I am open, free and joyful.
  22. My partner loves and appreciates me.
  23. I feel safe and protected by my partner.
  24. I look at my partner through my eyes via my heart.
  25. I have a twinkle in my eye for my partner.
  26. I focus on the good in everything.
  27. I express gratitude daily, thanking my partner for his/her gifts she/he brings to the world (and me).
  28. I listen with an open heart and a loving ear.
  29. I put my best foot forward in my relationship.
  30. No one is perfect, including me.
  31. If someone pushes my buttons, they are still MY buttons – personal issues I need to tend to.
  32. I am understanding.
  33. My goal is always to create harmony and clarity.
  34. I listen to understand and not to “win.”
  35. No one ever wins in an argument.
  36. I communicate in peace and with compassion.
  37. I am flexible.
  38. I create the foundation on which my relationship is built.
  39. I do the best I can.
  40. I’m either destroying or building in every moment.
  41. I am honest, trustworthy and truthful.
  42. I am trusting in my relationship.
  43. I accept my partner’s flaws and always leave room for growth.
  44. I support my partner’s dreams.
  45. With every action, I am being an example of what I want to see in my partner.
  46. I avoid blaming and pointing the finger.
  47. I speak only kind words about my partner.
  48. I never complain.
  49. I state my needs clearly and honestly.
  50. I always leave the door open for affection.
  51. I never give my partner the cold shoulder and continually hold space for change.
  52. I set the space and tone for love to express itself.
  53. Loving my partner is loving myself.
  54. I am a warrior for love.
  55. I create a sanctuary in my home that is always inviting to my partner.
  56. I stand firm and grounded in love.
  57. Love emanates from my very being and affects all around me.
  58. No one can hurt me, for I am the only one that can hurt myself.
  59. I think positively of my partner.
  60. I encourage my partner to reach for the stars.

So many great ways we can sustain a loving relationship – one of them being daily affirmations. Saying these affirmations reminds us to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions and sets the proper intention to have a lasting, harmonious relationship.

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